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  1. Halloween Event 2017 - School Quest Guide

    I just did it and it doesn't need to be in any order
  2. Room of Dressing & Stylist

    Hi, This is a very minor suggestion and doesn't affect the game-play at all, but can I suggest that the room of of the Dressing and stylist npc be flipped/rotated 180 degrees clockwise/anti-clockwise? Because shouldn't the exit be on the left side of the room instead of the right when I entered the portal from the left of the house in Prontera? I know it's a very minor aesthetic thing and this room was probably copied & pasted from the Job changer room but it would be great if this could be taken into consideration! Thank you for reading.
  3. B> Sherwood TTT

    B> Sherwood TTT PM offer ty
  4. B> Hira Shurikat DDDr

  5. gunslinger SQI

    Players are considered monster of a race called demi humans and are non-mvp So yes you get reduction
  6. B> Hira Shurikat DDDr

  7. B> Hira Shurikat DDDr

  8. B> Hira Shurikat DDDr

    B> Hira Shurikat DDDr
  9. Buy Protection Feathers Costume

  10. 90m for PFC?

  11. Buy Protection Feathers Costume

  12. Buy Protection Feathers Costume

    As title
  13. B> Lucius[1] or FA[1]FLEE+6 pm me

    Sorry too op.
  14. B> Staff of Magi [DDD]

    B> Staff of Magi [DDD]