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  1. hszmv333

    Antonio Toy Factory Guide (Xmas 2017)

    What is the antagonist in the last Christmas event? Popogrinch You speak to the Mini Girl NPC when you want to... check instances cooldown Which of these dungeons has a rather unknown quest to enter floor 2? Thor's Volcano
  2. hszmv333

    Frozen boy answers

    thanks for you folks who made this. Easier life for all of us
  3. hszmv333

    Homunculus Calculator

    I think the links of ts29 are gone. Would someone kindly upload it again
  4. hszmv333

    Homunculus Stat

    I started using a homunculus on my alchemist and an amistr came out. Though the current guides and calculators are helpful in their own rights, I haven't found a calculator that is tailor-fitted for our server. Hope that someone could help in the creation of one, and if a GM could shed some light on the possible growths of the different homunculus classes. Currently, me and my friends are just experimenting with our homunculus. Thanks in advance to those who could help.