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  1. This meta mentality is what's actually killing this game

    Last time i checked if you want to deviate from meta, you should; 1.) Do better than the current meta 2.) Be prepared to play the game thru the hard way, and dont expect people to join you in this Dont get me wrong, i also support deviation from meta, in fact i have been playing and experimenting with less popular builds and classes Instead of ranting how the current meta goes, you could join the fray in promoting what you call fun in the hopes of people appreciating it, and developing your playstyle so that one day it could be better than the current meta
  2. CNY 2018 Quest Guide ( Complete )

    update: i believe you would need 20 beautiful, 20 frozen and 50 witherless as others have done it. i have offered more flowers and finally got the costume @Cassidy
  3. Is professor a good class to main?

  4. Damage or Critical

  5. CNY 2018 Quest Guide ( Complete )

    tbh im still doubtful if we have explored all parts of the cny quest...
  6. Damage or Critical

    1.) you cannot rely on all bio/ws/mule that they wont snatch your equipment away 2.) you wont be having that much of a luxury trading your gears to a mule when MVP is right under your nose 3.) id rather have these mule bringing supplies for everybody than taking up weight limit by letting them carry my stuff 4.) if you have prior experience how much supplies a normal party needed, you would know that the mule (bio mostly) will have 8000 cart and 89% weight limit come on guys be realistic
  7. Is professor a good class to main?

    i made my point clear, and there is no way i am degrading other classes. i also have a prof myself and love to play it tbh. but feel free to lick each other's wounds if you turn a blind eye on something logical some people find a successful run, fun
  8. Is professor a good class to main?

    prof is built for pvp/woe/anti players in the first place no reason to blame current meta, everybody wants a smooth and successful run. tbh prof is more of a luxury class to have in your party
  9. Damage or Critical

    @Rayssss pruow rayys ser teach ples whenever i play sniper i bring both crit and ds gears. trust me you would want a fast and smooth run because the longer it takes=everybody will be fed up and tired and ultimately decreasing the chances of completing a run. not to mention gmc have time limit. you should also consider weight limit of snipers, carrying 3 artemis, plus the fact of horrible switching across 3 artemis are a pain, is a big no-no. QQQ arte is the way to-go for replacing TTT. those high flee mobs are the ones that can actually wipe your party. the only time id use auto-crit is for high def, but tbh id rather SS the heck out of those, except if it's mvp PS screw luk, i have 1 base luk
  10. CNY 2018 Quest Guide ( Complete )

    @MasterSlayeri was the first one i believe to reach the quota (reaching the dialogue that i have done my part), as i have shared on my earlier posts, that's why im lost as to why i wasnt able to receive any costumes from Po until now Would love to have this clarified before i resort to spending more flowers on another account...
  11. CNY 2018 Quest Guide ( Complete )

    Why am i not getting any costumes from Po? The dialogue already says "The grave looks beautiful already, Im sure Po's wife will be happy etcetera etcetera." This is such a bummer. I tried offering 9 more witherless roses and 3 frozen rose just incase I need to "trigger" something, and still none....
  12. CNY 2018 Quest Guide ( Complete )

    Heart stickers eh~
  13. CNY 2018 Quest Guide ( Complete )

    i doubt if it's a waste of money, i believe it's a server wide effort
  14. CNY 2018 Quest Guide ( Complete )

    there are 2-3 kinds of bomber steak right? i meant 2-3 different IDs... perhaps if we could see which of those bomber steak does the NPC take it would be nice
  15. CNY 2018 Quest Guide ( Complete )

    wow so stat food counts too? nice nice
  16. CNY 2018 Quest Guide ( Complete )

    One more addition to Flower Grave thing: As Seiren ser and Radius ser have mentioned, every word counts. My 1st attempt: -I offered 1 Beautiful Flower and 1 Frozen Rose NPC Response: This could use some more beautiful flowers. 2nd attempt: -I offered 4 Beautiful Flower and 4 Frozen Rose NPC Response: This could use some more beautiful flowers. 3rd attempt: -I offered 5 Beautiful Flowers and 5 Frozen Rose NPC Response: This could use some more witherless roses. 4th~nth attempt: -I offered total of 50 witherless roses, in 10 roses increments Final NPC Response: This could use some more witherless roses. BUT I THINK I HAVE DONE MY PART. TL;DR this is only a speculation, but if anybody is familiar how the Monkey CNY went few years back, I believe it's the same. We have individual quota and server quota. Do not offer flowers in bulk amounts (to ensure you have minimum required to reach personal quota, or you could offer in bulk to help server quota) DISCLAIMER: this is nothing but speculation, so take what I said with a grain of salt. I still don't know how we can get the rewards from this. I believe we will be able to get from Po (the Father) once we reach a certain amount of offerings. EDIT 1: @Cassidy for the meat-bone thing, you can also offer Well-Dried Bone dropped by Pirate Skeleton. Bone-Ticket Conversion goes around: 100 Bone :1 Heart Ticket EDIT 2: There's no waiting time for making the quill for writing the love letter. EDIT 3: If Wei sent you to Prontera Church, the sister will ask for Rosary [0] and 10 Holy Waters
  17. Card chance to proc

    wew im not pruo @Jailbrokenser
  18. Post Def-Nerf Pally/LK Tanks for ET/GMC/Seals

    Edited it few minutes back
  19. Battle Acolyte

    @Jailbrokenwe all know that acolyte was you pls
  20. Post Def-Nerf Pally/LK Tanks for ET/GMC/Seals

    i suck at explaining okay
  21. Post Def-Nerf Pally/LK Tanks for ET/GMC/Seals

    DIsclaimer: Only speaking from previous nab experiences, and some insights from my friend when we had the time, patience and motivation to try to compete with higher MVPs... Set-up Me: HP+DPS Friend: Pall+DPS Autofollow the DPS on my HP, setup and once setup... I will autoattack on my snip while i spam SW on the tank... the tank will then proceed to DPS PRE-NERF Ifrit-doable, but watch out for nasty uncalled situations like sudden mobdrop from competition or that spiral from kasa... but once you walled ifrit in a hidden place, you're in for an easier time... (tbh kiting it or tanking it with hp spamming sw is better as the others have said) VR-hurts too much, spamming SW is necessary... the place is tricky too to find a max range and the cliffs makes it harder... and should i even mention the competition? Bee-much harder... he uses critical wounds... some parties use pitcher/kaahi to bypass this... but i cant remember if kaahi would still heal you a full amount even on wounds WM-never been to WM sorry... competition too stiff lmao POST-NERF Got disheartened by the nerf, and the competition is too stiff... We only use the def pally for seals, and id say i would prefer def pallies for our seal runs hehehhehe. PRT,NIFF and YUNO seals are alot easier with def pally as tank/runner... MANUK F2 as tank OH and PS, we also tank bee on abbey with def lk lately (as a guild run) WITH DEVO (parrying+autoguard+defender)...never do bee without devo, it is doable because of parrying as it can block spiral~ tbh i'd prefer a high def lk for tanking bee on abbey because of exile... sb champ if exiled is left with no options but to spam fly wings and hope it will be teleported near before bee wipes out the party. Champ is still best tank for bee when it comes to damage mitigation... but for practical purposes other classes can too~ PSS... I noticed bee doesnt resummon the 3 chonchon slaves... so better update it as only 7 hell fly slaves PSSS... I believe the slaves arent boss protocol (assuming the monster isnt a boss at all)... take tendrillion for example... you can freeze the slaves using SG... and boss protocol cannot be statused right? do correct me if im wrong on this one~
  22. DEX or Attack damage

    dex increases atk... idk why you should even choose between the two?
  23. Post Def-Nerf Pally/LK Tanks for ET/GMC/Seals

    still viable, but just harder than it used to be
  24. Antonio Toy Factory Guide (Xmas 2017)

    Hi guys! It's been awhile since we had a guide for the event, so here goes~ Xmas Antonio Event Guide Based from the Time Trial Event last 2015 The idea is basically the same as the one from 2015. A group of 3 people (doesnt have to be in the same party, but those 3 people at the top of the waiting room, pretty much like seals queueing) will need to clear 10 tasks from 10 invisible NPCs. The tasks and NPC locations are: 1-4. Treasure Boxes will be spawned randomly in the map. Killing a Treasure Box will drop a Card Album, which you need to return to the NPC that corresponds it (Ayothaya Card Album->Ayothaya NPC) 5. Evil Myst Case will be spawned randomly in the map.. Kill it. 6. Evil Cruiser will be spawned randomly in the map. Kill it. 7-8. Quiz. Answer it correctly. 9. Frosty NPC will be spawned randomly in the map. Click him around 100 times to clear it. Just keep on clicking. 10. Antonio (Ghost property) will be spawned randomly in the map. He's quite strong. Kill it. New NPC Locations: Quizzes Questions and Answers: EDIT: Upon checking the old post, most questions are the same from last year, feel free to base on that too~ I haven't encountered all questions and havent got the answers for all of them so far, do comment on additional questions and answers that isnt in the guide yet Much thanks to: Kuraido#1739 | Keigo #2347 | RemDot Originally posted at Crimson TRO Discord
  25. Antonio Toy Factory Guide (Xmas 2017)

    Which year was time trial first introduced? -2008