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  1. Tainaka Ritsu

    Community has become very stale and lazy.

    it's bound to happen i guess... most of the players played RO for nostalgia, and those people (including me) are being taken away by irl over time... another reason is the stand of the server with regards to overall RO gameplay, most of the RO players ive encountered are into woe/pvp, and is thus discouraged by how dead woe is in TalonRO... the BG update was a great one, but sadly the fire lasted for only a few months, and did not encourage those people who switched servers to jump back in again... /shrug
  2. Tainaka Ritsu

    Xmas Time Trial 2018

    Hi guys! It's been awhile since we had a guide for the event, so here goes~ Xmas Time Trial 2018 Based from the Time Trial Event last 2015 and 2017 The idea is basically the same as the one from 2015. A group of 3 people (doesnt have to be in the same party, but those 3 people at the top of the waiting room, pretty much like seals queueing) will need to clear 10 tasks from 10 invisible NPCs. The tasks and NPC locations are: 1-4. Treasure Boxes will be spawned randomly in the map. Killing a Treasure Box will drop a Card Album , which you need to return to the NPC that corresponds it (Ayothaya Card Album->Ayothaya NPC) 5. Evil Myst Case will be spawned randomly in the map.. Kill it. 6. Evil Cruiser will be spawned randomly in the map. Kill it. 7-8. Quiz. Answer it correctly. 9. Frosty NPC will be spawned randomly in the map. Click him around 100 times to clear it. Just keep on clicking. 10. Antonio (Ghost property, 50k HP, nonBoss) will be spawned randomly in the map. He's quite strong. Kill it. New NPC Locations: Quizzes Questions and Answers: Quiz 7 Quiz 8 If you find any corrections, feel free to drop a comment. I'll try to edit as much as possible~ Of course, any guide wouldn't be possible without a good teamwork and community effort!! Shout-out to @Ellie Valentine, @loi ☆, @Koriko and @Cherrios for the information provided here!! Let's enjoy the Christmas Events and Happy Holidays!
  3. Tainaka Ritsu

    Crimson Guild [PvM/Social] - Spread your wings 🦋

    Merry Christmas niggs
  4. Tainaka Ritsu

    Item Over Price

    a little additional; you can use a carded glove to make SQIs... same goes for other SQIs and their equipment-requirement counterparts. what matters is the item ID.
  5. Tainaka Ritsu

    EXP Gain Calculator - A Simple Tool to Measure Leech Performance

    sorry i have been busy irl, a friend of mine pointed out the problem few weeks ago but never had the time to fix it ill update once i get some free time
  6. Tainaka Ritsu


    dropping by this thread to somehow correct my fault, at first i was trying to buy the said undershirt[1] for 50m (someone do sold me one though), but after a few days, a handful of friends do messaged me and told me that the fair price is around 15~20m.... i do gave this kind of offer due to the success rate, i failed 20x so far, guess it's all about RNG PS i changed my offer to 15~20m tho, but took alot of luck and encouraging guildmates to do it and sell it to me at that price lol
  7. Tainaka Ritsu

    High Wiz Main quit every other classes ^_^

    anyway to answer your question, the equips i mentioned above are necessary if you want to do and be able to do thor's effectively. dont cut corners, it's not like all the equips i mentioned are thor's specific, but rather you will use them for other classes and runs anyway
  8. Tainaka Ritsu

    Do % chance skill cards stack said percentage?

    im leaning more to no, sniper card works on physical skills, but i doubt if it will work on magic skills
  9. Tainaka Ritsu

    S> rare item

    sent you a direct message contact me thru Discord: Tainaka Ritsu #1248 or ingame: Deishuu Kaiki
  10. Tainaka Ritsu

    High Wiz Main quit every other classes ^_^

    Okay so I did a quick test run at Thor 1 where the difficulty is significantly easier due to less spawn rate of Guardian mobs, these values are taken from multiple tries while naked (0% resist 0 DEF 0 MDEF No assump No Energy Coat) Fireball Base Damage (Kasa) - 2.6k~4.2k (let's use 3.5k as average) Firebreathe Base Damage from (Kasa) - 32k~33k Sonic Blow Base Damage (Salamander) - 9k~10k per hit x 8 hits = 72k~80k (let's use 75k as average) Spear Boom Base Damage (Swordie) - 28k~29k Double Strafing Base Damage (Bow) - 8~9k Now let's use your proposed equipment (feel free to correct me if i missed anything) Howrah's: Leak (gives 10% redux from all monsters) BoC [Alice] (gives 40% redux from boss monsters) FA [Agav] (gives you 75% redux from fire attacks, -10 DEF from Agav) After Redux (assuming you have an average of 35 DEF 45 MDEF No Assump No Energy Coat) Fireball Damage (Kasa) - 260~ Firebreathe Base Damage from (Kasa) - 2,900~ Sonic Blow Base Damage (Salamander) - 26,300~ Spear Boom Base Damage (Swordie) - 10,200~ Double Strafing Base Damage (Bow) - 3,200~ Azgrim's: Leak (gives 10% redux from all monsters) BoC [Horn] (gives 35% resist from long range and magic) Agav (-10 DEF, 35 final DEF) After Redux (assuming you have an average of 35 DEF 45 MDEF No Assump No Energy Coat) Fireball Base Damage (Kasa) - 1,100~ Firebreathe Base Damage from (Kasa) - 12,600~ Sonic Blow Base Damage (Salamander) - 43,900~ Spear Boom Base Damage (Swordie) - 11,000~ Double Strafing Base Damage (Bow) - 3,400~ Average Hit Points of High Wiz again that aims to max INT? 12k max HP? If you happen to get the aggro of a Byorgue using those equips, that will be your doom since swordie will spear boom you in less than 3 seconds and bow will use DS on you right off the bat. Even if you're playing safe and try not to get hit by Sonic Blow, you can still catch Firebreath while moving and that will be your doom. But then again, if you're playing it very safe, you will lose alot of exp/hr, that maybe you'll earn more exp in Abbey than in Thor. EDIT: there's alot more reason that i admit im lazy to include all of it here, point being here is, it's okay to do theorycrafting, but sometimes, things that look good on paper doesnt really work ingame coz of alot of factors
  11. Tainaka Ritsu

    curious question about artemis

    yeah i noticed that's the case for some, dont get me wrong 😮 just thought it would be a nice update to the spreadsheet, it's actually a good reference and to promote AKAKTh (i like seeing the current snipers do better tbh, it stresses me when we recruit random sniper and their average damage isnt that great)
  12. Tainaka Ritsu

    High Wiz Main quit every other classes ^_^

    it's true, it's all about playstyle, spawns and builds but it ultimately leads to how much monsters/exp you can kill given a time frame... because that's the main priority there for me... i go for 90++ total vit too for reference in comparison... im only talking about thor 3 too, to actually stay there for a whole hour at minimum EDIT: i like my HW beefy, that can survive a few spear boom and sonic blow without sacrificing damage EDIT2: @Azgrim without FA or Pasana at thor as hw? you're either spamming alot of cwp, or using a gtb swap just to avoid the fireball spam from kasa which makes you vulnerable to that spear boom (and without assump, devi nor alice, will kill you on sight) if you switched just a second late EDIT3: since im bored, let me bring up some values to give a comparison (will edit more in a bit)