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  1. Hi GM, Thanks for responding to this post. Never mind. I think I found where the issue lies: The client I used to run the game with appears to be somewhat dated now and was thus fixed with the mini-client. I was able to log into the game just now. Best regards, Dothackjhe
  2. I did look into the forum first before posting this. Specifically, this is one thread I used as reference: Problem is, despite switching between which rendering engine to use and even toggling off on trying to run the game on full screen, I seem to be getting an issue running the game on Windows 10. What seems to be causing the issue? I have yet to see whether rebooting the computer would fix this issue, however.
  3. I kind of enjoy earning RL money at work, so I am quite occupied with my pursued career recently. I only log in-game in order to set up shop and hoping to make a sale. Having to play the game is fun from time to time but I also had to take into consideration the reality that I am in -- that is, I am a working class who need his job to make a living.
  4. Nice. Looks like a good reason to be active on the game again.
  5. Thanks. It is good to know that I am not the only one experiencing the problem. By the way, here is the screenshot of the issue I am having: Although it may not be much noticeable from the screenshot, the sharp edges on the avatars' sprites looked worse from the actual game.
  6. Cool in-game event.
  7. I was just using a recently built custom desktop running on Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64-bit like I used to on those computers I uses to run the game, yesterday. However, this is the first time I have encountered a likely anti-aliasing issue with it which I did not in any other of those computers I have previously used. I have even tried running the game on a freshly reformatted computer without having installed its graphics drivers yet did not even encounter this issue on it. By this, I meant sharp edges around the sprites. By the way, here is that particular computer's hardware specifications: Intel Core i7-4790 @ 3.6 GHz 2 Gb Palit GeForce GTX 750Ti StormX Dual 8 Gb DDR3 Single-line 1 Tb HDD Screen Resolution: 1280x1024 This rig was intended to be a gaming PC which I had used earlier that day to play Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor. This means that all files and drivers needed to run the game properly are installed, including the driver for the graphics card. I have yet to make a screenshot of the game. But so far, that has been the case which I believe indeed is an issue of anti-aliasing with the game. Anyone got any idea on how to resolve this?
  8. Hi, have you verified this to work? If so, would you mind me adding it to my previous thread about it? < Click here >
  9. Binoculars is much more accessible to beginners.
  10. Yeah, that particular Super Novice is got to be wearing two Imp Cards on two accessories along with other magic attack boosting equipments and weapon. I'm assuming its equipment set to be comprised of something like this: Upper: Lord Kaho Headgear Mid: +Int mid [High Wizard] Lower: Gentleman's Pipe or similar equipment Weapon: Hypnotist's Staff [x2 Necromancer] Armor: Enchanted (or not) Armor [Agav] Shield: Anything a SN can wear carded or not Garment: Deviling garment Footgear: Lady Tanee footgear Accessories: x2 Imp Card accessories This is a set for a glass canon build for it, as it would on Wiz classes. Somewhat optimize magic damage output yet very fragile.
  11. Pretty much every question is unanswerable because of this reason especially on the aspect of the Rune Knight. .
  12. I think you can haggle a Ulle's Cap at around 2m. Also, I forgot to mention AoA as good upper headgear for beginners in the server especially those that needed the added dex boosts as is Binoculars for Archer classes.
  13. Either a Ship Captain Hat, Hunter Cap, or Ulle's Cap for headgear. Also, invest for a GEC footgear early on so you could spam DS with no worries on its sp consumption with your Hunter / Sniper.
  14. How much for a lvl 50-ish to lvl 84 leech for a Taekwon?
  15. Most of the loots from Skellington's are usable items for quests so you may want to store and vend them.