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  1. Bandiger

    Client Freezing

    The easiest, most reliable way to do this is using a 3rd party program such as ImageCFG. You can set affinities in Windows so that programs are more likely to use a specified core, but I've found this method unreliable in the past. Assuming you're using Windows 8 or 10, while the game is open, open up Task Manager go to the Details tab, right click the process you want change and select "Set Affinity" and select only one of your processors. If you're using Windows 7 you can simply right-click a process in the process tab and set the affinity from there.
  2. Bandiger

    Dispell Kick Stances from TK Rankers Who Lose Ranked Bonuses

    I'm not sure how that would resolve this issue... Removing the skills from your BM bar doesn't remove the active kick stance buffs...
  3. It is common for anyone using any kick stances to leave them active constantly (they can't be dispelled and they don't turn off even if you log out or die). Since ranked TKs have access to all skills, it isn't surprising that they would always leave all of their kicks active. Losing your spot in the top 10 loses you access to those skills, however the stances remain active. Most TKs aspiring to get to the top 10 do not put their few precious points into leveling all of the kick stances, as they're more worthwhile spent elsewhere. So anytime a ranker falls out of the top 10, they need to go reset skills so that they can disable all of their active kick stances for kicks they no longer plan to use; then they need to reset skills again in order to get an optimized ranking build. If possible (I'm not sure whether or not it even would be...), I would like TKs who lose their ranker bonuses to be dispelled of or lose their kick stances as well. This could help motivate others to make a run for the top 10 spots, and would certainly help those TKs who are constantly battling for the bottom ranking spaces. Perhaps this could also be achieved by having an NPC who can dispell the stances/any buffs or effects...
  4. Bandiger

    Ask The Person Below You Anything

    A: They were 27, 28, 32, 41, 69, 12 Q: How many toddlers could you fight before they overwhelmed you?
  5. Bandiger

    What does GEC Card Mean?

    General Egnigem Cenia Card
  6. Sadly autocast Magnum Break was part of Turtle General Card, but that affect has been removed on this server. https://wiki.talonro.com/Card_Groupings This wiki should help you find all of the autocast skills you can get from cards and how they proc/what their chances are.
  7. They each have independent chances of proccing. 3 cards at 5% chance each would have essentially a 14.26% chance of occurring. I seem to remember only one sonic blow can go off at one time, but it's been a while since I've played with injustice cards so I'm not positive... You'll want to consider doing this carefully, as injustice card only allows you to cast Level 1 Sonic Blow. There's a chance the Sonic Blow procs can actually decrease your DPS as they prevent you from using regular attacks or getting crits while it is "casting".
  8. Bandiger

    Peco peco speed

    Box of Thunder should also be considered and is easy to farm with Anopheles Card. But it also has a very short duration.
  9. Bandiger

    PC> +9 Sandals[1]

    Pricecheck for +9 sandals[1]