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    Official Meiadrir Feedback Thread

    @GM Boreas I didn't want to write a single word in this thread, at least not about 99 def. Because everything what someone says about 99 def (not owning a 99 def pala himself) is just a mere phantasy (Reclusio Perpetua has delivered the convincing proof for that). Yet I do write this post because you provoked it and I already hate myself for that. However, there is something you miss, which is not totally unimportant. You see mainly 99 def pala owners posting in this thread, because these people know what they are talking about. You see only few not-owners posting in this thread, because they like to chat on important topics. You do not see a lot of not-owners posting in this thread, because they do not own the object of discussion and do not have experience playing it and gathering zeny for that. You also do not see a lot of other people posting here, because 1) they don't think their English is good enough; 2) they don't think administration would take poor newbies more serious than veterans (who actually know what they are talking about); 3) they do not have faith/trust to administration, because such a dramatic change was done without any warning or notice in advance and several GMs including you stated that 99 def is "holy banana", "op", "game breaking" -- basically evil and the change will not be undone. If you want to prove me/you right/wrong, you can make a poll with multiple options checkable: I did not post on 99 def pala issue, because - I do not care - I have no idea - I am a poor newbie without experience - I cannot express myself properly - I have no faith/trust towards administration - I believe veterans said enough and I cannot add anything meaningful - the harm is done, no need to whine, I want to look forward If, however, you actually care for everyone's opinion and you want to consider everyone's opinion/wish, you can make a poll: Regarding 99 def pala - I would like to keep the patch as it is (99 def decay with first MVP, but by 3% instead of 5%) - I want get the def mechanics back (99 def with 1 or 2 MVPs on my ass, decay starting with a third by 5%) - I am undecided - I do not really care Doing so you would at least find out whether it is "a couple of people" "complaining" and hundreds who don't care or whether it is "a couple of people" complaining and hundreds cheering for them silently. This is really not hard to come up with such an idea. You (may be not personally) do not hesitate to create totally meaningless polls, but don't even create one after 22 pages of a heated discussion. Do you actually want to know the opinion of people playing on this server? Sorry for being extremely offensive. That is false. The issue is not about the zeny or the result of several months of real life you are taking away, though I do not deny the importance of these things too. 99 def pala can tank one MVP (pre patch and post patch), they cannot kill it, they cannot solo ET, they cannot solo Seal, they cannot solo GMC. However -- as stated several times already -- 99 def pala has more utility, it allows the unexperienced poor equipped newbies to do some mistakes, to react slowly, to learn and still not fail the raid. Which is why 99 def pala owners (and their equipped veterans-friends) don't hesitate taking newbies to a raid. I have started playing about a year ago. Believe it or not, it took me nearly a year to farm up for 2 celebration rings (bought both like a month ago). I do not know whether I will get my hands on an Artemis one day, but I definitely do not plan on making a 99 def pala (regardless the update), because it is way out of my reach. I do not even plan for bris. Even so, I prefer the pre patch mechanics, because that way it is easier for not equipped people to do Seals and ET (not sure about GMC). You (the administration in whole) are wondering why people strive to farm a lot of zeny (speaking about 4m/hour)? You are wondering why people strive to gather these imba equipment-sets? Well, besides RO being a farm game I see two main reasons. First, it is because you force them. Yes, it is you. Because the MVP card sets, over-upped imba sets and SQI sets are the entry tickets (that you call cap) to those entertainment events (you call end game). Or is there a way to do Seals, ET and GMCs (now that Tam-Tam thing) completely without MVP cards, completely without SQIs, completely without secrete enchants? You force people to farm hundreds of hours before they can sing-up for any challenge. Why didn't you create the light version of GMC, ET and Seals with MVP card, SQI and imba equipment restriction? May be even one for non-advanced chars? You do not need to award these light versions with MVP drop. Just make it so that a player (forum account) gets a costume of his choice once on non-advanced char and once on an advanced char and doesn't get anything for further runs. But, please, don't do that random box drop shit. Either I get what I want or I do not want it. Second, it is the achievement of what is being used impossible. From all the people posting here, you (the administration) should be aware of the slogan of this server. I would not even bother to download the game client, if I didn't read about +20 to stats, GEC, celebration rings, 24m cap for MVP cards and so on. - Reading about GEC I realized that farming/leveling on this server isn't that painful as it used to be on an official servers (what do you call it? rAtherna?). - Reading about +20 stats I realized that insta cast is finally reachable without lots of drawbacks. And not only for wizards. It is also a cool thing for priests, monks and other classes too. Now tell me how that is not "holy banana", how is that not "op" or "game breaking"? And did you actually noticed: it is not even official feature of Atherna. May be you should fix that stuff for good. No, seriously, how many people would play, if that server had official game mechanics? Dare to make a poll for that? People want to make a 99 def pala, just because Talon is probably the only server where it is possible. They want to tell their friends: I have a 99 def pala, it is only possible on my server. Years later they want to tell stories about how epic it was to play on Talon, how it was finally the place to fullfill the dreams. And of course they want to use (or misuse) it for MVP tanking. I will not deny that. Regarding @GM Shiris' explanations on page 13 about being hard making content with 99 def pala in game I have to insult you. And I am absolutely serious on that. I admit, I didn't do all the quests on this server, so I may miss some serious content, but I also didn't hear anyone talking different things. Let us lean back for a moment and think about all the content you have introduced so far. - Quests aka go kill x monsters of a type - Quests aka go collect x pieces of a drop type - Quests aka go find an NPC, he will send you to another one... + More hard Seals + GMC -- no idea about that, never did it * Poring race, etc * Tam Tam thingy As far as I see I can put all these in two categories: 1) content unrelated to 99 def; 2) content that forces people to have a strong tank, while damage dealers aka Artemis owners and MVP carded HWs do their dirty work. Well, like I said, I have to insult you. Why don't you create a GMC where people don't need a tank at all? There are a lot of archers in this game, there are a lot of magic using monsters in this game, there are a lot of slow monsters and a lot of ways to slow or fasten the walking speed. You need to tweak their AIs and stats so that players don't need a tank. In fact, you can make these so that not even a 99 def pala can tank one of those. But a skilled party with 80/50 non advanced chars without SQIs and MVP card can clear tons of these. Well, I do not know whether you can design it, I only claim that possible. Why don't you use these trap and floor wholes mechanics, like swordman job quest? Or think of a right mob/wrong mob. I think I did the archer quest even several times on this server just because it was fun. Why not create rooms/floors with heavily changed mechanics. WOE castles is an example. I can think of some element alignment, which causes up to 100% resistance to an element. Imagine the use of elemental armors and weapons to play around those conditions to counter tactics and tricks of a specific MVP, which does not do any physical damage at all. Of course I am not talking about something what can be designed on a weekend and implemented three weeks later. Something unusual like this will take time and end up in several fails before you will actually come up with something viable and really epic. Do not understand me wrong. I cannot imagine how much effort it takes to keep Talon running. I cannot imagine how much self-restraint or nerves it takes to keep going. At this point I want to say thank you for all your work. You have my respect. You have probably the best server running, and that for quite some time already. I just wish you didn't give up the challenge of 99 def by choosing to go the easy way of nerfing. Now I have said a lot, more than I ever wanted to. Not going to achieve gold this time. PS I wish this forum had a "dislike" button. I would request people to "dislike" the post, if they don't agree. Just to find out the pro/contra relation.
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    Official Meiadrir Feedback Thread

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    The Avangers

    Ja, die Gilde gibt es schon, nur nicht mehr so viele Ziele. Wer den Anspruch und den Ehrgeiz hatte, hat die Seals auch schon, während sich die übrigen verweht haben... Solange zocken wir andere coop Spiele und warten auf die Events. In letzter Zeit sitzen wir nicht mehr in Payon rum, daher sieht man uns auch nicht. Falls ihr bereits chars und equipment habt, können wir durchaus ab und zu MVP Raids machen oder nach Thor 3 leveln gehen. Falls ihr gerade angefangen habt, können wir euch paar Infos geben wie ihr am schnellsten weiter kommt; auch bei access quests können wir euch helfen. Voraussetzung ist die Bereitschaft über TS zu kommunizieren und dann auch durchziehen, wenn was geplant wird. Solange ihr überlegt, klickt schön die voting links durch. Die Talon Coins werdet ihr ganz viele brauchen. Sonst gibt es noch deutsch-sprachige, die ab und zu bei den Pyramiden sitzen, und noch paar andere Gruppen, die nur noch Seals machen und MVPs jagen. Bei diesen Spielern weiss ich aber gerade nicht, wie oft sie online sind und was sie treibt. PS nicht beabsichtigte typos sind oft die schönsten