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  1. IGN: Jarrod Discord: Jarrod#0222 ---Selling PM Please - +4 Hira Shurikat [Dopp, Dopp, Drake] Kris [Drake] [+5 DEX] Whistle Costume
  2. Agilazo!  

    I wholly enjoyed reading your Valentine's novel entry!  Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. agilazo


      thank you, I really appreciate that  :D
      Im always think that my story will Dull because im cutting like half of the story :<

    2. Ghaspar


      perhaps after the conclusion of the event you can post the whole of the story in Server Discussion or as a story to be read for StarGlads in StarGlad Section. /no1

    3. agilazo


      i cant 😂 
      already erasing the other part, im write that story not in google doc and copy it after in forum post, and not save it after /heh

  3. In Game Name: Esra Challenges: GM Lance - Love Rival GM Neza - Prologue and Epilogue. Word count: 2499 (according to Open Office).
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