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  1. Rising Phoenix ~ PvM + Social [Recruitment Open]

    Best of luck to you both on your new venture!
  2. Hello there!

    Welcome to TalonRO! Hope you have a blast.
  3. Fhaz! New Player.. Looking For Friends!

    Nice to meet you too! Welcome to TalonRO.
  4. I almost forgot, how to Play RO, New Here :D

    Welcome to TRO Arjay -- you'll love it here!
  5. New here!

  6. A newcomer joins!

    Great to have you with us!
  7. New to Talon RO

    Welcome to TRO!
  8. talonro

  9. Hiya!

    Welcome to TalonRO!
  10. Old player, new server!

    Welcome welcome! We're based in Gonryun, come say hi!
  11. New: Hello everybody!

    Welcome to TalonRO Panda!
  12. NEW? Wat?

  13. Can I sell my photos here?

    Please refer to this link Love your photography work regardless!
  14. Tha Ambush Pack