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  1. I see now, many thanks for the info! ^^
  2. Hey everyone! I'm going for evolving my pets Dokebi and PecoPeco and I was wondering if their equips, Wig and Battered Pot respectively, can be still be worn once they evolve to Am Mut and Grand Peco. So, are pre-evolution pet gears compatible with evolved pets? Thanks for the help! :3
  3. Hi! I'm interested in the full service package! PM me with prices and package deals, please :3
  4. Hey guys! Me and my brother have been playing Talon for a while now (I go FS as HP and he goes as LK BB with 2 handed swords) and we've finally bought a clean Violet Fear. We previously used a Bloody Eater [DoppelSG] and it worked out very nice. But now I'm wondering if I should rather sell the Doppelganger card and buy another SG to slot the Violet Fear as SGSG instead of DoppelSG. The choice seems to lie upon maxing ASPD or maxing damage output. I believe Doppel should better because you are able to spam BB faster and, should you run out of SP in GEC's 10 sec intervals, kill isolated monsters or leftovers (such as violys) with regular 190 aspd hits. But does higher ASPD reduce the cast time as well? If it does, the 2/3 DEF window would be smaller, right? Thanks for the help in advance!
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