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  1. I wanna ask, do you have Discord? @_@
  2. Yo hey. I sorta went hiatus on here for a bit orz
  3. Oh crap that sounds reallly bad. I hope your tests turn out okay 😧
  4. Ahaha, have fun drawing the ears. Looking forward to it xD Oh crap that sounds bad.... I hope you're okay ;3; I have heart illness myself but not to that intense.
  5. Finally done with this one! Commission for Zen from Discord ;3
  6. I can totally relate!! I keep spending my zennies on costumes as well rather than gear my HP up lololol It's soooo hard when there's a looot of cute costumes aaaahhhh 💔 Cheers to us then!
  7. I don't mind the wait! You can experiment on her however you wish XD I'm still broke so not much costumes on uwu I hope you're okay btw! Doctor appointments? @_@;;
  8. I only stopped going to gaia when everything started so expensive lmao Wanna draw my bunny HP? For practice >:3
  9. THE HECK I used to frequent Gaiaonline too! Like, the first time I got my first tab, that forum was my practice area XD LMAO That's really cute! XDD
  10. I tried to draw with my tab on Photoshop before and oof the pen stability isn't good and also Photoshop lags on the laptop so mmhhh.... ;3; LMAO! I bet they're still cute! Have you ever done a full body? SHOW ME D8<
  11. Jazzy and Laziness is a bad combo 😧 The only thing that motivates me to draw is HOW EVERYTHING IN TALONRO SO PRICEY HAHAHAHA and I'm broke asf XD MUST. DRAW. AND GET ZENNIES!! Also, that new WIP! I can't stop staring at your art style, it's so soft uwu
  12. Nah, I don't use photoshop when I draw. I use Paint Tool SAI ;D Doing the lines there is so easy than in Photoshop ;A; AND NOOOO YOU DONT SUCK! I love your art style, it's very cute! OAO!!!
  13. My hands doesn't look that good though omo Look at this hand, it looks broken XD But well, I try ;3;
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