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  1. travistration

    TalonRO 2016 Autumn Cookoff

    Magma's Heat A depiction of Whitesmiths vs. Magma Dungeon on a plate. The vampire's journey to hell started 5 years ago. A young orphaned novice, Traille, playing around the walls outside of Prontera met a Whitesmith, formidable and ominous, Maximus, Traille walked up to with a smile on his face, "I know how powerful you are, but too bad, I will surpass you. ....but you need to train me!" Maximus instantly, halted and saw the young kid, fearless and naive, he laughed "So you want me to train you to beat me?". "Yes, sir", he answered cheerfully. Looking at the novice, he saw himself, kid full of dreams with an immeasurable desire to achieve his goal. He has found his successor. From the outskirts of Prontera, to the church of Nameless Island. Traille, always pushing through his limits, and Maximus intense training, the journey to become a Whitesmith have ignited another never-ending flame in the eye of a Smith. The capability to forge weapons even MVP's cower and refine weapons 10% higher than Hollgrehenn, of course, Traille learned the way of the Smiths, with the help of Maximus as his mentor, Chief Mahnsoo of Alberta and Mitmayer's quizzes. 5 Years have passed, and it is the for his final test. Stepping into hell, the vampire started to sweating. "A couple of more steps", Traille, with the help of his clip, teleported his way to Magma Dungeon. As he steps futher, he swings his axe, "Maximum Overthrust!". Tightly held his pushcart, "Cart Boost!". In haste he marches, along the flames the ruthless dungeon is spitting around, he sees a crowd of Nightmare Terrors, Gigs, and Diabolics. Mobs them all as he fearlessly sprints, to gather as many Monsters as he can. Traille, with one click of a mouse, swings his axe and hits a Deleter and the rest of the Mob attacked! But as formidable as Mjolnir, the young boy has become. He swings left and right, "Weapon Perfection", he shouts. Critical hits after critical hits the mob was annihalated! Traille who once was a young boy, with the flames of Magma, he merged. The Vampire WhiteSmith was born. Ingredients: Loin of Lamb 500g Potatoes 200g or x 3 Sweet Chilli Sauce 50mL Cream 300mL Butter 50g Olive Oil Paprika 30g Cajun Spice 15g Tools and Equipments: Spoon and Fork Pair of tongs Spatula Strainer Sharp Knife Strings Pot Frying Pan Oven/Oven Tray Chopping Board Notes Before Starting: -Make sure the Loin is Room Temperature -Make sure to PreHeat Oven 200C 1. Start by bringing a pot of water to boil for the potatoes(season water with salt). 2. Peel and diced the potatoes, 3. Making the Loin Spicy!: -Roll the loin skin side up and tie strings to maintain the shape. -Roll the loin into Sweet Chilli -Season with Paprika, Cajun Spice, salt and pepper. AKA, ~Magma spice! x) 4. Throw potatoes in the pot once the water is boiling. (About 15mins or til soft) 5. Cook all side of the loin on a frying pan til brown(don't wash the pan just yet.) Loin straight to the tray in the oven for (About 10mins Medium Rare) 6. Turning the Potatoes Red!: -Strain potatoes, place it back in the pot and add 75mL of cream, a pinch of paprika and season with salt and pepper. -Get a fork and gentle, toss and mash the potato until, small chunky bits are still left. -Check if needs more seasoning. There! Magma Rocks! 7. Take the loin out of the oven, leave it on the tray and let it rest for 5 mins. 8. Preparing the White Sauce!: -Loin on the chopping board. -And now, remember the frying pan? put all those lamb juice into it and add 100mL of cream and a teaspoon of butter. -Boil and reduce until thick. Voila! White Sauce. ~WS 9. Plating the Heat!: -With the Spatula, scoop the mash potatoes in a plate. -Slice the Loin on the chopping board into 6 about 1cm thick a piece. Straight onto the plate with the mash. -A teaspoon of butter on top -Add the WS on to the plate and watch everything it touches turn to white. enjoy. ...To all Whitesmith farming at Magma Dungeon, Hammers Aweigh!
  2. travistration

    Greetings to everyone

    Hello everyone, from Australia here. I have recently just started on this server and it has been 5 years since I've last played RO. Looking to have fun playing with you guys. IGN: Unfair Trick
  3. travistration

    Pinoy OFW TalonRO player

    Balik RO ulit, from Australia.. Kamusta po sa lahat? After years ng walang RO nakita ko din etong server. IGN: Unfair Trick