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  1. Hhooo nice guide love Pruo daughter ❤️ Agree, @Lamia and @Mister Clay annoying
  2. @agilazo It's basically puzzling around in Photoshop and some own spritings for specific gestures! I mostly use http://ro-character-simulator.ratemyserver.net/ for the .bmp of the body parts of the characters. Anything not available on RMS (such as TalonRO customized hairstyles, hair colors, costumes, etc) you can obtain by extracting TalonROs .grf's and browsing the .spr and .pal with the program Sprite Conview (RIP the time to browse in those huge folders). You can turn those into .bmp to use them in Photoshop. All you need afterwards is your fantasy on how to use them and a lot of love for the atmosphere with some photoshop skills! If you got more interest or questions on a How-To, you can DM me But I'm glad you like it!
  3. Here my first postcard from Midgard Camp's slack- err.. tribe *waves*, a pixel artwork. A lovely summer night with my dearest guildmates. Cheers Ngards. IGN: Nyphia
  4. 13th May Slot 1 : 3pm servertime and 6th May Slot 2 : 2.30pm servertime pleasu
  5. Woaaah ebil twins artsus I recognize Heidyy! And is this my older sniper or just a really close looking one? And the Hearty Couple Keep up the work, they look super adorebil! Gambatte twinnie ❤️
  6. Did we end up from too much refs to no refs? There you go @Reira
  7. We'd like our party to switch to Slot 3 on 9th Feb please, now that its free again
  8. [EVENT RAID] Elysian Garden The Plague Cleared with Crimson Party "Gone Gardening"
  9. @GM Lance Are the two dates still seen as "one competition", meaning if a person joins on 9th February, they are not allowed to join a party on 23th?
  10. @Nowund People interviewed by @~Red~ especially when female be like
  11. Omgu omg omg omg @Cherrios its so insanely cute! 😱 *instantly puts as a signature* Thank you so much bobbi chan I'm glad you like your drawings too @agilazo I'll keep in mind to reserve the drawing the next time I draw someone here to not mess up again XD Thanks to @Luntian and bobbi chan the row is saved again
  12. Slot 2 - 1:30 PM for Crimson pleasu Party name: "Crimson ProjectV"
  13. Aah someone was faster than me 😱 Looks great @AG.! I like this rough style Since I already started this before this post got updated imma give my version to Bobbi chan too, the next one please draw @AG. first Hope you like it ;o; Happy new year! When seeing your char I imagined a rather child-like character and tried including your clumsy personality by messing up your scarf XD So sorry messed up the drawing row now ;o; Like I stated above, please draw AG chan first desu My char reference:
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