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  1. The Starlight Soiree | Summer Social

    Ya guys accepting some classic? :3 Daryl Hall & John Oates - Out Of Touch Or just some random OST since I don't really have any fav genre lolol [K Project] Showdown OST Well just hope the Daryl Hall & John Oates get picked xD I shall add moar when theres anymore song popping in mah head since its blank I can't think shett xD
  2. Mirage (Social & PvM)

    Bahahaha xD Its better than the previous if at least one person replying xD And yeap fun fun video tho i did't managed to watch all yet ;c work and slow internet ;; w;; sed laifu Also thinking I should start raising a character that people want in a party now xD too focused on farming yo I can't even join any party activities xD
  3. Mirage (Social & PvM)

    Found yer video on youtube while searching for random stuff and thought ya a fun person xD (since i secretly talk to self like that too when playing > w<) Well are ya guys still accepting random dude? :3 Heard ya guys are full but I might miss some read? xD Being guildless for most of my time since I started here xD one i joined is a master AFK kinda guild LOL
  4. Crit Super Novice

    is there a way to reach 190 aspd without SQI stuff? like gawd dem farming to 100m at mavka or sleeper sure take forever
  5. Jom la

    ofcoz XD cuma jarang lurk dlm forum ja bahaha CF minggu depan boiis lets go!!
  6. Dynamic Drop Rates and Vote for Points

    oii dont touch our drop rate >:T
  7. Jom la

    ayyy geng pe citer suma xD daku nyawa2 ikan farming bahahaha
  8. Fresh Meat

    yeah i can feel dem damage ;; w;; i should check for some water haedonggum somewhere if it exist xD
  9. Fresh Meat

    Also guys I forgot to say someone just give me a fire haedonggum and water claymore :3 Any good suggestion with those two weapon? :3 Sorry for double posting again
  10. Fresh Meat

    Thanks to both of ya No wonder they hit me hella hard beause I didn't have shield xD I did get a zombie slaughter now but I thought that Goibne set still good and the shoe aint got no slot so it still not used so yeah I guess I will switch now XD And the earth deleter was never on the market ;c So i never know it price nor if i could buy it.. And I couldn't afford valis yet so on my way now..slowly.. ;; w;; yeah im poor so shush shush..im always bad with money hunting in every mmo I did know how to dual client and have a priest but my sage... lets just say I didn't know it use the crystal and I just know about it recently bahahaha xD And I aint got any crystal for now. And ohh..that beret working eh? I remember using it at Mobster and my damage didnt even go down i thought it busted bahahaha xD And I found a cheap Sting Hat and Cruiser drop a Legionnaire hat for me xD are those two headgear good? which one is better tho? :3
  11. Fresh Meat

    ayee sire :3 but why haedonggum tho xD
  12. Fresh Meat

    Double Post Alert Man I guess i ain't born for mobbing xDD Wonder why my defense is so low Im so easy to die bahahaha me suck >:T
  13. Fresh Meat

    Ayyyy thanks guys <333 You guys are the best I did try the sleeper and like in the post I could kill them in 2 BB+MB chain and even a small group always left me with red bar hp hence the creation of this thread because I thought Im doing it wrong bahahaha xD So what I lack maybe is the priest and endow but yeah I don't know if my slave priest can survive there if he got aimed because I can't even protect myself, let alone another character of mine bahaha xD (hes also around that level of my knight with only holy stick and that book combo i forgot the name and pantie+undershirt combo lol) I wanna try kkroto01 suggestion also first and see if I could survive there bahahaha xD Oh and what is good actually? Agi or Vit? aren't Flee dropped if theres more than 3 monster fighting me? shouldn't i go to vit?
  14. Show me the light yo!

    double post alert I regret getting that wanderer card now xD 20 flee sure is marvelous but dem that 2% Intimidate chance keep hitting like its freaking 80% chance oh god its hella annoying Not to mention dem monster with 5% chance to hit me is like 50% man xD I keep running out of meat and dying to dem mobster.
  15. LOL A ninja John Cena xD thats like twice the invisiblity power level xDDD Say hi if ya see a rogue with the name Sharp Zeny Jab because well u know..you're a ninja John Cena and I can't see you lolololol