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  1. @loi ☆ Sorry sir but have to pay premium first before you can avail
  2. (UP. Actually, MIGHT be too big of a blob but added new very quiet costume: Volume Low Twin. Totally not the one in vends atm.)
  3. Hello! Been a while since I've tried engaging in the market but here goes Looking to sell the following: Heavenly Dark Flame Red Vicious Aura Blinking Eyes Love Cheek Volume Low Twin Taking up offers but am very much interested in getting Sleipnir [Clean], Zeny Everything is negotiable but please don't lowball as I'm still building my core gears Feel free to pm me here or at Discord: Done#9269 Thankies!
  4. Kisuka*

    Yoku's Art Cafe

    ( Are there no more slots? 😧 If there's a waitlist please put me in, Full Body, please! )
  5. Through reward guru Bonus Bundle, Rentals, and Eden (I think? Cmiiw). They give movement speed but you cannot use skills while on mount. Can use items though. https://panel.talonro.com/itemdb/12622/
  6. Nicely done! So when are you opening commissions? Your art is amazing, keep it up!
  7. Kisuka*

    CH O/

    Still waiting for this ^ btw
  8. Would probably take ages for you to die imo. But the rush depends on where you're asura champing in or for
  9. Mora! It's where my guild saves now and it just brings me back to the day when I was nearly quitting the game but the guild and town gave me a reason to play again The whole town gives a one-of-a-kind solemn fantasy vibe, too!
  10. (Is this a typo?) Slot for (single orz) chibi please o7
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