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  1. New router tonight. Let's see if this fixes my drops in my streaming.

    I ran some diagnostic test's on my older router and found it to be dropping my connections every 3 to 15ish minutes. /bzz 

    Sometimes it did well but overall it's just a handicap router now. Time to move on.

    1. zonesoldier


      New router = best thing in the world!!

  2. Streaming TalonRO on twitch is some fun stuff. However, tonight I'm thinking Subnautica is gonna be on the menu as my account is on autovend for the day. (Still making money as I play other games /gg)

    1. yaobu1


      Saw you play overwatch!

    2. zonesoldier


      :) Awesome. Yeah Tonight is some farming on talonro. I may stream some more Overwatch cause they dropped a new character on the game.


  3. Seems like people like watching my youtube streaming of TalonRo a lot.

    IDK why though.... I just farm for zeny and it's usually boring... Maybe its the music yeah has to be the music.

    My Youtube Page.

    I will be going live here this afternoon just cause.

  4. Thinking of hosting a guild type event. A world race type of sort, but its kinda hard to trust everyone to not use warp girl and cheat with equips and stuff.

    How should I make a race type event that is fair to all users?

    1. yaobu1


      Try to start with a map that can be warped one time, then they need to walk or tele (if you allow it, but its hard to monitor if you are not in the party and in the same place, using alt char perhaps?) from there to reach you. /heh

  5. <_>


    1. Amissapanda


      *rearranges the eyes*

      ^ _ ^

      Much better.

      ...I'm also curious where the two on the wall scroll in your background are from.

    2. zonesoldier


      Knights of Sidonia the one to the left.
      Spice and Wolf to the right. 

      They both are pretty cool shows.

  6. It's been a while since I've last posted anything on here.

    Glad to be back in TRO again and its great to see things still stay the same and some things change.

    Hope to see you all out there while I farm sqi items cause I'm hella broke.


  7. :3


    1. +Karen+


      /heh this picture tho! Am in tears of laughter lool

    2. Zeth0805


      servers down?

  8. learning how to cook on ro is very tough but a ton of fun!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. +Karen+


      Rainbow colored band aids ftw >_< 

    3. zonesoldier


      I have Scooby doo band aids, cause I like to make it a mystery how I suck at opening cans with a can opener. ^^

    4. +Karen+


      /heh ... i feel your pain ... those things can be quite hard at times :Abs:

  9. Hey! Thanks for stopping by.

    checked out your sound cloud beats! They're pretty cool you have a good section of beats and sounds going on! /lv

    1. zonesoldier


      Thanks for listening you rock!

    2. +Karen+


      Good beats are hard to find these day!

  10. oh my god bio is so slow but my little homunculus Danny Devito can sure as hell tank a lot of stuff!. 

  11. Hopefully I can develop this next song before I have to get back to grinding on my hunter.


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