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  1. Woaaah ebil twins artsus I recognize Heidyy! And is this my older sniper or just a really close looking one? And the Hearty Couple Keep up the work, they look super adorebil! Gambatte twinnie ❤️
  2. Did we end up from too much refs to no refs? There you go @Reira
  3. We'd like our party to switch to Slot 3 on 9th Feb please, now that its free again
  4. [EVENT RAID] Elysian Garden The Plague Cleared with Crimson Party "Gone Gardening"
  5. @GM Lance Are the two dates still seen as "one competition", meaning if a person joins on 9th February, they are not allowed to join a party on 23th?
  6. @Nowund People interviewed by @~Red~ especially when female be like
  7. Omgu omg omg omg @Cherrios its so insanely cute! 😱 *instantly puts as a signature* Thank you so much bobbi chan I'm glad you like your drawings too @agilazo I'll keep in mind to reserve the drawing the next time I draw someone here to not mess up again XD Thanks to @Luntian and bobbi chan the row is saved again
  8. Slot 2 - 1:30 PM for Crimson pleasu Party name: "Crimson ProjectV"
  9. Aah someone was faster than me 😱 Looks great @AG.! I like this rough style Since I already started this before this post got updated imma give my version to Bobbi chan too, the next one please draw @AG. first Hope you like it ;o; Happy new year! When seeing your char I imagined a rather child-like character and tried including your clumsy personality by messing up your scarf XD So sorry messed up the drawing row now ;o; Like I stated above, please draw AG chan first desu My char reference:
  10. UPDATE 💬 Crimson Christmas Gathering Some pictures and publications of our yearly Christmas Guild Gathering. 🎄 (MORE GATHERED SCREENSHOTS WILL BE UPDATED IN THE FOLLOWING DAYS.) ◾ Secret Santa Event ◾ Hot Yuri Christmas Triangle Marriage Lovely letters and presents by our crimson secret santas OPEN SPOILER TO READ! Thank you all for this lovely and entertaining evening and merry christmas!
  11. We'd like to reserve Slot 5 for Monday, 10th December for Crimson Guild. Party name: Crimson Snowdown Thank you
  12. @Lyderis @Goyu @zoombas A face for Red shall be granted~
  13. Founded in May 15th 2015, Crimson keeps growing as a Social & PvM Guild forming a home for members of all kinds. Consisting of a bunch of kind-hearted and perverted carefree people, our guild life is filled with daily amusing conversations, group activities and community spirit. With our members spread all over the world, we enjoy and experience the joys of TalonRO together! A community will not work without organized roles, synchronized teamwork and willingness to share, give and contribute. Therefore we introduce you our active cores who make our guild life a place to enjoy many aspects of TalonRO! LEADERSHIP ⭐ DISCORD ADMINISTRATION STAFF ⭐ EVENT ORGANIZATION & RECRUITMENT VETERANS ⚔️ These people are the experienced ones, the first generations and still give a lot of contribution to the guild and members in term of PvM. Natalis | Cassius Clay | Ritsu | Ngards Daily instances, occasional event runs and guild events keep our guild lively and fun for every member! ACTIVE TIME PEAK 13.00 - 18.00 Server Time | 7 PM - 12 AM SEA Time INSTANCES — GM Challenges, Endless Tower OCCASIONAL RUNS — Nightmare Rift, Sealed Shrine, Biolabs 4, TWC OTHER ACTION — MVP Hunting, Occasional Leech for Active-Newbie WAR OF EMPERIUM — NonTrans Vanilla [STATUS: currently inactive] GUILD EVENTS — Check out our forum posts! 💬 REVEAL FOR FORUM AND YOUTUBE LOG 💬 Please contact our Recruiter via the official TalonRO Discord to apply for Crimson! Check out the #party-guild-finder channel for official Crimson Recruitment posts. Let's spread our wings together!
  14. Nyphia

    B> Cheshire Costume

    Buying Cheshire Cat Ears Costume, pm or post offers, ty :3
  15. S> +7 Elven Bow with Doppelganger Card for around 27M, pm me ig, mail me or leave comment for offers, thanks
  16. Hello guys, I buy a +7 Elven Bow [1] CLEAN or +7 Elven Bow [Doppel] Diabolic Headphones Costume Leave your offers here.
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