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  1. I'm a poor rogue trying to get zeny together for some basic things like kaho and maybe ice pick, soo could someone please help me and tell price of these cards and items? looking for average, min and max prices, but any of those helps really. cards: yoyo, orc zombie, anolian, wolf, horn, cruiser, mobster, evil nymph, mineral items: jur with 3 sockets, goddess of fortune's cursed brooch, pirate dagger, baby chick hat thanks!
  2. R4inynight

    The Dojo

    nuu dont kick me out xD after all I am the might ODIN DARK... hero of ages... xP never mind, I saw some old post on this and thought it was last. I have no idea how and why. what i said just does not have anything to do with anything
  3. basically what you need to do is to throw fun out of the window, and do the most boring stuff possible. also accept your time on RO sucks, and it needs to be that way if you wanna compete. getting a guild of no-lifers is also recommended, cos shared pain and grief is always more easy to bear. also going apeshit on random people who dont know you is recommended over going apeshit on your guild when the item did not drop the 500th time you killed the same boss with already max level and totally overgeared characters. naa, dont really take anything I said there seriously, I was just having fun provoking people with stuff that does not actually make even a decent argument xD I am just thinking, why you wanna much money as fast as possible.. does it not conflict with having fun? mmh, maybe it does not. in that case, try to get alot of money, its fine as long as you are having fun xP
  4. was just thinking that thing I already said at tittle. can I get overcharge (merchant skill that allows me to sell stuff with 124% price) with some item/card/thing? I wanna this on my rogue, if it appears to be possible. but its nothing too important, I can always just sell things with my merchant/suno I am making soon...
  5. Heya, if I make a suno, and take all merchant trading skills, can it still be useful character even if I put skillpoints into something that does not contribute towards combat. I mainly play mage, and I am trying to trans a thief asap to make her into creator. so, could I make a super novice that could heal and buff like a priest, and also sell/buy stuff? I know creator can do it already, but I love fantasy economies, so if I have 2 traders it would be awesome. and yes, I am making 2 traders to fanboy one anime series, I admit. I guess I am just hopeless fanboy, but enough of that. or, would it be possible to make a character that is a merchant and also combat caster, I mean mage/fighter hybrid? I guess this would be dividing myself way too much, cos I got finite amount of stat points, but if this is doable, I would be very, very interested into making a char like this. and then, if my suno trader would be able to tank for my mage or for my coming creator, and MAYBE fling around few spells, it would be totally awesome. would it be viable in end game stuff, like instances and mvp, and so on?
  6. I got a new idea for this. how about, if it would be possible to buy the mount for many months at once? or, is this possible riight now already? cos then I think you can just delete this whole post, all people who wanna "permanent" mount need to do is buy like 6 months at once, and after that just hunt more coins to ensure they have the mount in future also. but still, even if I said this post can be deleted if this option exists already, permanent mount that costs crapton of bronze/taloncoins would be fun. but it is not necessary, cos it is possible to just farm bronze, right? I am sorry, I am still big noob in this game. I go research this bit more when I am at home
  7. R4inynight

    The Dojo

    heyp, could I join? my ign is HoloWinterheart, I think I am like in 7 hours or so, when i am home from work. but I am kinda always logged in, despite I am a huge noob still. you might find me afk there right now also, but yea....
  8. yea, but would there be some sort of compromise? like to get permanent mount would require as much as it takes to get mount for 2 years or something? make it the worst deal ever, or something? make a mount that does not give movespeed, if game engine/mechanics wont make this a huge problem, or something? just to make the whole permanent mount a bad deal? no one would abuse it then, and people who are quirky enough like me would get it xP or make it have like 50% of the movespeed buff the original monthly mounts give? my point is in a nutshell, if adding this thing is not much work for gm team, make it like worst deal ever, at least I would still work for it, I play for fun anyway but on the other hand, these are my thougths, if I am kinda alone in this, I guess I just get a pet or something xP yea, no is also a good answer to all of this, I am just telling how I feel about this, I am just one guy among the players and I am not looking for special treatment. just using the suggestion thing at forums cos it exists ;p
  9. sorry my rambling, wrote this in hurry to work. feel free to read only the tl:dr, explains everything essential, treat the rest of the message as something that may tell something, if you still left thingking about stuff after the tl dr. Heyp, I live in finland, and am looking for a guild thats roughly on same timezone, is social and laid back, but still wants to take things bit competetively for fun, and enjoys some pvp now and then, but this is not mandatory xP. I also love fictional economies (I dont know much about anything on finances, dont expect me to be some sort of genius on stuff like this), so if you like to trade alot, that would be HUGE bonus. but mostly I am looking for people who have fun and enjoy, instead of constant rage and "fml I cut my wrists Q____Q", doing something they dont enjoy, and after 500 run of same thing they start to go apeshit cos the certain item did not drop, you know what I mean? soz my rambling, writing this on hurry to work xD tl:dr looking eu guild that is social, laid back, likes to do some challenging stuff for fun, if you love trading thats HUGE bonus and can replace any other criteria I have, but not the "have fun instead of no lifing and complaining constantly how everything is sh1t"
  10. I think I understand why items are rented, well, not really, but I think people responsible have given it alot of thought, and they have their reasons. but, why there is no option for permanent mount? honestly, kinda only reason I would have an option for this, be it how bad deal as ever, is kinda that a mount is bit like a pet, and at least I HATE the feeling I rent it. its like if someone opens a pet store and rents the dog for you, and refuses to sell it. it does not feel good Q_Q yes, this is a QQ thread indeed, I dont have anything else to say than how I feel about this, am asking some resons things are this way, and giving my opinion about the matter. it could be a really awful deal, like pay 300 talon coins for it or spend 5 real life euros for it, but Id love this to be available. no, I dont want a mount cos "it makes my character more optimal" or anything, it is fuzzt cute and all. or, god dammit, sell permanent mounts that do not give movement speed or anything xP Id get that also. I am also fully aware talonro is kept up with people doing it mostly for bringing joy to others, not to get the upkeepers tons of money, and I am trying to not spit trash on their face like "awesome, we keep something up without getting much anything out of it ourselves, and some clown comes to rant on our forums how our game sucks. sigh... awesome, lets deal with this idiot also.. plaaargh..." I am merely trying to voice my disagreement in the issue politely, asking for reasons, and if the upkeepers decide to keep this the way it is, I am totally fine with it and still keep playing, but maybe slightly salty about how it is. but it is not my place to tell them what to do. rant over...
  11. yea, my os/win7 always puts the game/process to low priority, what results in positional lag that makes the game pretty nasty to play. if I swtch the priority, the lag goes away and all is fine, but after few minutes, it assignes the process to low priority category again. I am quite sure this can be fixed one way or another, but could I have some help? I thought about running the talonexe.exe with the /high argument, but seems I cannot run the game myself, I need the talon patch thing to run it so... I think this does not work. can I somehow assign the arguments to talonexe that occur anytime the program is called, no matter the source that called it? or.. can I just fix this some reasonable way? like, do I have some settings in my windows fucked up as default that I need to fix or.... ty for help guys would be fun to start playing talonro tomorrow ^__^
  12. yes, I am aware of all of that. I am thinking, CAN I play the lategame/pvp with my connection if I bear some lag. or does this make it impossible for me to play. also, the main thing that causes this is if I use firewall as mage. people in main chat told me they think I can play the game, but kinda wanted to ask here also.
  13. sorry for necroing a post, but I get quite alot stuff like half second lags, that are enough to get me killed when levelling my mage in glast heim prison, for example. stuff like I "stagger" a mob, and then it lags, and rushes to me, and kills me before I can react. I get this ALOT. is this going to make my game unplayable in pvp/high levels? also, if someone feels like educating me on this, why this happens and so on, I would gladly listen. thanks in advance
  14. where is he? seems like coordinates work differently inside houses. do I need tosearch whole town for this npc? mildly stressed, angry and tired after kinda long day and spending 30 min looking this guy. excuse my previous outrage on this post. I go to get some sleep.. thanks for answers in advance. sigh... >___<
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