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  1. @GM Seirenhax he understood tagalog
  2. Tainaka Ritsu

    about GMC

    +1 to this, i can imagine the pain of this happening. altho im not sure if it's possible to make this suggestion happen. maybe with iduna it will be. fingers crossed
  3. wow ritsu of 2yrs ago you're one damned noob
  4. do you think you would enjoy doing geffenia? ->go buy sherwood do you enjoy playing as champ? ->check out GMCs and learn how to do MVPing and higher end stuff do you want to try other class? ->check out the equipment needed to play the class and buy those ^all of these suggestions will earn you money one way or another. geffenia gives you the most money but is VERY boring. the other 2 makes less money for the time spent, but you will get to play tRO and not just FarmRO
  5. i guess what he meant is that the glory weapon for champs are weaker than the non-glory ones... well, that's the normal assumption since you get glory coins for winning=you get more powerful rewards than the coins from losing... but imho, that's not always the case at ragnarok...
  6. i dont think it improves the spawn rate, but rather making them distributed more evenly. if u still dont agree, ask someone to mob the entire map and keep it for 1 minute, assuming he/she did mobbed the entire map completely, you wont see any dimiks anywhere for that duration i had a similar scenario in the past too, and that was in a TTG map (Bibilan, Marc map at that time), I see these afkemists obviously owned by one person taking almost all of the spots where marcs spawn, leaving none to us. what i did is just kill the mob that i can hit that's ganging up on his homuns. is it KS? probably yes. do I care if it's KS? no, not at all. if he complains I KS-ed him, i tell him "if u dont want to be KS-ed, afk at a place where you're not in the middle of the road, that's in the rules" just give them a taste of their own medicine. all these multiple afkemists promotes the idea that afk farming is promoted, and if the things related to homuns get nerfed once again, i feel sorry for the people who actively play with homun, they're the real victims
  7. come on guys pls, this is music gold right here git gud PS the first vid was supposed to be a dank vid, but would be nice if u include it too @GM Howl
  8. it's bound to happen i guess... most of the players played RO for nostalgia, and those people (including me) are being taken away by irl over time... another reason is the stand of the server with regards to overall RO gameplay, most of the RO players ive encountered are into woe/pvp, and is thus discouraged by how dead woe is in TalonRO... the BG update was a great one, but sadly the fire lasted for only a few months, and did not encourage those people who switched servers to jump back in again... /shrug
  9. Hi guys! It's been awhile since we had a guide for the event, so here goes~ Xmas Time Trial 2018 Based from the Time Trial Event last 2015 and 2017 The idea is basically the same as the one from 2015. A group of 3 people (doesnt have to be in the same party, but those 3 people at the top of the waiting room, pretty much like seals queueing) will need to clear 10 tasks from 10 invisible NPCs. The tasks and NPC locations are: 1-4. Treasure Boxes will be spawned randomly in the map. Killing a Treasure Box will drop a Card Album , which you need to return to the NPC that corresponds it (Ayothaya Card Album->Ayothaya NPC) 5. Evil Myst Case will be spawned randomly in the map.. Kill it. 6. Evil Cruiser will be spawned randomly in the map. Kill it. 7-8. Quiz. Answer it correctly. 9. Frosty NPC will be spawned randomly in the map. Click him around 100 times to clear it. Just keep on clicking. 10. Antonio (Ghost property, 50k HP, nonBoss) will be spawned randomly in the map. He's quite strong. Kill it. New NPC Locations: Quizzes Questions and Answers: Quiz 7 Quiz 8 If you find any corrections, feel free to drop a comment. I'll try to edit as much as possible~ Of course, any guide wouldn't be possible without a good teamwork and community effort!! Shout-out to @Ellie Valentine, @loi ☆, @Koriko and @Cherrios for the information provided here!! Let's enjoy the Christmas Events and Happy Holidays!
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