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  1. Koriko

    PC> Condensed Essence

    Maybe the 2 I have are different ID, can't trade or mail and it's on an account I don't use. ): But price would probably be same or abit more than essence of hunter.
  2. Koriko

    PC> Condensed Essence

    Condensed Essence can't be obtained anymore, I think. It was given to people who passed the original Seals before the 4 quest we have now, also it's account bound. :X
  3. Koriko

    Official Meiadrir Feedback Thread

    People still had the option to use horses though. Also to stay on topic the champion monsters are a good idea, but it seems people are just soloing those too. D: I was trying to get my priest friend ressed with ygg but a sniper showed up and owned it. "I was on baby knight btw"
  4. Koriko

    Official Meiadrir Feedback Thread

    Adding boss type to incubus/succubus is terrible in my opinion. Sinx is already an undesirable class for parties, so most use it to solo farm. I think most people would consider Geffenia a endgame farming location like Thor/Bio, so if someone makes 6mil+ an hour so be it. "Although I never got close to that, my average is 3mil+". I play my Sinx to farm when none of my guildmates are on, once they login I play on whatever might be needed if they want to party. Keep the drop rates the same if you must, but the boss type is bad for thief classes and the droprate is bad for all. A few points to bring up, when farming while using steal it actually would take up more time to keep clicking the monster and have steal work."Most the time getting white herbs". I used the white herbs to make pots for my other classes when partying or I would sell them to chemist and buy the slims they sold. Thief classes are pretty useless in parties, atleast people feel they are. "I 99/70 my sinx at geff and it can outdamage some classes people party with, but when will we see someone request a sinx for Abbey or Odin >.>". This also makes it so more people will just go Smith again, now with incu/succu being boss alice card will make Smith even more farm friendly at Geffenia. People who solo will always solo, you can't stop it. I played solo the way I wanted on other MMOs, why can't I enjoy soloing the way I want on this one? The last point is why should it matter if some people make 4mil+/hr. at some map, not many people make that much. Besides there are other maps and ways you can farm to make 8mil+/hr, you just need the gear. You can mine for an hour and sell the gems with an average of 5mil+/hr, 2 maps I solo can make me more than I ever did at Geffenia. The reason I don't farm Geff all the time is its boring after 1 hour. So the people that farm there, let them farm with steal and better drop rates, besides the quicker they can farm zeny for gear the quicker they can start partying. Now with all the new minigames/benefits for mingames and all the party options added this update, less people will probably solo if the farming maps stayed the same. But with the farming nerf, we will have to solo farm even longer for those gears we want just to join parties. This is mainly for sinx, once I use some other classes I'll comment on those.
  5. Would like to know price for all four seals? PM me please