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  1. Title says it all. Send me mail through IGN : Gelo666 Thank you.
  2. Currently Selling: Mechanic Feather Headband - SOLD White & Black Temptation Laser of Eagle - SOLD Egg Crispinette Hoshi Crown Mail me: Gelo666
  3. PM or mail me in-game IGN: Gelo666
  4. S> Love Cheek Costume. PM offers or mail me. IGN: Gelo666
  5. >.> *Clears throat* Ahem! Hi guys, my name is Gelo666 and welcome to my small and humble Abbey Leeching corner. I have been mainly playing the High Wizard role for two years now and I think I am quite decent with this class. (hopefully) I am selling Abbey Leech services by yours truly because I am saving up for better gear. Will work for food. LOL. (planning to extend my reach to Thor's, but that'll be announced in the future.) I mainly sell low level leeches to my customers and make sure that each service done, is a smile delivered as well. So, if you have Abbey access AND you are level 11 or above then come on down to my shop and I'll make sure that you are a satisfied customer. <3 Disclaimer: - I sell level packages ONLY. I do not sell hourly leech services because of XYZ reasons. Please take note! - Leeching during 11-40 takes place outside Abbey. Once you hit level 41, we will immediately go to Abbey to continue the leech. 11-40 can be done in 5 minutes or less. Level Packages: 11-79 Non Trans or Trans 79-90 Non Trans 90-95 Non Trans 98-99 Non Trans What comes with the package: -Undead EXP shoes to increase EXP rate earned. - A security escort(99 High Priest) to make sure that you get to the Abbey safespot (3f) from town. - Lessons for newbies on how to enter the safespot(VALUABLE LIFE LESSON) - Another security escort once you hit Job50 and need to job change. - Free leech minutes or levels, discounted prices for regulars (You guys know who you are. THANK YOU SO MUCH!) What to expect: - Fast and cheap leeching service! - A fun conversation or a peaceful AFK during leech. No need to keep on watching the game and keep a ready finger for fly wings! I make sure that you are always alive/resurrected in the safespot. - Returning the shoes once the leech is over. (Please think of the other customers D: ) Frequently Asked Questions: Do I have to pay first? Yes. You will have to pay first. Payments done are always in FULL before the leech service. What are you using to leech in Abbey3? I leech using the HW class. I tried leeching using my HP, but I am far more efficient with using HWs. A High Wizard? Do you have a partner? No. I work alone. This is better because I am more mobile and it makes the price cheaper and more affordable for customers. What is your EXP rate? I can give you 100m exp every 30 minutes on a x8 rate. No exp rings, no rest exp, just EXP shoes. **Screenshots to follow Can I see your gear? - No. Because I am poor and because of business secrets of course. So, if you are interested, feel free to reply to this thread, PM me, mail me in game or go to Beacon Island. That's my savespot. I look forward to seeing you! Cheers!
  6. Hi guys, I've been playing tRO for 2 years now more or less and I havent had any connectivity issues. I'm now at the point wherein I am going to instance dungeons to try most "end game" content"(ET/GMC/TWC/Seals) At the normal world outside dungeons, I am able to move/chat/item/skill/etc just fine, but when I go to instances, I cannot move and end up getting DC'd. This had been happening quite some time now and its embarassing on my end and FRUSTRATING on my team (GMC/TWC) I have a decent connection. (PH player here, 8mbps downstream - 1mbps upstream) I have a decent pc rig. (i7 and a GTX) Able to run AAA games just fine I have a WIRED connection from my rig hooked straight to my router. During these disconnects, my internet connection is okay, receiving replies from ping, able to browse the web and even pull up media. I am familiar with basic troubleshooting such as ipconfig release/renew/dnsflush and even powercycling both my router and my rig. Firewall/Antivirus/Port6900 is open. All the works. Would really need help with this one, especially if some other people are experiencing this. Thanks in advance. -Gelo666
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