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  1. Tha Ambush Pack

    I approve of this message.
  2. Welcome Oak! I know my good friend Ray is currently looking for active players; they're a social PvM guild. You can send in an application through this link: https://panel.talonro.com/guild/view/395
  3. SpaceChip's Meep Morp

    I'd like to reserve a slot Clitoria! (love it)
  4. On a momentary break but stay tuned as we'll be firing up the runway once again in the not so distant future!
  5. Looking for you. If possible, please reach on Skype.

  6. The Dojo

  7. Thank you for hosting us, as always my doves!
  8. The Dojo

  9. That one time in El Dicastes when things got Berry confusing..
  10. Oh dearest, where art thou?