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  1. Harshal

    Lunar New Years Event 2017

    Is this a one time event? Or does it change everyday.. Cause I got the helm of rooster already yesterday.. Will there be another quest to be done today? Just like the Xmas event?
  2. Harshal

    Jaime "Beaver" *Poorest* Hybrid Sniper Guide

    That is Remove Trap btw ^^ indeed a cheap build.. But its not for the poooooor.. Hahaha.. But all in all a good build with balanced gameplay..
  3. Hey.. Welcome yow.. I'm the one you warped to sleepers
  4. We even accept people from other Galaxies.. You're still good.. Visit us at Pyramids, ask for invite and join our Line, FB page.. Welcome to the Jungle!!
  5. Harshal

    Looking for pvm guild

    Prolly the time zone Cat.. Oh yea.. We international baby.. Ohh btw the new topic of discussion now a days is Olympics.. Cause I always relate those athletes to you guys.. And also Olympics in Cat country
  6. Harshal

    Looking for pvm guild

    Maaan.. Cat I can hear people Singing on discord all the time whenever I login.. Also the rule "You've to sing if you login to discord is meh", but yea Line msgs are 500-1k ish these days
  7. Harshal

    Crimson ◇ Non-Trans WoE [More Vids Coming Soon]

    Check "Reveal hidden comments" on 1st page..
  8. Harshal

    Crimson ◇ Non-Trans WoE [More Vids Coming Soon]

    Hector had but one true message.. Love ~
  9. Do visit us at Pyramids and ask for an invite ~ Go Warp Girl > Dungeons > Pyramids. Welcome to tRO.. Haffun!!
  10. I fell laughing from my chair reading that original recruitment post
  11. Harshal

    The Amazing Summer Race 2016 Summer Event

    75 Squid Ink & 40 Glitter Shell
  12. I know a way.. Puts you to instant sleep..
  13. You can join by going to Pyramids Warp Girl > Dungeons > Pyramids
  14. Harshal

    Crimson ◇ Non-Trans WoE [More Vids Coming Soon]

    We structured our guild that way.. Letting people choose what they want to play & then doing class balance.. But the guildies have improved a lot in a span of just 1 month & we all have a spirit of making it happen :-) Come join us!!