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  1. Battle Ground

    Oh, I hope that won't happen and super-fast rounds with pre-linked stalks would be a thing of the past...
  2. TalonRO's Winter Lottery [Week 6]

    4 ING: Carnaval
  3. Buying cute costumes

    Are you just trying to sell your own OP Alice Wig Costume or smth? There are two of them on vend for less than 100m, and you are still trying to buy it for 175m. Very suspicious
  4. Black Friday Costumes

    Clothing Palette Pack - 5m Pancake Hat Costume 15m
  5. Black Friday Costumes

    Bat Scarf Costume 100m
  6. модификации клиента

    Есть, можно найти в интеренте. Однако учти, что любая модификация, которая дает преимущество в ПвЕ, в том числе увеличенный дроп или увеличенные/уменьшенные спрайты мобов, запрещена правилами.
  7. B> High Priest Nifl Set

    lol, +4 Diablos Robe [Bathory] is definitely not enough to farm Niff effectively, you should 'rent' at least +7 Diablos Robe [Bathory] +3 DEX
  8. Malangdo Coins

    You can obtain them either as a reward for Malangdo quests or through Silvervine fruit exchange. You can buy Silvervine fruits from Reward Guru and then change them to Malangdo Coins. The exchange machine can be found in Malangdo (a little bit right from Kafra).
  9. B> Divine Cross +3 to 6 dex

    It cannot be enchanted for more than 2 dex in total (as it's a staff type weapon). More info here: https://wiki.talonro.com/Malangdo_Enchantments
  10. Vending spots shortage

    A shortage of the vending spots has appeared recently. More and more often Vending Officer says that there is no vending spots available. Players have to wait for a spot. From my experience, sometimes, it can take up to 15 mins. But even when the free spot appears, and Vending Officer warp you there, it's usual to see another player warped on the same spot. And it turnes into the game "open the shop first". And the loser have to wait another 15 mins to ask for a spot... Very annoying. Could you please consider the possibility to add more vending spots or slightly reduce the autovending time? Thank you!
  11. Seals Service - From Aldebaran with Love <3 [OPEN]

    Thank you!~ Very professional, quick and client-oriented service
  12. B> Long mace [Dex+4~6]

  13. B> Long mace [Dex+4~6]

  14. B> Long mace [Dex+4~6]