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  1. A couple looking for PvM synergies

    @Gabriel Tartaglia The thing about HP-WS is the big gear investment that you would need, multiple weapons against different MVPs, armors and etc. Early days will always be spent farming/hunting Im talking about LKH, IP[1], Giganto Axe, Mjol, overupped Orcish Axe [4] and Cart Term (High Speed Cart Ram) spam to kill MVPs
  2. A couple looking for PvM synergies

    Don't forget HP-WS That can kill everything with the right elemental scrolls
  3. Question about Horn Card

    i believe for magic, only player-targetted magic skills are considered range...
  4. TalonRO's Winter Lottery

  5. Halloween Event 2017 - School Quest Guide

  6. Vamp LK w.o. Berserk

    Sniper Card works with BB and most physical skills
  7. Mad's Guide for Gypsy and Clown

    Yes, autocast cards need to actually hit so it would proc. But that's nice to know that you don't need catalyst Ofc I would still try to test this myself on duel just to be sure (unless somebody would post a video)~
  8. Mad's Guide for Gypsy and Clown

    Nice guide you have there!! A few notes though: Drum adds 12 Hard DEF, would be useful for other situations. Both Drum and Ring adds +ATK similar to IncaSam, despite the way it is written at the skill description. Does Dispel and Web actually work without catalyst (gems and webs)?? Last time I checked, it does proc, you would see your character shouting Dispel !!, without the catalyst, but it wouldn't work at all (I remember switching to missy when a friend lent me valk arte). Get Longing for Freedom if you're doing Ensemble
  9. Gmc npc for teleporting to next floor

    Sharing a bug report few months back, had the same problem. Sorry to hijack the suggestion, but instead of adding NPC/Dialogue box, is it possible to just "stop/pause" all player once a floor is cleared? Is this possible?
  10. !refresh

    Good Day!!! We are all haunted by most bugs/lags ingame (most common includes position lag and dying-while-talking-to-npc bug) and !refresh solves most of these. But unfortunately you can only use this command if you have bonus bundle activated. Is it possible to enable the command even without bundle? This would help everybody, as bugs/lags doesnt discriminate anybody. (I have sent this suggestion thru discord few weeks back, but it seems like forums are better place to throw such suggestions) Thank you and have a good day!
  11. Crimson - Spread The Wings! [Social & Instances]

  12. Crimson - Spread The Wings! [Social & Instances]

  13. Crimson - Spread The Wings! [Social & Instances]

    ET almost everyday (and im oversleeping almost everyday)
  14. Crimson - Spread The Wings! [Social & Instances]

    *sends like*
  15. Wala lang