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  1. come back

    1. Jirokure


      oh my gawd how did u know!?



    2. I am Ti

      I am Ti

      I stalked u 👾

    3. Jirokure


      staph lololol

  2. Jirokure

    Winter Scarf Quest 2018

  3. Jirokure

    New. but old player since splitted

    that happen when ya just too fabulous to let others greet ya lolol



  5. HueHueHue

    1. yujinori


      Woohoo congrats on winning the cosplay contest!

    2. Jirokure


      ayee thanks man :DD

  6. Jirokure

    Ahoy - Beef Buffets

    Luckily the numbers of troll and helper are balanced so ya ain't gonna need to worry about getting more trolls than a good advice, you will get both in the same numbers Win win! huehuehue Anyway Welcome and Good Luck on yer journey mate :DDD
  7. Jirokure

    Halloween Cosplay Contest Winners!

    Ahh thank you for the info ^^
  8. Jirokure

    Halloween Cosplay Contest Winners!

    Thanks :3 tho i wonder how to claim the prize xD
  9. Jirokure

    Halloween Cosplay Contest Winners!

    HOH!? first place really!? i was expecting third at least xD Thank you :DDD
  10. Jirokure

    Halloween Cosplay Contest

    Ayyy am I late yet for the event? huehuehue tfw not rish enough for a suitable costume or headgear for the event so just going with the horn tho didnt have enough for all of them ; w; hope that aint gonna get me disqualified xD at least the main dude dressed up with that horn and book >:DDD smol fry dont need to look cooler than the boss amirite >:^) pls dun hit me ; w; Can't think of any challenge also and just go with 1 hp xD suit the "give life to ressurrect ebil being" theme xD IGN : Multiple Way of Killing Cosplay : Some random ebil cult summoning demon and shiet xD Challenge : The GM Havoc Challenge: It's Only a Flesh Wound Oh yeah also do i need to put my main IGN or the character Im using in the screenshot? :3 Imma switch later if it have to the the screenshot character xD
  11. Jirokure

    Guide: SINX:How to earn 4.5m+/hr in Geffenia

    tfw cant even reach 1.5m per hour ;;; w;;
  12. Gotta love readingg the history of stuff that ya love xD Welcome back o great dinosaur Say hi if ya see a purple sinx guarding the bench in Izlude or Super Novice with multiple way of killing xD bahaha
  13. Jirokure

    How to get rich without getting bored

    no problemo mate xD
  14. Jirokure

    How to get rich without getting bored

    thats why i always ended up sit my sn and stalking novice character at prontera instead of farming xD and randomly go buffing them stalking style lolol xD like you and your friend before bahahaha xD