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  1. Riding (mount) is unique to the Knight/LK and Crusader/Paladin classes enabling them to attack while mounted on a peco peco plus the added bonus of 25% walking speed and 1000 extra weight capacity (at lvl 5 cavalry mastery). But at some point don't you just get that vibe that you want to get off your peco just to see the splendid glory of the full armor unmounted sprite of the LK or Pally class? The sprite looks awesome without the mount and it has more style in it (not saying here that having a peco peco is less style it looks cool too, but it's just a matter of preference) well, at least for me in my own opinion I'd like to think so that being unmounted looks way much cooler than riding a big bird around all the time.. Mounted Sprites: Unmounted Sprites: Also I've been seeing "some" LK/Pally around ditching their peco's just so that they could get to look cool without their mounts but they lose the mount bonus by doing so, sure you can always unmount your peco anytime and anywhere but that's just on chill moments only, like when you go AFK or hanging out with some friends at town but you can't do that on the open field of combat right? mainly cause you'll lose the benefit of the peco mount, and let's admit it LK and Pally sucks without the peco mount bonuses. And once you unmounted the peco you have to get another one :v @prontera even though it's free of charge through the universal rental npc, though I think it's a bit bothersome to unmount and then get another one.. That's when I came up with this Idea, what if we can have a hide mount option feature for LK/Pally here in talonRO? only for those who want the option to hide their peco's ofc. So we can have that freedom of style without the peco mount while having the bonus of "being mounted" here in talonRO we prioritize customization right? So I think this might be a good addition to the server If it can be done Thoughts? Yay or nah? Sorry for the long post, and thank you for taking the time to read! Here's a potato
  2. Just remembered April 19, is the day I joined TalonRO.so.. Happy First Anniversary for me! /no1  

    1. GM Cherri

      GM Cherri

      HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! We're so glad to have you /awsm

    2. Tainaka Ritsu
    3. V o Z

      V o Z

      omg thankyou @GM Cherri glad to be here ! /kis2 /lv

      @Tainaka Ritsu just noticed I played 1 month older than you and you already famous and rish  and strong while Im still poor and a nobody haha. what's ur secret? teach me senpai haha /heh


  3. V o Z

    hindi ako punong penoy pero kamusta sa inyu

    half pinoy ka ba? or a foreigner just interested to learn filipino?
  4. V o Z

    Angeles, Pampanga

    bro pengeng tocino hehe.. balita ko masarap daw tocino dyan sa pampanga ah .
  5. V o Z

    Ritsu Nab Shoppe (Deal Closed)

    If only I had the pakyawin ko yan lahat.
  6. I got 99 silk ribbons but glove aint one. dang /desp

  7. My trusty old laptop finally broke down and can't play talonRO for awhile. my xmas wish is it to be repaired soon.. dang missing my Lord Knight already /sob 

    Well guess that's life, Christmas is coming tomorrow and its the time of the year to be jolly again /heh Merry Christmas everyone! Godbless! wishing everyone to have a good one this year :) 

    1. Ring


      Hopefully you can replace your precarious laptop soon... Merry Christmas!! 

    2. V o Z

      V o Z

      Merry Christmas & Happy newyear to you too @Ring :D



      Laptop is still alive after many tries of formatting XD


    3. Ring


      Oh snap lmao /heh 


  8. V o Z

    Support scrolls

    Heck one time I saw someone even do 10! haha just some troll making a slave train for fun
  9. V o Z

    Pictures Of Players

    Been messing around the forums for awhile and found this section never knew this place existed Now I'm stalking you guys x)) now I feel obliged to upload a pic of me soo many beautiful people playing and rokin tRO well here goes this my best pic, yet hope y'all like it
  10. Hello guys! I would like to join the fray as well
  11. V o Z

    Support scrolls

    Just make another priest from another account then dual login, and make it ur support slave . it's a thing here in tRO but it requires a little bit of talent switching windows (alt+tab). but I can teach you to be pro though
  12. V o Z


    TELTSRA is Coming guys stay strong! for now tiis lang talaga muna tayo sa crappy internet service
  13. V o Z


    @Ein Ohh haha oo nga noh! kala ko PLDT haha okay din mabilis sya para sa prepaid. ang tanong stable ba naman?