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  1. Tainaka Ritsu

    Make auto biltzbeat a toggle function

    -1 i think this change is unnecessary... besides people can still have their falcon for detect without blitz beat procc-ing... just dont put skill points on blitz beat
  2. Tainaka Ritsu

    God Poring (bakit ang panget nung screenshot)

    nuuu di siya super saiyan costume, it's a custom kaho... di sya makukuha elsewhere on the other hand, yung super saiyan costume, available yan sa tabi tabi haha
  3. Tainaka Ritsu

    God Poring (bakit ang panget nung screenshot)

    guys pls, pakana yan ni God Poring... Auto-blur ng screenshot, para pasuspense ahahha parang mga akyat bahay, tinatakpan cctv para di mahuli oh and btw, kaya pangit yung SS kasi mali yung resolution na gamit mo... test mo yung ibang resolution... you can take good SS kahit naka fullscreen
  4. Tainaka Ritsu

    Card win announcement!

  5. Tainaka Ritsu

    Card win announcement!

    Cool... until you get spammed and harrassed by PM's asking you to sell it at a price
  6. Tainaka Ritsu

    Dagger of Edda - The Hunt Begins!!!

    That's interesting... but question is... where to get these??
  7. Tainaka Ritsu

    Some Eden Stuff (Not a Rant)

    A few suggestions after trying out the current Eden Group Quests! Hope you consider the following suggestions into further improving the new content in the game!! Cheers!! Rework Board Cooldown With the current Hunting Board Cooldown system, you cannot get the same monster target prior to submitting the quest for the said monster. I suggest to rework the cooldown system; instead of implementing the cooldown in getting the quest, implement it on the submitting part, so parties that are formed can actually do 2 batches per run. This would follow the old HBQ format wherein a party can actually do 2 batches. Get the Quest->Kill Monster->Submit to NPC->Get the Quest Again->Kill Monster->Place the new cooldown here; the NPC wont accept submissions during the cooldown Pros: Parties that are formed for a specific dungeon can stick for 2 batches instead of disbanding after 1 batch Cons: I don't see any, as the cooldown is implemented on submitting, you cannot abuse the cooldown and bypass it Rework Level Requirements in Accepting Quests With the current Level Requirements on getting board missions, you cannot do quests that are above or below your level range. I suggest to change it into a more flexible one. Enable getting quests above your level but keep the restriction with regards to getting quest below your level to avoid abuse and easy farming of bronze coins Pros: Makes the Eden Group more exciting for geared players. Cons: Uhh... Making it harder for yourself?? Not sure if there's any, just adding flexibility and choices for players c: Mercenary Kill Count on Board Hunting Mercenary Kills doesnt count on the board quest. I suggest to extend the recognition system by counting mercenary kills. Not all classes can kill solo, and iirc that's the whole idea behind mercenary system, Pros: Assist and help the pre-50 players during their early levels because pre-50 mercenaries can pack a powerful punch killing low level targets. For post-50, the mercenary skills will come in handy to assist players and aid a party in killing targets. Cons: AFK hunting is a possibility (but hunting board targets after 50++ isnt really possible for the mercenary to kill without player assistance - based on personal experience)
  8. Tainaka Ritsu

    Custom Bio Lab Mob

    +1 to the suggested custom mob, the idea seems really cool and fun. Battling a Super Novice can be really irritating. Im imagining it will be patterned with Laurell Weinder (Mage Biolab Mob). It only does physical attack pattern (Mammonite+High Flee) until it is damaged and does magical skill pattern (patterned after Elder, the Thana Mob). Elder skill pattern, Frost Diver->Lightning Bolt or Stone Curse->Fire Bolt pattern. -1 to the suggested drop though... The previous custom novice weapon is easily exploitable when introduced to PvM/PvP/WoE... (Ill try to think of a better one, so this comment will be a constructive one)
  9. Tainaka Ritsu

    Dagger of Edda - The Hunt Begins!!!

    ah so that was cow level huh, it now makes sense, Baphomet's Shinbone, dropped by Instanced Bapho could be a key to activate a dialogue to further proceed with bertha in Geffen... Dagger Plans + Shinbone could be fused to open a gate to ginunggap seiren: do more instances=could be talking about instanced bapho boreas: do more minigames=not clear yet Lead so far: Acquire the Shinbone
  10. Tainaka Ritsu

    Dagger of Edda - The Hunt Begins!!!

    what exactly is cow level in diablo though? enlighten us non-diablo players
  11. Tainaka Ritsu

    change exp given by monsters that require parties to kill.

    Increasing the exp gained from harder maps doesnt really benefit the new players and rewarding them for their trouble, because I doubt if a new player will survive such maps, even running a party... Increasing exp from these maps will only benefit veteran and geared players and will take advantage of this by selling leech to new players on these maps, because they are geared enough to solo and kill monsters efficiently... It will be the same all over again, you cant access these maps and the gap will also widen because only the veterans will have access to good stuff... -1
  12. Tainaka Ritsu

    For a new LK (and player), is LKH a priority?

    if you want to exploit LK's versatilty, you might want to get an all-rounder 2H weapon, and VF is good enough for this purpose, even the uncarded one is great already
  13. Tainaka Ritsu

    NerdlyPeabody's rebirth Guide

    it's 200 bronze coins for rebirth
  14. Tainaka Ritsu

    TalonRO Hunter/Sniper Gear Progression Guide

    wow this has come a long way!! that dedication mos looking forward to tier 5