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  1. @EricWong sorry good sir. but we are currently not recruiting anymore as we are also only kinda active on weekends and only for a short time. @MeowYourFace OMG Wolf BOI! @Halwen will be happy to know about this. We miss you good sir and your shenanigans.
  2. I have seen tier list made for other games(Thanks for making me remember that my Oz Sorcerer is in bottom tier for PvP lol. It is not like I disagree with that fact though). But the common thing I found with them is there are always a strict criteria for rating them, a lot of discussions with other players who play the class involved and is not something you can finalize on Day 1 and leave it at that. You cannot put someone on SS tier or B tier or whatever letter it is with just your(or another lone player's) judgement alone. Rating a class will also be different depending on what they do for PvM(Just like what @Kisuka* said), whether a class can play solo well or needs a party or support to shine and how gear dependent a class is also plays a major part. My suggestion is to try to organize this on a spreadsheet. An explanation on every rating for PvM activity will also help(And a bit of picture to make it more lively!). This is just a first step. Not everyone can do it right on their first time. Don't be discouraged and try to improve this if you can.. As for everyone. We can let others know our point of view in a nice way. We don't need to sound condescending. Let us all treat each other as equal and discuss this right without the 'I am the only one who is right here and you are wrong' attitude. To be honest I pick my favorite class base on my personal preference and everyone has their own personal taste too. They are separated by class because they all have roles that they do best.
  3. Don't worry girl. With how clumsy you are, no one was expecting you to save the day.
  4. As the others said, It is quite hard to kill MVP with DD build. Not just because of the HIT problems. There is also the size damage penalty for daggers (you deal less damage on medium and large size targets). If you plan to engage MVPs with DD build, I suggest you get Weapon Perfection buff (I am not a fan of wasting a slot just for Drake lol). You should also analyze the stats and skill sets of the MVP and see what will be its greatest threat to you then adjust your gear according to it. Do not forget to get some HP/SL buffs. Endow your weapon with the right element to deal more damage. And bring some regeneration items like ranked cwps, ygg berries or ygg seeds to sustain yourself. In theory with your gears + EDP, you can actually take down Gopinich in less than 10 secs. Your Pasana Dragon Vest will help you survive his Magnum Break (but FA RSX is better). Move away to Quagmire then continue hitting him. You have to take him down fast tho since Power Up Gopinich is really painful to take. https://calc.talonro.com/?cawbLbibCbsaXaVababxbbaj0iaTfnaSaaadkaQaQehfnhkaawifZnatlcgtogwfjgZvsaavsaaeeeeaikkffaafabkkaaaaaaaabaaah4aaaaHaaaaa
  5. AishaVP

    Question about Quag

    iirc it really does affect ASPD. i tried using quagmire on LK(i think it has a boss protocol flag) on prontera seal and there was a slight drop in its attack speed. Also even if the attack speed reduction is not working, at least it would help on preventing some monsters from using their Two Hand Quicken. Though just to be sure you can try @howrah's suggestion and see how it goes.
  6. Comparing Poison Bottle to other catalyst is just wrong since most of them are sold in NPC. They are implemented to remove the need of carrying them all the time because unlike EDP those skills are spammed and is not really game breaking. EDP is like the SinX Limit Break skill so there should be a great cost for using it. I don't think a class that can sustain a x5 damage boost all the time is balanced. PS: Don't get me wrong. I am a SinX main but there are other ways of buffing it towards PvM without breaking the game balance(like maybe a specialize card for lowering the ACD of Soul Breaker for PvM only).
  7. Gear recommendation section updated and added some new findings like the newly added Monster Behavior Section(will help you understand how Skill Analysis on RMS works). Thank you x10 EXP.
  8. I hereby declare @Kokoneaby as the 68th master of the Thousand Hand Buddha Sect. But the Valk and Bee loots tho. Our luck is so bad they didn't even drop FLower and Crown.
  9. In other words, Di ka nya type bes. AHAHAHAHAHA
  10. just gonna add that you will lose ASPD potion effects once you cast One Hand Quicken. So it is like spending 3k zeny for Berserk Potion everytime you recast it. But who cares when you are having fun anyway hahaha
  11. As per @Atonal request. I really missed this kind of party run lol. Nevertheless we really need more dose of Fairy Tail's 'Power of Friendship' BS.
  12. Thanks for the honest feedback everyone! I really appreciate it. Dubi can you share even at least a little portion of your soul so that I can farm without losing motivation before I even finish my awakening potion duration hahaha Glad you like it Hal. I just wish everyone are still here to see that our 99% failed seal runs are really worth it hahahahaha.... *cries Yes. For both Odin and DG you can use a Dragon Vest + Dragon Manteau combo instead. You will need at least 2 Dragon Vest for Odin 3 where one is carded with Angeling(Skegg and Valk) and the other one with Bathory(Frus and Skogul). At DG you can settle with Bathory Dragon Vest (or maybe a FA RSX for Golem Morroc's Magnum Break?). If you have some money to spare, another Dragon Vest with Gloom Under Night will be really good for both. Tweaking aside, the real challenge I see on them are: General Odin and DG has monsters with massive HP so killing them will really take some time but at least doable Odin Odin has a mix of Shadow and Holy monsters so you will need to decide what element you want to counter. (Personally I brought Cursed Waters as you will meet Skeggiolds more often than Frus and Skogul) Being mobbed with a bunch of Skeggiolds and Frus or Skogul is a real pain if we are talking about what armor to wear. You either resist the former while being vurnerable to the latter and vice-versa Skeggiold has Decrease AGI so you will need an Osiris Accessory, Guarana candy or anything that can counteract it Skeggiolds always comes with 2 more Skeggiolds as slaves which decays your FLEE Skeggiolds has Safety Wall to annoy you for a bit Skeggiold and Frus has Strip Armor to annoy you more Valkyrie can stab your back anytime (Unless you have sufficient FLEE to dodge her blows) *This was my point of view for Odin 3. Things should be a lot easier if you only plan to go at Odin 2 DG Angel Morroc has Dispell. (I wish we have that Rouge class Soul Link perk) Angel Morroc has Wide Curse so Holy Water is needed Golem Morroc can bypass your FLEE via Sucking Blood skill Ghost Morroc is a joke alone but is a real pain when in a company once he spams Heal Human Morroc is noisy. Just turn off the sound effects lol * To be honest, I do not have enough experience on DG as a SinX. All of my statements for DG above are based from my friend who was a DG Sherwood Stalker
  13. (I barely manage to make a banner with my abysmal photoshop skills) So I have been pondering for a while on what I can contribute to this community. And since there is no existing guide for this, I decided to make one. Welcome to my guide my fellow SinX players. This guide will focus on Twin Fang Critical Build for Thor 1. I know some of you have doubts but rest assured that this is not a THORoll guide as I have been testing this for 6 days a while now and so far it was giving me critgasm and the fun that was taken away from me since Geffenia. (OK I know my Thor pun is lame..) Source Image: Ragnarok Online Mobile Guardian of Eternal Love We know SinX are cool, badass, and sexy but can they really fight their way to Thor 1? The greatest bane of SinX in Thor 1 is the fact that half of the mobs there has the skill called Reflect Shield. To those who do not know what this skill does,it reflects a portion of melee damage done back to the attacker. A few solutions has been suggested on other threads like using Soul Breaker(which is a range skill) but has a problem with After Cast Delay. Another one which the guide will focus on is by using Twin Fang carded with Valkyrie Randgris card to remove Reflect Shield. The card from this beautiful but deadly lady grants a weapon the ability to deal 10% more damage to any target and has a 4% chance to cast Lvl.1 Dispell on normal attack. Oh that's nice! Wait something is wrong.. You wont be able to dispell the Reflect Shield right away so you will still take some damage. And the monster will not just stand idle as you try to dispell them. So how shall we deal with this? By having a Soul Linker buff you with Kaahi. (OH MY GOD ITS SO UNIQUE NEW META) But these flying roasted chickens cast skills a lot. Kaahi only triggers on normal attacks.. The key here are knowledge and self-control. You are obviously going to wear an armor enchanted with fire to resist fire damage and you just don't mindlessly hit them. You will stop for a while once your HP reach below 25% and wait for them to attack you to trigger Kaahi. Another trick is by letting a Magmaring attack you so that the Kaahi will still trigger even when the Kasa is casting. But once Reflect Shield is removed by Dispell, oh boi its your turn to be braindead. OK before you make this a TL;DR guide can you please just provide the things we need? I do not plan to make this guide too long but I want to elaborate all the things that I will share on this guide so please bear with me. First Ill enumerate the Pros and Cons. Pros You are able to kill all the monsters on Thor 1 (even Sword Guardian, Byorgue and Salamander) Small Learning Curve. As long as you have the proper preparations and right knowledge, its not that hard to pull off Flee build lets you dodge most physical attacks. Even Kasa's Firebreath skill will miss. Dood SinX doesn't normally go on Thor. The feeling of being the lone SinX while everyone are Snipers and High Wizards is already an unique feeling Cons Gears are very expensive Exp per minute is lower than Snipers and High Wizards (OMG Who the Hell cares?) Surviving heavily relies on Buffs and RNG ( Dispell procs, Dodging Spiral Pierce, and not getting stunned) Alright. But how will I know If I am ready for this? From my experience these are the things you need in order to perform well at Thor 1. Character Requirement Able to deal at least 1.3k crit damage (main hand katar strike) on fire monsters with water endow Able to survive from Kasa's Spiral Pierce at full HP (roughly around 11k+ HP w/o Assumptio but with Deviling garment) Able to survive when stunned at full HP ASPD of 187 or more Flee of 300 or more 105 to 113 Crit (53 to 57 Critical on your status window) Buff Requirement Increase AGI, Blessing and Assumptio (High Priest) *Having Magnificat is good too If you are not overweight Frost Weapon (Sage) Kaahi (Soul Linker) Item Requirement Awakening Potion Crystal Blue(Sage's Frost Weapon catalyst) Grape Juice(For Kaahi) Venom Knife(Throw Venow Knife) Fly Wing or Creamy Accessory Butterfly Wing or Bonus Bundle return command Player Requirement Optional Luxuries Foods(AGI, STR, LUK & VIT) Jaguar Hat(Loud Exclamation) Fire Resist Potion Full Chemical Protection (Creator) Berserk Pitcher (Alchemist) Wind Walk (Sniper) Weapon Perfection (Blacksmith) Overthrust (Blacksmith) *only use this when you have Full Chemical Protection So does this mean I can pull this off as long as I meet the requirement regardless of my level? I myself made my Assassin all the way from 92 to 99 this way. At Trans 75, I was already able to kill things there(I still get one shotted by Kasa's Spiral Pierce dat time tho). Aren't the monsters there too strong? Of course they are strong. However remember that they are just monsters. They are pretty static while we players grow. You just need to know when are you able to dominate them with ease. Below are the Thor 1 monsters separated by tier. If you do not meet the flee requirement I suggest that you avoid them. To those who doesn't know about FLEE mechanics you can follow the link here (Not a weird site I promise lol). EZPZ Magmaring Flee Requirement : 175 100% Critical: 103 Notable Skills: Looting? The easiest one to kill. You are going to use this poor guy to proc Kaahi heals whenever you can. Normal Fire Imp Flee Requirement : 250 100% Critical: 102 Notable Skills: Strip Armor (kyaaa~) Still an easy kill but be wary of Strip Armor. Always prioritise to kill this first whenever you got mobbed or just teleport. Bow Master/Bow Guardian Flee Requirement : 320 100% Critical: 111 Notable Skills: Stun Attack They do not hit as hard as Sword Guardian and has also no Reflect but they have stun to ignore your flee if they manage to slip it and fast attack speed. Hard Moltres Kasa Flee Requirement : 300 100% Critical: 106 Notable Skills: Reflect Shield, Meteor Storm, Fire Breath and Spiral Pierce Now this is where things gets a bit nasty. You have to pay attention on your HP if Reflect is still not dispelled. Meteor Storm has a chance to stun you and Spiral Pierce hurts a lot. But should be manageable as long as you dont get hit so hard. Byorgue Flee Requirement : 350 100% Critical: 102 Notable Skills: Defense disregard attack, Stun Attack, Sonic Blow and Soul Breaker His Flee requirement is actually 231 but he always comes with Bow Guardian and Sword Guardian which decays your flee by 10%. Good thing his HP is not that high. GOD Sword Master/Sword Guardian Flee Requirement : 286 100% Critical: 113 Notable Skills: Spear Boomerang, Stun Attack, Shield Charge, Reflect Shield and Two-Hand Quicken His reflect hurts more than Kasa and is more dangerous than Bow Guardian. It also takes a while before he goes down. Salamander Flee Requirement : 346 100% Critical: 105 Notable Skills: Reflect Shield, Defense disregard attack, Sonic Blow and Two-Hand Quicken This freaking burning lizard has reflect and will be the hardest one to kill. Not because he takes a while to kill but because it hits really hard and has Defense disregard attack(Critical Hit) that ignores flee. Only engage it when alone and never fight it without Assumptio. What are your stats, skills and gears then? Skills to invest on are Double Attack, Improved Dodge, Katar Mastery and Advance Katar Mastery. For the gears and stats... [Valkyrie Helm Path Build] SinX 99/70 With HP buffs and Water Endow [Lord Kaho's Horn Path Build] SinX 99/70 With HP buffs and Water Endow Note: When adjusting your stats, Maintain a proper ratio between your damage dealt to your HP. So that your HP can keep up with the reflected damage done to you. (Personally I use a 0.4 : 3 for Damage to HP. ex: 1.6k main hand katar damage - 12k HP ) The build above are there to just give you a rough idea. But one thing for sure is you will need... CORE Weapon Twin Fang carded with Doppelganger and Valkyrie Randgris (the remaining 2 slots is up to you) also ATK, FLEE, and CRIT Bonus Garment Deviling Garment preferably in Skin of Ventoss for bonus FLEE Armor Lucius's Fierce Armor of Volcano with RSX 0806 card coz being tossed around is not good.. RECOMMENDED Upper Headgear Valkyrie Helm with Gryphon or Stormy Knight Lord Kaho's Horn Middle Headgear Slotted Middle Headgear (AGI or STR) with Gryphon or Stormy Knight Lower Headgear Pirate Dagger Chewing Bubblegum Rock Replica Spiked Scarf Umbala Spirit Shoes Bunny Slipper with General Egnigem Cenia or Mysteltainn Accessory Bradium Brooch with Ifrit Celebration Ring LUXURY Middle Headgear Orc Hero carded Mid Headgear (AGI or STR) Shoes Sleipnir with Mysteltainn or General Egnigem Cenia or Loli Lady Tanee Accessory Brisingamen with Ifrit * You do not have to follow all the items listed. If you think you have a better alternative, use it! Be creative! Specialty Jur instead of Twin Fang? One reason why I emphasize the use of Twin Fang on this guide is because of the 30 FLEE, 15 CRIT and the ATK Bonus it gives when you upgrade it which the Specialty Jur lacks. I wont suggest using it unless you are able to cover the Specialty Jur's shortcoming. Lord Kaho's Horn or Valkyrie Helm? For sure its Valkyrie Helm. AGI and LUK are crucial stats for Crit SinX. VIT increases your survival ability and resistance to stun. A slot for another Gryphon or Stormy Knight and it also gives 10% resistance against demi-human which is good for Byorgue, Bow Guardian and Sword Guardian. But if your budget is too tight, Lord Kaho's Horn is not a bad alternative. Gryphon Mid is a must if you are going the Lord Kaho's Horn Path though. Example video on how you do it? Gears and Stats used on Video above A few tips from me Use Throw Venom Knife to get Magmaring's aggro for Kaahi procs You can fight up to 3 monsters at a time given that your FLEE is still high enough to dodge the incoming attacks after the FLEE decay. As much as possible keep your HP near 100% and SP near 60% Be prepared to tap the teleport button when things are too unbearable Use the pillars(not Fire Pillar) and other obstructions to your advantage Don't fret if you always die. Thor's Volcano is a high end dungeon so dying is normal. (unless something is wrong with your gears..) Monster Behavior. The difference between Idle, Chase and Attack State If you have been playing this game for a while, you might have notice that there are some monster who can cast their skill twice in succession. We wonder how the heck it happens when they have a Cast Delay for each skill (ex: Kasa's Meteor Storm). The answer lies on what we call state. Basically its a flag use by the game script to guide the monster what it should do base on its current condition. A monster has a different skill set for each state. There are 3 kinds of states which are: Idle - The monster enter this state whenever there are no player around within their range to attack. By default non-aggressive monsters are always in this state until they get attacked by a player. Chase - Once an Idle aggressive monster saw a player within its range, it will enter the Chase state. It will start moving toward its target player and commence an attack. Non-aggressive monsters will enter this state once it get attacked by a player and the player is not within its attack range. Attack - A monster will enter this state whenever its target player is already within its attack range. If things are still not clear let me explain more in detail.. See our Kinky Fried Chicken Kasa's Behavior table here. For example the skill Meteor Storm. Kasa will never use it in Idle State but will use it once it enters the Chase and Attack State. If a player is within its range, it will enter Chase State and will walk towards the player and has a chance to use Meteor Storm 50% of the time and has a Cast Delay of 10 seconds. Once it manage to caught up with the player it will enter Attack State and has a chance to use Meteor Storm again 50% of the time regardless of the previous Cast Delay. Quite clear now eh? Even if its the same skill, their Cast Delay are different because of State. (There is a separate Cast Delay for Idle, Chase and Attack State of the same skill) A short message to my fellow SinX players Special Thanks I want to thank the following individuals for making this guide possible.. @Atonal - I know you do not visit the forum very often but you still have my thanks for letting me borrow your Old Valkyrie Helm and helping me on gathering some ingredients for the SQI Upgrade. Also Cats > Dogs 4ever @Mikae - You might be wondering why the heck you are included here when you are not even active in-game. I will not be able to progress this fast if not for your leecher. Thanks for granting me the access. I already sold your gears to NPC though.. ( Just kidding, praise the Blue Eyes Loli Dragon) Everyone from Ad Infinitum - Our Dewata Failbox has finally paid off guys. To those who are inactive I miss you all. Aisha-sama - No Waifu No Laifu Change Log Feel free to point out any mistakes or give comments in this guide. Thanks for reading everyone! -Fin-
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