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  1. Elyt


  2. Elyt


    Welcome to TalonRO!
  3. Elyt

    Old player, new server!

    Welcome welcome! We're based in Gonryun, come say hi!
  4. Elyt

    New: Hello everybody!

    Welcome to TalonRO Panda!
  5. Elyt

    NEW? Wat?

  6. Elyt

    Can I sell my photos here?

    Please refer to this link Love your photography work regardless!
  7. Elyt


    Welcome welcome!
  8. Elyt

    Back to RO I go

    Welcome to TRO Natalie. If you're ever around Gonryun come say hi!
  9. Elyt

    Holy Nostalgia....

    Welcome to TalonRO Zweiss. Your story feels very familair to mine. Enjoy your stay here and feel free to drop a line if you want some help.
  10. Elyt

    Tha Ambush Pack

  11. Elyt

    Emfy is back to play some RO

    Welcome to TalonRO Emfy.
  12. Elyt

    Hi, but I am leaving soon with a Gift

    Wishing you all the best Elli! IGN: Elyte