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  1. Often times i head over to Ratemyserver for mob search/info cuz its more comprehensive. Then retype in the mob's name in Talon. Hadn't have much trouble, but options does help new player ^ ^
  2. Sealord

    Headaches when playing TalonRO

    ohh. Im not the only one weird out by my fave RO 😃 The Fly Wings - esp. the black screen delay is an eyesore when you farm Geffenia for 3hr+ Any suggestions is appreciated o.o - or I can just take breaks lol. But... i'm like 1b away from gearing my Star Gladiator q.q What I did already to improve performance: (1) set up Voodoo to improve GPU usages (2) using a smaller window resolution (1290 x 900 instead of 2k x 3k) , so when you move it doesn't look so clunky. Helps with long term farming. And alt clients uses less bandwidth
  3. Sealord

    Best Character to choose as a starter. :)

    in the old old days, everyone play a mage lol
  4. Sealord

    Ragnarok @ 2K or (possibly) even 4K IN FULL SCREEN!

    took me 3 hrs+ to get it working on my laptop, but it was worth it. The Voodoo makes a fake GPU that communicates with RO <-- this is what its for. Tips: How do i know Voodoo is working so i can further debug ? if (1) you see Voodoo label on your RO client, this is possible by ticking watermark logo (2) Task Manager is showing RO is running on GPU 0 & GPU 1 , 1-15% for both. Some laptop like mine needs a 1 more step to work: Force setting RO.Exe + Setup.Exe to use the Graphic card. *there is another post out there that is more extensive Tho, i still see a slight blur when I walk, this i can't find a fix for! - Ctrl-Alt- Delete / Win - L does not fix for me = =
  5. AFK creator doesn't add any value to game experience. Why should we allow more than one per account? o.o Server should Disconnect them like any afk player to save Ram! Having > 1 afk Creator is lavishly overspending Server/Player resources/comforts. Say No to spoiled Creators! - Just one is too many!
  6. Sealord

    Sick of limited farming spots/ vampsmith question

    I play solo too o.O and I have similar thoughts, that i can't find spots better than Geffenia/Mavka/Sleeper to farm. Its like my Goal is cut short before i got worn out. Problem kinda stems with how the market going price for end game mob items are too cheap. You have no incentive to work towards killing stronger mobs. Maybe with the next SQI revamp, GM's will address this issue. But for now, farm 😃 at Magma 1/2 cause the mob concentration is sweet 😃
  7. Sealord

    Best Character to choose as a starter. :)

    Super Novice is the best. Can hunt any low-mid tier maps. Wizards,Knights,Hunter are cool too, but SN does their job better. Free agility, Free Blessing, Free heal, Double HP/MP food recoveries. And a lev 10 Steal Skill. Everything a newbie needs to play Smooth.
  8. Sealord

    gunslinger farmer?

    Gunslinger isn't used often as farmer cause it lacks Health Pool ,Weight Limit,Movement speed and a Steal Skill. But if you don't mind and like its cool design of pow pow. Go ahead. Magma 1/2 , Geffenia ( Avoid Abysmal Knight) are possible places. Tho you need a Soul Linker to buff you. For both places 2-3m/hr is a reasonable estimate when using desperado. (switch bullets btw Nightmares/Fire Mobs , Angels/Succubus)
  9. With exp system revamps across the decade and Talon rates, melees are going through contents/lev too fast to establish defense. And its tricky for newer players who doesn't follow guides or have read enough info. Any mob like sleepers, high orcs,prisoners will hit through 1/5 max hp a hit. So i do agree with OP, range + magic have it easy starting up & learning to play as a first timer vs a Returnee. And as Melee you constantly have your finger on meat, drinking at 50-100 meat/min, its too much work & pain to play even with 2x poodle card. Unless your farming mobs you can outregen or vamp on. The Sol~, you gotta read up guides, figure out ways to 1-shot mobs your farming. 😃 And give up the notion a melee need to tank to lev , cause in TalonRO you can only tank if you got dough lol. Since Defense mitigation are all locked behind rare cards. Weapons on the other hand is a LOT cheaper to damage stack.
  10. Sealord

    cant make items

    The manual you get from quest change doesn't work. You gotta buy the one at prontera center from the NPC near the Chef.
  11. Sealord

    Future sinX guide

    Lord Knight = best newbie friendly farmer. Go look up LK Sleeper's guide. -Trust me on This! But if you must stick with a thief class first then. I suggest figuring out how to utilize the Merc. companion from Prontera. Guide is label as " Talon Mercenary AI.". If someone can elaborate on it, i'd say its a free leech 😃 but no one uses it = =