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  1. Tainaka Ritsu

    about GMC

    +1 to this, i can imagine the pain of this happening. altho im not sure if it's possible to make this suggestion happen. maybe with iduna it will be. fingers crossed
  2. i guess what he meant is that the glory weapon for champs are weaker than the non-glory ones... well, that's the normal assumption since you get glory coins for winning=you get more powerful rewards than the coins from losing... but imho, that's not always the case at ragnarok...
  3. come on guys pls, this is music gold right here git gud PS the first vid was supposed to be a dank vid, but would be nice if u include it too @GM Howl
  4. lol sounds fun inb4 someone goes blank kaho lmao
  5. you technically died when you gain the SB status... you can compare it to kaizel of SL.. so it's normal for you to lose the +10 stats as well the suggestion is a good buff for SN, but i can guess that this can be easily abused
  6. yeah... that's what i said
  7. 10% DEF bypass is OP dood exactly my point earlier, the current game situation gives us multiple build options and not just a plain overpowered armor even without enchantment, the armor itself is promising already.
  8. like i said above, im not strongly against this, but i cant see this to be a good thing to happen tbh.. in the official, drobe can be enchantable, so that's not really a custom here in the server.. however, if this gets approved, i can foresee that other armors will get approved as well if we follow the argument "if x armor is customized to be enchanted, why not make y enchantable too" ultimately making ALL armors stat enchantable - takes off the "pros and cons" part of picking gears imagine a stat enchantable valk armor, aegir armor, novice breastplate, sniping suit, etc etc. taking from a player's perspective, it's good since you're buffing ALL armors, but from a bigger picture - is this something we should cross? the current status of armors and stat enchantment is; "i will pick this armor, coz even though the base effect sucks, i can stat enchant this." or "i will pick this armor because i need the base effect over the stat enchantment that the other armors can provide" just my two cents, but still up to them ofc
  9. coz u know, some armors like valk armor and aegir armor to name a few cannot be enchanted as well, because even without enchant, they are powerful in itself already not a big fan of this suggestion, but not totally against it either. but if this gets accepted, i can see other armors will be asked to be enchanted as well (lol)
  10. doubt about this one tbh, the only purpose of using bone plate is for added demi damage
  11. because it has never been in the official? nonetheless, +1 since there are armors that cannot be enchanted in the official are enchantable in the server hooray new stuff plus opens up more hunting areas such as scaraba hole
  12. correct me if im wrong, but atm, if you damage a monster, even if you dont deal the most damage to it, you get a certain amount of xp in relation to the amount of damage you made, i believe same goes for MVP(boss)... on the other hand, there's another set of base exp given to the MVP(players)... which they earned and deserved that amount of exp... might want to look at it first, because im pretty sure if you did a hefty amount of damage, you still get exp as long as you're near the mvp when it died
  13. +1 to this, we need a sanity counter
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