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  1. Through reward guru Bonus Bundle, Rentals, and Eden (I think? Cmiiw). They give movement speed but you cannot use skills while on mount. Can use items though. https://panel.talonro.com/itemdb/12622/
  2. March 16 - Slot 2 pls o/
  3. Nicely done! So when are you opening commissions? Your art is amazing, keep it up!
  4. Kisuka*

    CH O/

    Still waiting for this ^ btw
  5. Would probably take ages for you to die imo. But the rush depends on where you're asura champing in or for
  6. Mora! It's where my guild saves now and it just brings me back to the day when I was nearly quitting the game but the guild and town gave me a reason to play again The whole town gives a one-of-a-kind solemn fantasy vibe, too!
  7. (Is this a typo?) Slot for (single orz) chibi please o7
  8. Not really sure if this would work for you, but a friend of mine was having a similar problem. We've gone re-downloading and reinstalling full installer and resulted to trial and error with her patcher. Eventually I tried to send her my patcher .exe file, and it worked: (This may bork but it might be worth a try. Just revert to previous patcher if it doesn't!)
  9. Mistakes and inconveniences happen but these guarantee learning and improvement as long as people are willing. As a participant of the recent Nightmare Rift I sincerely do appreciate the event in its entirety (I thank my friends for guilttripping me and ignoring my endless plea that I'm resisting RO due to my academics). Nonetheless, in behalf of my team we do thank you for the opportunity as the event allowed us to play and spend time together again, and have fun. Although honestly on a personal note I think (perhaps!) a proper avenue for feedback amongst hosts and participants would be helpful in order to make room for improvement and make way for better communication and understanding for both the GM team and the participants. Anyways, inbefore the 1pm slot gets taken, I volunteer Calibre as tribute--I mean-- I would like to signup Calibre party for the 1pm server timeslot.
  10. Kisuka*

    Nheki Draws

    *lurks* D:< I take number 9
  11. Welcome back! Feels nice to have you back here at art corner, Cyn! Not sure with what background but starry night if you must, feel free to choose whichever, Both have golden eyes 1. Male 2. Female
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