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  1. Nice. Looks like a good reason to be active on the game again.
  2. Can anyone post the location of the needed NPC's for the quest?
  3. Can anyone provide the locations for the needed NPC's of the quest? Most people are probably stuck looking for Senel alone. .
  4. I made an official guide for this event at the 'Guides and FAQs' section of the forums. Details stated came from my own experience of the overall quest itself.
  5. What is the coordinates for the NPC named 'Rheal' when doing the Cornus Egg part of the quest?
  6. General Shang, the NPC, is located inside the building of this coordinates: 283, 163 (not exactly, but very close to this coordinates). The Horse NPC, Shu, on the other hand, is on the left part of the map.
  7. Does "spriting" requires some coding in it?
  8. I think RMS should enable reviewing of a server per every 6 months rather than one review per account. A re-review only counts provided the previous review be replaced.
  9. Any news on New Year's Event here on tRO? ???
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