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  1. Mistakes and inconveniences happen but these guarantee learning and improvement as long as people are willing. As a participant of the recent Nightmare Rift I sincerely do appreciate the event in its entirety (I thank my friends for guilttripping me and ignoring my endless plea that I'm resisting RO due to my academics). Nonetheless, in behalf of my team we do thank you for the opportunity as the event allowed us to play and spend time together again, and have fun. Although honestly on a personal note I think (perhaps!) a proper avenue for feedback amongst hosts and participants would be helpful in order to make room for improvement and make way for better communication and understanding for both the GM team and the participants. Anyways, inbefore the 1pm slot gets taken, I volunteer Calibre as tribute--I mean-- I would like to signup Calibre party for the 1pm server timeslot.
  2. Okay okay I shall try my luck on this, ((pls)) IGN: Qyra 1. ✽ The GM Lance Challenge: Let it Snow - +2 Must include a snow-filled background setting. 2. ✽ The GM Phoenix Challenge: It's getting cold in here! - Include a casted skill in your entry that's naturally water element (such as Cold Bolt). +2 if used by a player and +3 if used by a monster. -- in my defense I was thinking of a pouring doing a storm gust hey REFERENCES
  3. IGN: Dhane lul Entry#1: Entry#2: (had a reference for body posture)
  4. ay gurl u like fruits? cuz i'd juice u up gud    hyperboi.png.b019157d1c7a010032ef9dbf32de6a7e.png

    1. Kisuka*


      o v o) p

  5. Hi there! Is it okay if you PM your commission idea/details please, thank you. =)

    1. Kisuka*


      I was just about to XD sorry for the delay!

  6. hahahahahahahaha.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    1. Kisuka*


      hide yo kids, hide yo mom, hide yo v, hide yourself hahahahahaha

  7. dhane, are you still active??

    1. Kisuka*


      Gosh that use of dhane /desp Kinda, why? o.o;

    2. Yoona


      just came back to korea...wanted to see who still played!

    3. Kisuka*


      I see o: Welcome back!

  8. Shifting from Sniper as main to HP

    It's quite funny and at the same time frustrating to see that I'm actually giving up (well, atleast for now) my goal of having an Artemis for the sake of gearing up my HP. Already bought some shields and stuff. I don't know but I'm really loving how HPs are so versatile and helpful at all times plus it's really uplifting to be able to support my guild mates. I'll be keeping this Kisuka* identity though. 


    150m away from Evangelist [DrDrDr]! /swt /heh


  9. Thought I needed to break some apparent ~*streak*~ here.

    Here goes.

    Meow /ok

    *flies away

    1. Mikae


      C-c-c-combo breaker!!! /omg 

    2. Halwen



    3. Kisuka*


      *still flying* /heh


  10. First-ever climb to ET! I've been in this server since June this year but it was the only chance I've got to join an ET party. Hella fun even though I'm more of a helpless NPC when it comes to DPS (my pew pew is only a mew mew with elvens).  Only made it up to Ifrit but I'm sure the time shall come to finally bestow death upon that fiery dood~ Thanks, Ad Infinitum! /awsm

    Update: 70~75m away from arte TTT! 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Sleepy o/

      Sleepy o/

      You can do it! Already more than half way there :D

    3. Kisuka*


      😧 I still don't own a TTT

    4. Plasmapheresis


      we belief in u maam, let's go pew pew some more! 

  11. 100m away from buying an Artemis[TTT]! I hope I can do this

    1. Show previous comments  15 more
    2. Sleepy o/

      Sleepy o/

      *helps you validate existence*

      Grats on artemis ser. I just heard about you finishing it. I haven't seen you online in a while.

    3. Kisuka*


      I feel validated D:

      Thenk ser very much

    4. Sleepy o/

      Sleepy o/

      How's it going? It's been a year since then! Haven't seen you in a long time! I heard you got a 2nd Artemis, grats on that :3

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