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  1. Tanya Nooks

    PC on Andre Card

    Thank you, Mythron!
  2. Tanya Nooks

    PC on Andre Card

    *No one is selling it atm* Thank you~
  3. Tanya Nooks

    2016 Garage Sale

    How much is your Chewing Bubblegum?
  4. Tanya Nooks

    Voting issues

    Thank you for the replies. I've resolved the issue by deleting 'Cookies and other site and plugin data' + 'Cached images and files' I can now safely vote again. Thank you. About the re-opening them in a new window, it hasn't worked for me. I did it before I posted here. Thank you by the way.
  5. Tanya Nooks

    Voting issues

    I cannot vote on these two sites. There are no captchas. On the top100arena, I tried to click the Vote button just to verify that it still have a captcha, btw. I'm using Google Chrome, and it has no ad blocker or anything similar. What should I do?
  6. Tanya Nooks

    [Question] Hunter for Odin

    I see. Alright, thank you for the tip about renting items, The F-BLU. But having read supernoodl's insight, I'd probably try out which of those two, DS spamming and autoblitz method/build, would be the most effective way for me. As of the question whether I'll go to Odin 2 or 3 by supernoodl, I don't know yet. D: I haven't really landed a foot in Odin yet, so I can't say. I'm currently farming up some loots so I can charge up my moolah for the stuff I'll need (GJs, mostly). Thank you for all the tips. If there's more I need to know, or have to know, it would be very appreciated.
  7. Tanya Nooks

    [Question] Hunter for Odin

    Good day, everyone! I'm a new player of the archer class, and now I'm a hunter. I just want to ask... What are the (at least, a must-have) set of equipment I would need for party runs in Odin? I basically got through the entire leveling process by using Double Strafe. I just hit level 79 earlier this day, and running on your typical Dex-Agi build. My current equipment are as follows: Ship Captain Hat (no card) Binoculars NPC Tights Refined Ballista (Rented) Bow Master's Hood Refresh Shows (Rented) 1 Supreme Rosary (which I borrowed from my brother) Refined Glove (Rented) (Arrows' elements depend on monsters being hunted) Thank you for your insights! I would be very glad if there will be an in-depth explanation about, like, where must I get this or get that, or I should not have get this or get that.. I love reading very informative stuff, and applying what I have learned as well.