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  1. Carnaval

    Is this a hairstyle?

    It's Rolled Piamette Hair Costume
  2. неа, тут такого нет
  3. I'm buying those costumes: Long Rabbit Ears Costume Floating Ball Costume Under Lamp Costume Please, PM your offer
  4. Carnaval

    Any way to see how many people connected by hour?

    I don't think there is an open statistics with such information. But you can monitor the number of players manually via the control panel (upper right corner).
  5. Carnaval

    Malangdo Coins

    You can obtain them either as a reward for Malangdo quests or through Silvervine fruit exchange. You can buy Silvervine fruits from Reward Guru and then change them to Malangdo Coins. The exchange machine can be found in Malangdo (a little bit right from Kafra).
  6. Carnaval

    B> Divine Cross +3 to 6 dex

    It cannot be enchanted for more than 2 dex in total (as it's a staff type weapon). More info here: https://wiki.talonro.com/Malangdo_Enchantments
  7. Carnaval

    Seals Service From Aldebaran Est.2016 [OPEN]

    Thank you!~ Very professional, quick and client-oriented service
  8. Carnaval

    B> Long mace [Dex+4~6]

  9. Carnaval

    B> Long mace [Dex+4~6]

  10. Carnaval

    B> Long mace [Dex+4~6]

  11. Carnaval

    B> Long mace [Dex+4~6]

  12. Carnaval

    B> Long mace [Dex+4~6]