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  1. I think this is the wrong place to ask about that. Use the AI in the first page of this topic and follow the tutorial there instead of the wiki. For azzy ai, official page said It won't work on private server, like talonro. If annoying player named .... (what is the name again) told you it can, don't believe him!! Try this one, customized to work for talonro: ================================================================== == HELP!! ======================================================= Can someone help me to set tactic or configuration? It's so confusing. There is Monster A (aggresive) and Monster B (not aggresive). I want the AI to attack Monster B first (prioritized) and attack Monster A last. BUT If I set monster A to attack last/react last/attack weak and monster B to attack first, the homunculus is attacking monster A first anyway. If I set monster A to avoid it wont attack any monster at all when monster A is in range. Can anyone help me? This AI felt abit stubborn (didn't obey when I ask to attack monster with alt + 2x mouse2 too T.T) or maybe it just because I didn't taught (config) it well, good thing it had dance attack working properly. :v
  2. Man with Bushy Beard

    Let's show our Lifs!

    FINALLY A DECENT LIF (probably)!! hmm now time to think about name. Can't wait for her to evolve.
  3. Man with Bushy Beard

    Baby Novices want to play Poring Catch and Poring Rally

    Can you let baby novices play Poring Catch and Poring Rally please? I know it's unpopular game, maybe, you know, since we dont get prize when there are not enough player even if we played already. (Maybe get prize even if not enough player so some players would say it's not fair then joining in? But I'm not gonna suggest that for the time being. Hehe, just let babies play.) Thank you