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  1. Crimson ◇ Mid-High PVM & NonTrans WoE

    Lamia and his OCD
  2. CH (Not recruiting anymore o/)

  3. CH (Not recruiting anymore o/)

    more people please
  4. Thanks alot, i love it
  5. Slot please, i'll sent details tomorrow o v o) b
  6. The Avengers

    Habt ihr mittlerweile einen Discord Server?
  7. CH (Not recruiting anymore o/)

  8. Who is the strongest mob?

    Phreeoni cards https://panel.talonro.com/itemdb/4121/
  9. Regarding Unslotting sqi

    Yes you can unslot sleipnir and valk helm too, they count as SQI so it costs 15 TC
  10. S>Calibre Seal Services [CLOSED]

    Bump for the best seal service
  11. Good work sir /gawi

    1. Kirsch


      /bawi Rock wins against Scissors, i win

    2. Sleepy o/
    3. GM Luna

      GM Luna

      When did this get into a rock, paper & scissor match ~ 

      Can I win by default? /gg