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  1. I've been composing a newbie-to-intermediate level GS weapons and skills guide and I honestly don't know if it's worth reading because it's so lengthy @_@

  2. Dear Diary,

    Today, I partied with a bunch of randoms at Thor to help them finish their Gramps quests. One member was telling me, a gunslinger, that I can't be on par with the rebirth classes even though I was literally out-damaging the snipers right in front of his eyes, lol.

    Oh well, till my next Thor adventure!
    *creates more grenades*

    - Chicken

  3. And I was wondering where that pirate song came from 😄


  4. I wonder how much I can make if I keep farming geffenia drops until my Kafra is full of it (like 700/700)

    1. Hell0_Viki


      Update: I got 23+ million zeny. All the items I looted were blue potions, mastela fruits, gold rings, silver rings, and diamond rings.

  5. I can now one-tap Mavkas with gunslinger. /gg


    - 160 total DEX

    - Cards used: Turtle General, Boitata

    - Shotgun: Death Fire

  6. Also, what's a Summer Soiree without "Summertime"? ❤️
  7. Raggamufin girl - Apache Indian For more 90s throwback hits Feel Like Dance - Globe
  8. So, I tested the new Heaven's Feather and Hell's Fire pistol against Odin Temple 2 mobs. I think it's... nice? I dunno, you guys be the judge :D

    Some notes:

    - 150 total DEX

    - Cards equipped: Thanatos, Sniper

    - With GUN (Gloom Under Night) armor

  9. Thank you so much to iYoyo, RobinLala, Razelth, Yoman~HW, Zhang Jie, and ~Kiss{Me}Please~ for helping me unlock new seals :)

    1. yoyoi


      you're welcome !

    2. Ghaspar


      Congratulations 🥳🥳🥳

    3. Hell0_Viki


      @Ghaspar Thank you! Their services are good ^___^

  10. My slinger when she runs out of bullets


  11. GM Vtubers, when?

    1. xRana


      GM Online first then we can go for that.

    2. GM Mikzie

      GM Mikzie

      Rana second ban when? /gg

    3. GM Alura

      GM Alura

      GM fox vtuber /ok

  12. Color Scope looks a lot like AK-47 and I LOVE IT HAHA

  13. If anyone wants to break the meta and maybe hire a slinger for SQI seals, do hit me up *_*

  14. I need open-minded friends to take on the new seal challenges with...

    1. Hell0_Viki
    2. M a s h i` Desu

      M a s h i` Desu

      /sobim ded elsewhere. Gotta summon everyone bak~

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