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  1. Natalis

    CH O/

  2. Natalis

    Halloween | Melodia Haunted Festival

    Is there any possibility to save our wins even if DC? Because i've been having internet issues those last weeks and sometimes I dc or need to reset my laptop, losing all the wins and have to start all over again :< Maybe it is a silly question, but why not give 1 red ticket per win instead of gather 3 wins to get 2-4 tickets? Thank you! :3
  3. Natalis

    █ SLOW █ ✿ Ardinda's (C)art

    You are fabulous @fumiddition!! Thank you so much!! ❤️ Kyaaa! >3<#
  4. Natalis

    S>Pre-Loved and Discounted WoE/BG/PvM Gears

    and u always complaining about money.... li4r! HAHA
  5. Natalis

    Guild Serendipidade

    Quando posso encontrar vocês pra invite?
  6. Natalis

    Guild Serendipidade

    Hmmm entendi. Não ando jogando muito ultimamente, e quando jogo é mais GMC, mas posso ter uma char na guilda pra caso precisem de algo Lol E sim! Amei essa palavra e o significado dela quando meu amigo irl me contou :3 Foi por isso que me interessei pela guild hahaha!
  7. Natalis

    Guild Serendipidade

    Engraçado que uma semana antes, tomei conhecimento dessa palavra (em inglês). Me falaram que não tinha tradução para o português, mas pelo jeito meu amigo se enganou hahaha! Que tipo de runs cêis pretendem fazer? E que dias/horários vocês costumam jogar? Who knows.
  8. Own <3 That's cool! Can I join with one of my chars? Or can happen conflict of interest between guilds?
  9. Natalis

    Gift Box bugged!

    Now that I saw this topic, I opened aproximately 800 GB some months ago (4~5 months maybe?) and i didn't get any santa poring card too. o.o
  10. Natalis

    Naght is buying

  11. Natalis

    Winter Solstice, WoE: Vanilla SE guild

    Me too
  12. Natalis

    way to the top?

    @breno94 Hahahah! I can't deny that hunt those most valuable items sometimes sucks, but ~for me~ it is what let the things more exciting xD like once i dropped 2 hodremlin cards in 1 hour, but I already spent days there and no card drop, but still some income from the wss and other normal loots. I tried brooch and earring farm too and I NEVER dropped one, and the maps are too boring. I just used to farm maps where are more pleasurable to farm haha. As a newbie in the server, I loved bathory cause there is both types of farming - you have the constant income from the wss + if lucky you can get some of those cards. (I think you noticed that I love bathory's map, I used to had fun mobbing them xD) However, sometimes I just was at the right place at right moment lol Just for an example, like 1 year ago few people used to kill the MvP Mammoth, and when I started to hunt it with my parter, we dropped some Ivory Lances and sold many as 20~30m each. Nowdays is 10m- and the chance of you sell it is really slow rip. The same for the hunter essence from seals, we used to farm it when hunter essence used to worth 9~10m. Nowdays is like 4m and hard to sell. But I think for beginners the usual boring-way to farm is inevitable, but it's until you equip decently your main char and do some more interesting things - hunt mvp (hard for snipers), farm seals, GMC, ETs and naturally you'll have a income from those activities - what I think you have conditions to start already. You can start to equip another chars to open more your options. Dx
  13. Natalis

    way to the top?

    hunt some valuable items, I started at bathory's map (wss, bathory card, whisper card, joker card). I never liked to farm GNs, too boring for me lol Hmm you can farm some valuable items (I farmed a lot hodremlin card, used to be 10m each) but can be earring, brooch... You can hunt MvP... lol so many options just choose with one fits more with your game style (Do you prefer some low but constant income like GNs or risk to farm something more valuable hard to drop like earring, brooch, cards, etc?)
  14. Natalis

    ʕ ·ᴥ·ʔ Bobbing Around [Closed]

    Okay sweetie~! Soon I'll do it!