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  1. @AishaVP yeah, "hot and fresh milk" to be exact Anyway, just logged back to see people again. Luckily bumped into Arwen and Kris, and joined a random GMC pt together BTW, does anyone know this HW? Hehehe named "Sedora"?
  2. To @AishaVP: Go watch SEIKON NO QWASER....lololol! Miss you all guildies, sorry if I have sleep walking instances during ET runs like last time. Guess I'm not used to do late night ETs anymore unlike in the past, but I hope I can catch up to what I have missed!
  3. badong2190


    S> Brisingamen (Ifrit), mail your offers to my IGN: Tsugumi Seishiro. Thanks! Need Zeny, no to trades please! Up
  4. badong2190

    May filipino guild po ba dito?

    Try mo Eskinita Klub sa Einbroch
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  6. badong2190


    B> GLOVE (1) 4PCS, ROSARY(1) 2PCS, EARRING (1) 4PCS MAIL YOUR PRICES IGN: Tsugumi Seishiro Thank you! up! bump
  7. badong2190

    Costumes & Event Headgears List

    Overdue costume here from Easter event 2016: Rabbit ear egg shell costume
  8. badong2190

    Meme Contest Event

    I just changed my entry instead, sorry if I offended you with my post. Now awaiting GM's reply to your suggestion, thanks for being a killjoy
  9. badong2190

    Meme Contest Event

    My best shot! IGN: Onodera is my Waifu
  10. Disguise event again....please don't insert innuendos senpais! >//////<
  11. badong2190

    Price check on this stuff

    I got +7 here @Reclusio Perpetua...hehe thanks for the heads up! up for the magician night cap PC
  12. badong2190

    Himitsu |

    Can I pick #22? Hehe just wandering around forums though and in your fb page, so you're a figure collector too. Hope I'm lucky to have your slot
  13. Disguise event, along with le sweet afk couple of Dewata Tita Chekay and Tito Chard