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  1. SQI Bonus and - Vahalla Quest

    you have 120 char slots :/ just make a new char. one char with pvm bonuses and one char for pvp bonuses, im sure as hell the base stats are different too, saves you a hell lot of effort switching
  2. Crimson | Color of the Season [Social & Instances]

  3. Access to abrasive or other +crit change consumables

    because crit in itself is OP already and shouldnt be acquired without drawbacks -1 to this, the server has provided enough customzations imo to buff crit chances
  4. Loyalty bonus for pets that lack any

    imho, pet loyalty bonuses shouldnt be taken lightly and shouldnt be added "just for the sake of having a bonus" baby desert wolf, when evolved to desert wolf is high wizzie's and champ's best friend in terms of DPS Menagering pets offer OP stats +1 to the suggestion tho, but pointing out that not all pets should have bonus/have bonus just for the sake of having one
  5. Dagger of Edda - The Hunt Begins!!!

    "If everybody would play minigames this will be all over." -Boreas circa 2017 Quoting ser Bobo in main when asked about Dagger of Edda
  6. Homunculus kills counting towards hunting quest goals.

    there's not much we can do but to adjust ourselves one way you could do is thru demo mobbing, get dark pingu card and choose a target that you can mob and kill them thru demonstration you could try marine sphere bombing too, but not sure if it would count as your kill
  7. General consensus of Super Novice?

    Probs we havent met/talk, but I keep recommending people to use SN as first class. If you have troubles reaching level 45 as novice: Buy Archer Mercenary, pump up Agi and start grinding on wolves. You'd be 45 in the blink of an eye. The only problem you would encounter here is to avoid dying, or you could make a soul linker while levelling your super novice, because you would need one sooner or later. As for endgame gears, SN is fine for casual tanking, but for other instances like ET/GMC, nothing beats SB Champ. And by casual tanking I mean Thor's etc etc.
  8. Just wondering

    Nahh Aegir Armor spiked up in price because of a change few months back + MVP Guild Camping it like hell. Aegir Armor wasnt dropped by Kraken in the past. And now it's possible to monopolize it coz only MVP drops it and nobody tries to compete against them. Aegir Armor price will drop sooner or later if it's available thru other means (like Reward Guru) / droppable (like GMC) For YT it's all about supply and demand, and heck even if you vend it for 50, it doesnt mean the price is 50m already. Only missy and GM Howl drops it at a low rate.
  9. Diamond/justice emblem

    Im sure this item never existed in tRO... not all items in database exist ingame
  10. *blames rinny*

    1. Rinny Rin

      Rinny Rin

      NOOOO UUU :knife: /an
      always blame kaye /gg

  11. Possibility of unslotting hidden enchant armors

    +1 Although the unremovable feature was present in official, no reason whatsoever to keep it...
  12. Npc market and Autotrade area

    #3-no thanks, one of the best things here in tRO is how organized autotrade shops are #2-once you talk to the npc, your char will stop automatically. once you get warped, use vending skill and sit=problem solved #1-how lazy can you get lol
  13. Ano ang RO story mo?

    *porn 3grd*
  14. Vending Spots

    you can actually report this as "NPC Blocking" and have the vendors muted; lesson learned for the meantime, you can opt !shopfilter <item that they don't sell>