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  1. Harshal

    TalonRO's Winter Lottery [Week 6]

    14 Perpendicular
  2. Harshal

    TalonRO's Winter Lottery

    14 IGN Perpendicular
  3. Harshal

    Lunar New Years Event 2017

    Is this a one time event? Or does it change everyday.. Cause I got the helm of rooster already yesterday.. Will there be another quest to be done today? Just like the Xmas event?
  4. Harshal

    Jaime "Beaver" *Poorest* Hybrid Sniper Guide

    That is Remove Trap btw ^^ indeed a cheap build.. But its not for the poooooor.. Hahaha.. But all in all a good build with balanced gameplay..
  5. Harshal

    Battle Ground : Punishment For AFK-er

    I wanted to suggest that here but I know that life at tRO is tough when it comes to BG, so I suggested otherwise. But that 3-winners and 1-losers has been designed that way to tackle people who would deliberately join BG and wont do anything while they dual client/alt-tab for quick 2-3 mins and still get a badge, hoping in for the next round (Just like monster race).. But looking at the trend of BG-ers here, most are faithful to BG and every battle ends without any hateful words being exchanged, I assume 2-win and 1-lose would attract more people for now.
  6. Harshal

    Battle Ground : Punishment For AFK-er

    While you are at it.. Your suggestion seems legit however idk if muting a player would do any good.. This will only enrage someone at times.. Something like auto kick everyone after a certain amount of time, from the waiting/respawn room can serve the purpose.. Also I would like to hint at the frequent bugs that we get while BGing and the reward after winning a round should also be increased alongwith giving a consolation badge to losers.. iirc its 3 coins each to winning team and 1 coin each to the losing team as per the official iRO.. Lets say this can be fixed to 2coins/each-winners and 1coin/each-losers.. This will also encourage others to explore the other modes of BG.. Afaik we only do Tierra Gorge.. But if rewards are increased.. It will attract more players.. And which means while Tierra Gorge is closed the rest of the players can lobby for Flavius or Unress BG for that matter.. Being said that.. I hope BG improves in next few months.. Imagine the horror of making up an innovative ad for every BG recruitment shout
  7. Harshal

    Ideas for revamp bg

    Sivrej's suggestion looks good & do-able. Coming to rotating maps and players, isn't that BG will become more like a luck-based battle? Cause the linked FSK-ing stalker will always be there. Idk why but I have always wanted the rewards to be fixed or rather increased. Also the worst headache of someone AFKing inside BG. I will read all relevant posts on BG and try reviewing on what can be done best & will get back to this post :-)
  8. Harshal

    Woe Suggestion

    On the contrary to increasing number of castles, I would suggest changing the time of Sunday WoE, and in my opinion only people from SEA are most active on WoE. But since Sunday WoE timing is such that its early morning for most of us, when people dont want to get out of bed or want to go to church or do something important. Wednesdays are fine but Sunday WoE has tremendously less population compared to Wednesday. Also I would say that Saturday 15.45 (servertime) or thereafter would be a good time for almost all. But yes, Sunday WoE looks almost dead in all 3 formats.
  9. Harshal

    Crimson | Color of the Season [Social & Instances]

    Hey.. Welcome yow.. I'm the one you warped to sleepers
  10. Harshal

    Crimson | Color of the Season [Social & Instances]

    We even accept people from other Galaxies.. You're still good.. Visit us at Pyramids, ask for invite and join our Line, FB page.. Welcome to the Jungle!!
  11. Harshal

    Looking for pvm guild

    Prolly the time zone Cat.. Oh yea.. We international baby.. Ohh btw the new topic of discussion now a days is Olympics.. Cause I always relate those athletes to you guys.. And also Olympics in Cat country
  12. Harshal

    Looking for pvm guild

    Maaan.. Cat I can hear people Singing on discord all the time whenever I login.. Also the rule "You've to sing if you login to discord is meh", but yea Line msgs are 500-1k ish these days
  13. Harshal

    Crimson ◇ Non-Trans WoE [More Vids Coming Soon]

    Check "Reveal hidden comments" on 1st page..