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  1. 2nd run at Mavka land! This time, I collected only crystal mirrors and witherless roses. This goal took much longer to finish than the previous run because the items mentioned don't have a 100% drop rate, and also because Dremucci Forest is almost always crowded with farmers. Thankfully, I can now move on from that map, lol.

    Like before, I stuffed the items to my merchant (99 base str, no items on, level 10 enlarge weight limit, level 10 pushcart) and overcharged them. Total earnings this time = 50,933,000z /fsh





  2. I love those few moments when we defeat vote bots

  3. Happy New Year to the remaining 50% on the server who survived Thanos' snap 

    1. M a s h i` Desu

      M a s h i` Desu

      Happy New Year Bananana

    2. Hell0_Viki


      May you have a happy personal new year, Maro 😘

  4. Hell0_Viki

    How did you decide your main?

    I see myself dropping my Sniper soon and maining Gunslinger. Both are powerful, but the latter is flashier 😎 (Also, I hope to make others appreciate this class more)
  5. Li***RO is so darn sneaky with their votes 😤

    1. GM Seiren

      GM Seiren

      Can't really beat voting bots, sadly. Goes for all the Top 5 on topsites, apart from tRO, really.

  6. Hell0_Viki

    S: Stuffs

    Can you reserve the formal suit (dex+3) for me? :3
  7. Since my current work schedule only allows me to play on weekends, I gave myself a little farming challenge that I thought was worthwhile: Farm goodies at Dremucci Forest and store everything to my merchant and her cart (she has 99 base STR with no items on <for 0 weight> and level 10 overcharge, enlarge weight limit, and pushcart skills.)

    It took about 4 weekends, but finally, I did it! :) All my patience and hard work rewarded me with 38,157,900 zeny, excluding the amount I got from blue herbs, singing plants,and bitter herbs.

    Items collected and sold for overcharging: Piece of Cakes, Witherless Roses, Crystal Mirrors
    , Mastela Fruits



    I will definitely have another go, this time by focusing only on Mavka loots /gg

    1. M a s h i` Desu

      M a s h i` Desu

      Great now you can share 20% of dat with me /ok

    2. Hell0_Viki


      Dress up for me first 😆

  8. My younger sister, to me: Hey, I'm about to change class. Rogue or Assassin?


    Me: Up to you. Rogues can use daggers and bows while Assassins can use daggers and katars


    YS: Mmmkay


    Me: Rogues can auto-steal while attacking



  9. Gaaaah. My current work schedule is giving me less time for play. I miss my gunslinger 😭

  10. Hell0_Viki

    Nenkaras (Non-WoE) Proudly corrupting minds since 2011!

    Hey, wonderful people! I hope you all have been well. My internet connection is still down, and it might take a while before the service provider can repair it. In the meantime, enjoy this pic of my doggo imitating Mama Sani 😂
  11. Hell0_Viki

    T> My TG card to your Thanatos card

    Update: deal done
  12. Hell0_Viki

    T> My TG card to your Thanatos card

    Kindly leave your IGN if deal. Thank you! 🙇
  13. Hell0_Viki

    Ask The Person Below You Anything

    Yes, I would start a new career IF I will be given time and resources to fulfill my childhood dream job... which is unlikely due to my circumstances. I'm 29 now, currently working as a content development associate for a media conglomerate. The pay is reasonable and comes with employee benefits and insurance. However, the child in me will always be dreaming of becoming a commercial airline pilot. Though I cannot fulfill that anymore, I always find joy in riding planes or even just looking at them. Heck, I am blessed to be living in an area where planes fly by during take-off / landing. Q: Is there any Talonian who has inspired you in one way or another? If yes, what would you like to tell them?
  14. Hell0_Viki

    Lets Make a Random Good Story

    The goddess and her llamas then cut their way through the traffic