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  1. I PM'd ingame asking price and was quoted 8m per hour.. but this post says 6.5m? I'm a bit confused.
  2. Pill

    Slim Pots in PvP

    If you're going to make a potless room, you might as well disable dual clienting in to the room itself. I've seen people dual, triple, or quad clienting in pvp. If you want an even playing field without any advantages besides your own class' skill, pots aren't the limit.
  3. Selling: SQIs +4 [AK,AK,AK] Artemis Bow +4 [T,T,Th] Sherwood Bow +4 [Toad] Aegis Shield MVPs +4 [Toad] Valkyrie Shield +4 [Dopp,Dopp,SG] Red Naght +7 [LOD] Muffler - 13m Non-MVPs +4 [Bathory] Mink Coat, CRIT+4 2x [Yoyo] Cat Hand Glove Trading: +7 [Devi] Proxy Skin Fragment to +7 Valk Mant Looking for: Whisper Tall Hat Costume +7 [Dopp, Dopp, Phree] Blue Naght [Bloody Knight] AWE, STR +7 [DEF+4] [Garm] Meteor Plate +4/7 Combat Knife [Fighting Spirit 2x] Sold Wings of Victory Kahos +4 [Deviling] Dragon Mant +4 [GEC] Bunny Slippers [NNN] SOM - 119.5m [Toad] Valk Shield Alice Card +7 [Devi] Heavenly Maiden Robe [Drake] Tome - 125m 18x Old Purple Box 2x [Hell Poodle] Bris - 255m ea Whitesmith Card - 13m 2x Medusa Card Scuba Mask - 5m [Gryph] Dark Blinker, +1 AGI - 18m PM me here or ingame at Unstoppable (with an i). Thanks
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