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  1. Battle Ground

    I agree completely. BGs are not that much different than WoE imo, so the restrictions should be the same.
  2. Battle Ground

    I am NOT Ark, but to me the restriction that causes the biggest change is the lack of knockback and some movement skills in WoE. Though placement bugs/lag would be a bit annoying in a really large fight with everyone spamming knockbacks, some classes are pretty reliant on them and their movement to really shine when fighting other players.
  3. Game won't start after Patch

    Been seeing this and other driver issues a lot the past few weeks. Might be worth trying to roll back your drivers for your video adapter or checking TalonRO settings to see that everything is configured correctly. https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/78961a70-e4aa-4a43-b126-44ad60e0f9db/amd-device-driver-update-through-windows-update-removes-working-display-adapter?forum=win10itprosetup
  4. vote for Gamestop100 error?

    That page was doing the same thing to me, turns out it doesn't play nice with adblockers/add-ons. Try disabling or whitelisting the site on any Firefox add-ons or adblockers you may use. Otherwise just use another browser as @howrah suggested.
  5. Let's show our Vanilmirths!

    I found this: Anyone know if this is the full extent of homunculus changes here? It was all I could find and it'd be nice to know what's customized here for homuncs before I get too far into getting one loyal...
  6. Seals Service - From Aldebaran with Love <3 [OPEN]

    Interested in cost of full Seals Service and what server time you usually run them~