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  1. Smokk

    Player Pets ♥

    @Ringlmfao, nah its cool. havent had time to capture feedings but will soon. just photos for now lmao
  2. Smokk

    cant delete character

    having that problem right now fz
  3. Smokk

    Player Pets ♥

    I can document my next feeding over the weekend and post it here. I will be posting photos of the rest of my collection 👌👌👍 When they get to the limit where they refuse to eat is the time I stop feeding. Because they have super slow metabolism that is why I wait some time before feeding. I mostly do this fasting on winter season. This also called power feeding. It makes the spider reach maturity much faster. The downside is, shorter life span.
  4. Smokk

    Player Pets ♥

    Oh yeah, they are little to zero stress to keep. Ts they are alot like cats, so they clean, groom etc..on their own. They do not smell, make noises or cause any sort of dis comfort in your soroundings (minus the fact that there is a giant spider somewhere in your house 😂). As for my T collection I have yet to be bitten. Proper practice is needed if you ever decide to own one. Handling a tarantula has its limits. Some species can tolerate interaction much longer than others. The second photo I posted is the Chilean Rose Hair. By far it is the most docile tarantula you can own. With this species if you start to handle it while it is still a sling, it can get used to the owner as it matures. Just like humans all spiders have different personality and temperment. As for my spiders, The only time I handle them is if I really have to, such as when I need to transfer the spider to another container for cage cleaning etc.. Poking around your tarantula can stress them, this can affect thier growth (molting), eating and just behavioral issues. Feeding tarantulas is the best part. It is like watching a mature female lion taking down a pray. They are ambush predators so they use thier environment to blend in. They will stalk thier pray until they are close enough to pounce at. Then you see the famous fangs go to work! Oh and I feed them 1 super worm everyday until they stop eating then I wait 6 months before the next feast!
  5. Smokk

    Player Pets ♥

    You can handle it, but in a certain way. You would not want to put an 9 inch spider on your shoulder with out full vision, haha. Plus they are not to be cuddled with like you would with a puppy..
  6. Smokk

    Player Pets ♥

    I would as well if I know very little about them, they are actually interesting creatures. How very little they changed since the dinosaur walked the earth. Did you know, a Tarantula have another defensive weapon that uses to deter possible predators other than its formidable fangs!
  7. Smokk

    Player Pets ♥

    T's collection poecilotheria metallica gooty saphire ornamental gramastola g. rosea rose hair lasiodora parahybana brazillian giant salmon bird eater
  8. Smokk

    boss hunt champion

    Non luxury. Kaleet AK kaho str mid with incubus alice/gtb on stone buckler gec sleips/or any lol dev garment armor with gloom/bathory 2 celebs Luxury. Kaho Suiken AK with bonus pcb str incubus mid valk shield alice/gtb d robe gloom + sting dring combo light armor + bathory proxy dev gec sleips 1brissting
  9. Smokk

    S> WTH 300m

    costume 300m fix
  10. Smokk


    285 pm
  11. Smokk

    B> Artemis Bow TTT

    285m PM Dragon
  12. Smokk

    T> evang [DDD]

    oh its dopel? fz ithought it was drac 😣😣😣😣
  13. Smokk

    T> evang [DDD]

    270m for evang pm Dragon