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  1. :Dย feeling great this week.

  2. Its a great event, having lots of fun. Gratz GM
  3. waiting the avocado season, backyards in the caribbean are full of fruits and birds singing all day long.


  4. Awesome, keep with the good work!.
  5. Your Dojo is very respectful, but i have a complaint. One of your Sinx by the name of "Naupari" have been Ksing me the whole day in Glast Heim Prison. I know that one of your main rules are "DO NOT STEAL", and he been doing it with cloaking and grimtooth, appearing where ir lure my mobs. tell me, what are you gonna do with that kind of behaviour???
  6. no i haven't. i dont know if its my time zone (AST) or that im not in the right place.
  7. i wandered in louyang a couple hours ago. Im farming around thnx
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