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  1. B>Protection Cloth Costume, Sorcerer Hood Costume Pm offers or contact me in game IGN: Lunafreya~
  2. Lunafreya~

    S> Walking White Cat Costume

    Still available?
  3. Lunafreya~

    Luna Nocturnus > Social / PVM Guild

    Pm me once you are in game. See you in game. I'll look into the application right away. Update: I already approved your application. You just need to log in i think to formalize. Also, join our discord channel, https://discord.gg/WU5ajKn. See you soon!
  4. Lunafreya~

    Luna Nocturnus > Social / PVM Guild

    Sudden ET run. Thanks for joining!
  5. Lunafreya~

    Luna Nocturnus > Social / PVM Guild

    Enjoying the x10rate with my guildmates.
  6. Lunafreya~

    Luna Nocturnus > Social / PVM Guild

    Hey there! Have you joined yet? If not you may contact us at discord too. https://discord.gg/WU5ajKn or as @Black Metalsaid. Visit us a t brasilis. you can join in also by applying at the guild directory https://panel.talonro.com/guild/view/98/ See you in game soon!
  7. Lunafreya~

    Back to RO since 2005!

    Hey @Haephet! Welcome Back! Looking forward to seeing you in game. Do pm me if you have time. Lets play. IGN: Lunafreya~
  8. Lunafreya~

    Old newb looking for socialness!

    Hey @Maranwe! Welcome the server. Check out our guild. RGM>Social PVM, Newbs or Pro evryone is welcome. Usually plays around 0:00-10:00 server time daily! https://forum.talonro.com/topic/22827-luna-nocturnus-social-pvm-guild/
  9. Lunafreya~

    S> red vicious costume and wing headphone

    How much for the rush wing headphone?
  10. Pm me in game or here. IGN: Lunafreya~
  11. Lunafreya~

    Luna Nocturnus > Social / PVM Guild

    ^rish peeps convo.
  12. Lunafreya~

    B>Open Air Headset Costume CLOSED

    B>Open Air Headset Costume, leave offer here or pm me here or in game: IGN: Lunafreya~ or RuneofBeginning
  13. Lunafreya~


    S>Old Valk Helm Gryphon, Sleipnir Lady Tanee, Black Magenta Ribbon Costume, Crimson Booster Costume, Red Vicious Aura Costume. Angel Marcher Costume, Also: B>Open Air Headset Costume, DM me here. ty
  14. Lunafreya~

    Luna Nocturnus > Social / PVM Guild

    Already approved your application. See you in game soon!
  15. Lunafreya~

    Luna Nocturnus > Social / PVM Guild

    Sure! Just pm me once you are in game. Im in one of these characters: IGN: Lunafreya~ RuneofBeginning or tell me your IGN. or just drop by Brasilis and talk to anyone from my guild there. I think you could apply also at guild directory, look for our guild there and apply.