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  1. Hinna! Nice to see you again (through your art) :D

    1. HinnaOzawa


      I still play. Not most of the time but I still play. I got kicked out of the guild tho 😂

    2. Hell0_Viki


      You can always come back if you want :3  I'm just a weekend warrior now, but I'm still here.

  2. Hello guys! Here I am again, joining another contest. Best of luck guys! PS: GMs, if you need a higher resolution, just pm me and Imma give it to you >.< IGN: Hinna Ozawa
  3. Had a hard time finishing this entry in an hour. My baby keeps waking up But I finished it otherwise. I hope to submit more entries but it makes it extra difficult if you have kids. IGN: Hinna Ozawa
  4. There yah go.. I had a hard time uploading this one. Had to resize thrice >.< IGN: Hinna Ozawa
  5. Heeeeeeeeeeey!!! Here's my second entry!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you like it guys!!! IGN: Hinna Ozawa
  6. It took me sooooo soooo long to post my firsy entry, so here it is. Thank goodness I made it already cuz Im too busy leveling up. Drawing done originally in SAI but since the trial is already expired, I had to do it with Manga Studio EX instead. IGN: Hinna Ozawa
  7. Thanks GM Spica!!! Imma submit it tonight :)
  8. GM, heres my reso for my artwork. I just wanna be sure, sorry if Im bugging you GM >.<
  9. GM, may I ask how big is the resolution?
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