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  1. After coming back from a long hiatus, I'm excited for what the (near) future patch/es and release/s have to offer!

    And since I'm hyping myself up, I don't want to welcome any negative vibes. If the revamps do not favor the classes I play (especially my main: gunslinger), I will try to be a proactive member of the community by raising issues to the GMs in a polite manner. And I will trust them because I know they listen to us. (I mean, the server wouldn't last this long if they're not thinking of our best interests). In the meantime, I'll rewrite my review on RMS.

    Thank you for your hard work, GMs. I appreciate you a lot.

    PS. Enjoy this serving of chicken and beerIMG_20190420_192026.thumb.jpg.5fb00c9d0539cb4c9cfeabfc90d3d2fa.jpg

    1. Hell0_Viki


      Also, just donated! Aaaaaaah the hype is real

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      Welcome back! /heh

    3. Hell0_Viki


      thank you! ^^

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