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  1. Hello everyone, the calculator website has been updated. Added Port maylaya cards Added magical damage to bosses And imperial spear now fixed. More updates will come to follow here in the near future. If you find items that are missing or showing the wrong information please post in the issue section of the github . https://calc.talonro.com/
  2. There should be a discord group on the talonro discord. Contact one of the gm's there to get access. There you discuss whats going on and what not.
  3. So my math is correct on how I did the MVP cards but I took your advice on the Bangungot Card and set it up like the alice card. However, there is no stone curse skill listed in the status effect array and will need some time worked on. As for the Bakonawa card that will need to be custom as the class vs nonmonk mass need to be calculated in the head.js. I will make my edits to the different cards based off of other details.
  4. My pull request is already up on the guthub, if anyone wants to look it over. It has all the new cards and a few more changes.
  5. https://www.twitch.tv/zonesoldier1 zonesoldier#2604
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