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  1. Man with Bushy Beard

    Duo WERPA Leech

    nevermind --- deleted
  2. Man with Bushy Beard

    Homunculus kills for quest

    I wonder if its considered necrobumping. If yes, I apologize. And no, mercenary kill doesn't count for quest either. Have been tried to do eden quest when trans with mercenary,
  3. Man with Bushy Beard


    ah yes I just noticed that dance attack doesn't work properly too. Uh well imma go back to that custom mirai just for leveling. But everything other than the dance attack and that we can't disable auto emergency avoid, this AI is great. Does anyone use this AzzyAi? Uh I really want the dance attack. If someone can make it work, share pls :'D.
  4. Man with Bushy Beard

    Let's show our Lifs!

    ah ok so I tried remaking my lif today and reach lv40. apparently both of my lifs has int below the terrible (abysmal?) I don't know which is bad, my luck or the table. So it said, "Abysmal is the lowest rank a stat can have. Statistically, only 5% of the homunculus created will rank this low." I felt like everytime I make new one my int will always be bad, and I always be the 5% of current alchemist population that got the worst int. Unlike the first one which got bad int since she was born, the second one was got below average, I though it would get better later, but it doesnt, it just got worse and worse. Well, It just 2, should get better after 5 right?! Just the int., average is ok uhm, maybe i should just use whatever lif i can get
  5. Man with Bushy Beard

    Let's show our Lifs!

    I mainly use her to tank and heal me, but I also like it because of the speed, can't live without it. I'll remake then. Thanks.
  6. Man with Bushy Beard

    Let's show our Lifs!

    uh uhm,, i need some advice. i was trying to use homunculus calculator and the progression page, not sure but what i can tell is... my homun is really bad (?) (It's not evolved yet) Is it bad? is it that bad? Should I delete this one? uh but leveling it so painful (thats before I found out resuing it with lv5 recover 100% HP, but not sure if it would help much). And I was lucky to met coppering, and how long it usually takes for you to level your homunculus to 99?
  7. Man with Bushy Beard

    Homunculus kills for quest

    nuuuuuuuuu thanks mr. I wonder what kind of cheat it is. I'm currently using fireblend and ice falchion for bolting, Do you have some suggestion for gear? To make the character more versatile or just more option to do stuff, I'm kinda noob to this game. Are there a good non rental wep that as good as rental excalibur? that +10 int and luk is just so tempting but real men use his own stuff. uh emmm i mean I'd like to not have the need to collect bronze coin every week.
  8. Man with Bushy Beard

    Homunculus kills for quest

    Is the 'homunculus kills doesn't count for quest' is talonro thing or RO in general? How usually your creator collect bronze coin if not in party?
  9. Man with Bushy Beard

    Custom Auras

  10. Man with Bushy Beard

    Baby Novices want to play Poring Catch and Poring Rally

    Can you let baby novices play Poring Catch and Poring Rally please? I know it's unpopular game, maybe, you know, since we dont get prize when there are not enough player even if we played already. (Maybe get prize even if not enough player so some players would say it's not fair then joining in? But I'm not gonna suggest that for the time being. Hehe, just let babies play.) Thank you
  11. Man with Bushy Beard

    Bingo AFK penalty

    I know this is late. I hope it's not a necrobump, if yes I apologize. I'm not sure what was implemented, I still see bingo afk'er that cancel the session. I feel like they do that on purpose. (Really, like the first session which happen some second after announcement?!) Just suggestion about punishment that might not hurt newbies maybe their IP and/or account is banned from bingo for the next 1~3 bingo session? (1~ 3 is depending on how frequent bingo cancel happened) Just for temporary fix, I think that is easier than revamp the whole system, is it not?
  12. Man with Bushy Beard

    Is it... is it fog?

    Ooooo, yes it iiiisss. Thank you thank you thank you!! (I was using fog setting in configuration earlier, that thing in launcher)
  13. Man with Bushy Beard

    Is it... is it fog?

    When I zoom out the screen became more green/red/purple/orange/or any color depending on where I am. I though it was fog at first but disabling it doesnt work. How do I fix that? It looks so ugly and gave me headache for seeing it too long. I wonder if it also drain more processing power (?). The most zoomed in image was the one I was looking for. Pretty normal. [Image attached] Thank you.
  14. Man with Bushy Beard

    Starter Class Guide--Not rogues thats for sure

    I wish I was reading this (especially the 'you can cross trans to another class, you dont have to be the same class you first pick') before making my rogue. I still feel it's easier from merchant which I played earlier so I think im okay (maybe). I'll stick to my rogue, it's too late after all. heck, I just made a priest.
  15. Does anyone having trouble with LIF's emergency avoid? I set minimum SP to 1 and skill LV4 (I have until lv4) But it doesn't automatically cast it. Would be cool if it can cast when: player move, skill ready (not cooldown), and not in effect (emergency avoid).