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  1. Since my current work schedule only allows me to play on weekends, I gave myself a little farming challenge that I thought was worthwhile: Farm goodies at Dremucci Forest and store everything to my merchant and her cart (she has 99 base STR with no items on <for 0 weight> and level 10 overcharge, enlarge weight limit, and pushcart skills.)

    It took about 4 weekends, but finally, I did it! :) All my patience and hard work rewarded me with 38,157,900 zeny, excluding the amount I got from blue herbs, singing plants,and bitter herbs.

    Items collected and sold for overcharging: Piece of Cakes, Witherless Roses, Crystal Mirrors
    , Mastela Fruits



    I will definitely have another go, this time by focusing only on Mavka loots /gg

    1. M a s h i` Desu

      M a s h i` Desu

      Great now you can share 20% of dat with me /ok

    2. Hell0_Viki


      Dress up for me first 😆

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