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  1. Kevin Fan

    Alpacas Street Corner Stall

    D: sorry its been sold
  2. Kevin Fan

    Alpacas Street Corner Stall

    Hello Fellow Player, im just an Alpaca looking to liquidate his wealth to cure mama alpaca from alpaca sickness :C Either Leave an offer with a reply or mail me in game IGN: A L P A C A T> OVH [BK] TO OVH [GYPH] S/T> Dark Blinder [BK] to Agi Mid [ GYPH] 20m S/T> Int Mid [DI] to Agi Mid [BK] 18m S> Gpipe Bell 38m S> Plat Shield 3m S> Guard [Maya] 22m S> Stone Buckler [GTB] 22m S>Valk Shield [Alice] 50m S> +7 Odin Blessing [Marc] 5m S> +4 mantle [3 VIT] [Gloom] 20m S> Orleans Uniform [Tao] 12m S> +7 Manteau [Deviling] 26m S> Naght [LoD] 12m S> Eversong [TL] 154m S> Sleip [DL] 107m S>2xDiablos Ring [Hell Poodle] 15m S/T> Megs 225m
  3. Kevin Fan

    Pvp ws equips

    Ok, I'm assuming you're going to unrestricted pvp, this is what i use to run as a pvp ws ( remember in unrestricted you can literally spam CWP to infinity, assuming you're rich af ). This build will cost over 1b+ not including consumables. https://calc.talonro.com/pvp.html?caAbLbibEaQaVbuababIiaabweaQehehaalkefCaaaaaakYfZwifZwDiMcmtpbpfjgdfMaafMaaeeeealbbkffffffahafqkcfcapaaaaHaaaaa Headgear Top: Valk Helm [Bloody Knight/ DI] Recommend: bloody knight for more dps Mid: Str mid [Bloody Knight/DI] Recommend: bloody knight for more dps Bottom: Pussy Cat Bell Armor Wind Armor [Marc] Valk Armor [ GR ] Any Armor [ Holy, Posion, Earth, Fire, any element for switches tbh ] Any Armor [RSX] Shield Valk Shield [Toad] Any Shield [GTB] Garment Proxy [Raydic] Diablo Manteau [ Deviling] Boots Sleipnir [ Dark Lord / Mysteltainn ] Accessory Ring [ Muscle ] Megs If you're rich get these. Weapon Mjolnir [ Dopper /Inca / Inca ] The most important thing about mjolnir is that its you're only gap closer, the charge attack SQI bonus is a MUST. Most of the time people will wear wind armor against you when you charge at them, so just switch to a ele weapon. +7- 10 OA [ Dopper/ Inca / inca / inca ] Ice Pick
  4. Kevin Fan

    B> megs

    Hai idk if you're still interested in the megs, but i got two and i can sell you u both for 410m :3 or 210m each
  5. Kevin Fan

    S> Stuff :D

    S> Tome of Ymir [DrDrDr] S> +4 Naght (B) [Doppel, Sg, Sg] Mail me offer or Pm me IGN: Alpaca On Acid
  6. Kevin Fan

    SQI Problems

    :o, okie so my next question is that if i use a Soul Linker and do my seals can i make a Tome of Ymir???
  7. Kevin Fan

    SQI Problems

    Ok, so i want to make Tome of Ymir, i have vallha access, i havent made any specific class SQI, but i have done SQI bonus on the same char before i rerolled to a prof, the only SQI non class i had was megs. I can't make Tome of Ymir atm on this prof........ SO i need help and sorry if this is in the wrong thread idk what to do T.T And do i need to be a prof to make a Tome or can i just be a HP with all my seals done ?
  8. Kevin Fan

    B> Tome of Ymir

    Hi guys, I am looking for Tome of Ymir, Mail me you're offer or Leave an offer in the comments BELOW IGN: Kevins
  9. Kevin Fan

    S> Mostly Sniper Gear

    Close thread please, everything sold :/
  10. Kevin Fan


    Hi~ im a alpaca in game, just never really made an intro for the forums yet. Just saying HAI
  11. Kevin Fan


    How much for RSX and the Mid ?
  12. Kevin Fan


    All Sold :3
  13. Kevin Fan

    S> SG DG Gear

    +4 FA [gloom] +4 Def= Offer +7 Ele Book [KPSn]=72m +7 Manteau [dev]=26m +4 Eversong [LT]=132m x2 Megs= Offer ALL SOLD PLZ CLOSE IDK HOW TO CLOSE ;_; Leave Offer or Pm me IGN Fisting God Alpaca
  14. Kevin Fan

    B> SG Gear

  15. Kevin Fan

    Dimensional Gorge Leech Lv64+ and 80+ !!

    ​hi can i change my order to 36-70, 70-80? at thor, but its a Trans high merchant this time. If u can PM ME the rates on forum that would be great and maybe set up a good time Got a friend to leech me :S sorry