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  1. GM Vtubers, when?

    1. xRana


      GM Online first then we can go for that.

    2. GM Mikzie

      GM Mikzie

      Rana second ban when? /gg

    3. GM Alura

      GM Alura

      GM fox vtuber /ok

  2. Color Scope looks a lot like AK-47 and I LOVE IT HAHA

  3. If anyone wants to break the meta and maybe hire a slinger for SQI seals, do hit me up *_*

  4. I need open-minded friends to take on the new seal challenges with...

    1. Hell0_Viki
    2. M a s h i` Desu

      M a s h i` Desu

      /sobim ded elsewhere. Gotta summon everyone bak~

  5. /sob

    1. GM Luna

      GM Luna

      - sending you hugs - Hope you feel better soon. 

    2. Hell0_Viki


      Oh, it's nothing too bad. But thank you. I hope things are alright on your end ❤️

  6. Loading screen contest is still ongoing! Plugging it here in case you missed it xD

    Please join, Talonians! ❤️


    Thank you for your hard work, GM teams!

    1. Hell0_Viki


      *body relocates behind @M a s h i` Desu *

      *sticks up shotgun at Mashi's bum*

    2. M a s h i` Desu
  8. Madness Canceller


  9. The lack of grenade launchers in the market is saddening :(

  10. After coming back from a long hiatus, I'm excited for what the (near) future patch/es and release/s have to offer!

    And since I'm hyping myself up, I don't want to welcome any negative vibes. If the revamps do not favor the classes I play (especially my main: gunslinger), I will try to be a proactive member of the community by raising issues to the GMs in a polite manner. And I will trust them because I know they listen to us. (I mean, the server wouldn't last this long if they're not thinking of our best interests). In the meantime, I'll rewrite my review on RMS.

    Thank you for your hard work, GMs. I appreciate you a lot.

    PS. Enjoy this serving of chicken and beerIMG_20190420_192026.thumb.jpg.5fb00c9d0539cb4c9cfeabfc90d3d2fa.jpg

    1. Hell0_Viki


      Also, just donated! Aaaaaaah the hype is real

    2. justinianlaw


      Welcome back! /heh

    3. Hell0_Viki


      thank you! ^^

  11. It's been 1 year and 5 months. Downloading the game later 😎

    1. Hell0_Viki


      @GM Lance I dunno why my download speed is around 55 kbps even though my net speed results showed around 20-ish mbps. But I'll be patient for this xD

      How have you been? I'm looking forward to re-learning this game again since some changes have been implemented during my long absence 😛

    2. GM Lance

      GM Lance

      Great to see you again Viki! /lv

      Have you tried resetting your router? 0:

    3. Hell0_Viki


      Installation is done; just downloading latest patches :)

  12. Wazzup? 👋

    I've been out of the game since July last year (my laptop gave out) but I'm still here lurking every now and then 😜 Still haven't bought a new pc due to IRL priorities (and most especially now because of community quarantines imposed due to covid-19 outbreak), but I will definitely be back when I get a new one. I hope everyone's been well, especially my old guild mates.

    To the GMs, you guys deserve a pat on the back for maintaining the server for long. I hope you guys are also in good health and doing fine IRL. 😊

    Hoping to see Talonians soon. Cheers!

    P.S.  Special buttslapps to Kiri. I know we haven't been in touch, but I miss ya, gurl. I hope you got your issues all sorted out *hugs*

  13. To the hardworking GM team and beta testers rn:


  14. Note to self:

    I will be one of the strongest, if not the strongest, gunslinger in the server

    1. DoucheEnrique


      Sorry but this position is already taken.




    2. Hell0_Viki


      Weird flex, but ok

  15. These past few days have been enjoyable for me 'cause I got to visit Fukuoka, Japan with my family. It was nothing short of spectacular: the people, sights, sounds, food, etc. I also got to visit a place that I had been looking forward to seeing -- something that wouldn't be possible without @Yamada Potechi's help.

    Aside from giving me directions, she also recommended other spots for me to visit, like Dazaifu Shrine. Why am I sharing this experience here? Because I want to emphasize that TalonRO helped me create a connection with players even outside of the game. Although the Statue of Prontera herself hasn't reappeared in the game for long, I am very thankful that she keeps in touch. Both she and the people behind TalonRO helped make my personal experience more memorable 😊








    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Hell0_Viki


      There were veggies inside the meat 😋 the serving was handmade carefully

    3. M a s h i` Desu

      M a s h i` Desu

      Buy that 24K yen katana for me plz banana /ok

    4. Hell0_Viki


      It only costs 2,000¥ in-game 👍

  16. 2nd run at Mavka land! This time, I collected only crystal mirrors and witherless roses. This goal took much longer to finish than the previous run because the items mentioned don't have a 100% drop rate, and also because Dremucci Forest is almost always crowded with farmers. Thankfully, I can now move on from that map, lol.

    Like before, I stuffed the items to my merchant (99 base str, no items on, level 10 enlarge weight limit, level 10 pushcart) and overcharged them. Total earnings this time = 50,933,000z /fsh





  17. I love those few moments when we defeat vote bots

  18. Happy New Year to the remaining 50% on the server who survived Thanos' snap 

    1. M a s h i` Desu

      M a s h i` Desu

      Happy New Year Bananana

    2. Hell0_Viki


      May you have a happy personal new year, Maro 😘

  19. Li***RO is so darn sneaky with their votes 😤

    1. GM Seiren

      GM Seiren

      Can't really beat voting bots, sadly. Goes for all the Top 5 on topsites, apart from tRO, really.

  20. Since my current work schedule only allows me to play on weekends, I gave myself a little farming challenge that I thought was worthwhile: Farm goodies at Dremucci Forest and store everything to my merchant and her cart (she has 99 base STR with no items on <for 0 weight> and level 10 overcharge, enlarge weight limit, and pushcart skills.)

    It took about 4 weekends, but finally, I did it! :) All my patience and hard work rewarded me with 38,157,900 zeny, excluding the amount I got from blue herbs, singing plants,and bitter herbs.

    Items collected and sold for overcharging: Piece of Cakes, Witherless Roses, Crystal Mirrors
    , Mastela Fruits



    I will definitely have another go, this time by focusing only on Mavka loots /gg

    1. M a s h i` Desu

      M a s h i` Desu

      Great now you can share 20% of dat with me /ok

    2. Hell0_Viki


      Dress up for me first 😆

  21. My younger sister, to me: Hey, I'm about to change class. Rogue or Assassin?


    Me: Up to you. Rogues can use daggers and bows while Assassins can use daggers and katars


    YS: Mmmkay


    Me: Rogues can auto-steal while attacking



  22. Gaaaah. My current work schedule is giving me less time for play. I miss my gunslinger 😭

  23. Another achievement!

    I hope the rates will be good though~



  24. The origin of Geffenia quest

    (Warning: VERY long post)


    For those who didn't know, Ragnarok began as a Norse myth-inspired manhwa series created by Lee Myung-Jin. It centers on some powerful demi-humans whose fates are intertwined by their individual stories. However, the series was halted when production for its MMORPG began, and the rest is history.

    One of the most popular, difficult, and rewarding quests in the game is the Geffenia quest, which has its origins in the manhwa. I took the liberty to take pictures of my own copy to show this. I apologize for the not-so-good quality and for occassionally showing my finger 😣

    Here, we have Lydia, a relic hunter whose lifelong dream is to find the hidden world of Thralgard (Geffenia). While in Geffen, she slowly figures out the clues to unlocking the place, but not without getting in trouble with Reina, an elven marksman who is trying to prevent humans from entering her homeworld. Things get complicated  when one of Lydia's companions, Loki (an emblem assassin), engages Reina, which gives Lydia the opportunity to unlock Thralgard.



  25. I kinda feel sad when I remember the past GMs who are no longer active, mostly because I've interacted with them one way or another (especially during GM events). They were all crazy and fun--but always helpful--in their own way.

    Shout-outs to Raine, Locke, Juno, Chronos, Mimi, Cygnus, Gemini, Fael, and everyone else I failed to mention. I appreciate you all 💙

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