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  1. This took time. Kinda fast paced but i hope overall it still make sense xD IGN: Mirou
  2. Alternate Ending. (Only a Wizard but you guys will get the idea xD)
  3. IGN: Aisha Isolet I dedicate this to all players who loves playing support classes.
  4. hahahahahahahaha.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    1. Kisuka*


      hide yo kids, hide yo mom, hide yo v, hide yourself hahahahahaha

  5. Well it is already been a month. Please I know how to count days now. You caught us off guard once again. Disappearing like that without a notice. We are doing things as usual though. Seal Run Practice, Leeching, MVP Hunt, Weekly ET, "I don't like Geffenia" farming and the never changing "AFK because i am bored". Hal is doing his best recruiting new members. You should meet them soon. Ox(You call him Doge but we are lazy so Ox is better) still doesn't tell us where he lives. Kris was having a good time with his imaginary GF. Raph still thinks he was a scrub. Jho had just come back just like how you wish for it. Mushi still loves seeds more than us. Ziggy is still as pro as ever. Kruro screwed up on his paperworks (JK xD). Eihn farming geffenia without GJ and Green Pots. Kanor reading Mar Roxas Manga. And the others who i had no chance to talk because yeah autism.

    But you know what? I am always having this feeling called "Program is not running as intended because a certain library is missing." In other words, Things are all different without
    you. [STRIKETHROUGH]I[/STRIKETHROUGH] We miss you and I am sure not only us on the guild but even your friends who are not part of our guild do so. It wont hurt to say how you doing
    right now ne? I really can't help but to think something serious had happened to you.

    Dont worry though. While you are still away, As long as all of us are there. Things will be running like the usual. So come back soon please? Or else you will be held liable for all of
    the Hachiko statues on Dewata. xD

    1. My Wife for Hire

      My Wife for Hire

      I still log-in to Dewata as my default city just to check up if you're there.

      Couldn't bring myself to ask anyone because I don't wanna hear the answer. *sob sob*

      I guess "looking for a break from the monotony" is an understatement.

      Even the forums look bleak. People are actually thanking others just for stopping by. That's how bad it is.

      Then again, we all are gonna move along sooner or later. I just hope for a small glimpse of the good old days before I too, need to take care of new things in life :)

      Take care, then.

      Also Jon Snow is HAHAHAHA SPOILERS

    2. Tainaka Ritsu

      Tainaka Ritsu

      " Then again, we all are gonna move along sooner or later. I just hope for a small glimpse of the good old days before I too, need to take care of new things in life :) "

      waifu plez /sob 

      and PS


      Then again, we all are gonna move alongtumblr_o3xz14zjb11upe1ufo1_500.gif

      yes before you ask weeb, i saw it "there"


    3. Mikae


      Thom, let me just say I love and hate you so much for this massive wall of text and feels. /lv/lv /bzz/bzz

  6. I was digging my External Hard Drive yesterday looking for School Live!(but what I found is Love Live School Idol Project LOL). Then I saw Garden of Words in the deepest section. Looks like you are not the only one having the old peoples' problem.

    1. Mikae


      liking this post because you know the madness that is gakkou gurashi now and no amount of love live can make you forget. Buhahaha

    2. AishaVP


      pls i just need to see Aisha everyday wearing twin-tails and everything is going to be- uhh twin-tails... ok you win.. why gakkou gurashi need to include someone who wears twin-tails.. *sighs I hate you.

  7. 3 days worth of autism. It was too taxing.

    1. Mikae
    2. AishaVP


      Sorry for being away for 3 days without a notice xD(caught off guard by a news that suddenly drains my FEELS HP to 0). whats up with the Milord though LOL.

  8. patience=7;






    else if(patience<=0)










    1. Mikae


      tl;dr : Disband

    2. They Call Me Yuki

      They Call Me Yuki

      Reading this early in the morning and I went:



      #toodeep #justarandompasserby


    3. Inooochi


      mes "give items to me";


  9. Too much grinding. Too much loneliness. /desp

    1. GM Quantus

      GM Quantus

      Have a cookie. /ok


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