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  1. spcannon

    Do GazetI cards stack?

    It's weird.. when i had breaking BG crystal before, (always taken dmg 1 likes plant) 1 and 2 gazeti or 1 and 2 alchemy glove have almost same average hit to broken. and yes. other option almost stack each other. subele.. subrace.. addrace script. i guess alchemy glove's script is changed. so kasa card and alchemy glove stack each other. cauz of they have not the same script. the homepage DB isnt changed yet. so i can't check it
  2. spcannon

    Do GazetI cards stack?

    I mean the "same" bonus'x' bAutoSpell script didnt stack but it proc if has different skill or skill level. Same item didnt proc effect. two gazeti, two alchemy glove, even sinx's dual wield elemental sword.(Other server would be different) but different item is totally proc(only it has different effect or skill level). if u equipped elemental sword, alchemy glove, gazeti card, u can invoke lvl 3 cold bolt, lvl 2 cold bolt, lvl 5 fire bolt. all of it. and all bolt can trigger elemental sword' chain.
  3. spcannon

    Lady tanee card atk% splash?

    It's simple. just check the item script. Turtle general card using bonus2 bAddRace,RC_NonBoss, bonus2 bAddRace,RC_Boss script. Lady tanee card also use above script. so, no. Lady tanee card didn't affect spalsh attack likes Turtle general card.
  4. spcannon

    The Clown in 2017

    If Clown makes ET Run faster than other class, there is no reason about No one find Clown at GMC. they are similar. If party has 3 or more sniper, 1 WS will be faster than Clown. also he will be good looter. If party has 2 sniper, more sniper faster than Clown. The point isn't that Clown can't helping. Clown is enough good member for party. But Just think of the efficiency, Other member more helping than Clown for party. that's all
  5. spcannon

    The Clown in 2017

    You can't join any GMC, ET Run, MVPing as Clown. No one find Clown. (Except guild or funny party) The promblem is, Bragi decreasing dmg even don't has after cast delay, like DS, Normal atk, etc. But Clown is still powerful at WOE, PVP, BG.
  6. spcannon

    AGI/CRIT Knight/LK - Thoughts?

    that is malangdo rental item. u can find merchant in malangdo (162,146) 1tc for a week
  7. spcannon

    Ninja Final Strike - Vanilla EQ???

    Well, if u want best gear.. Alice doll[Arch angeling] Str+1 mid[Arch angeling] Donut in mouth Assassin Robe vit+3 [Peco Peco] - BG armor Captain Manteau [Giant Whisper or Marse or Jakk] - BG garment. you will be sufferd Magic in Vanilla, not Physical atk. Batte Greaves [Green ferus] - BG shoes Valk Shield [Thief bug egg] - god.. only exist for final strike ninja. 2 x Medal of honor[Thief] - hp +300, dmg+5% and.. use 3+1 weapon. still i think 3+1 is better than 2+2... let me check. 3+1 is IC demihuman 70%(3hydra + alice doll) * IC Medium 15%(Skell worker) = 1.7 * 1.15 =1.955 2+2 is IC demihuman 50%(2hydra + alice doll) * IC medium 30%(2 skell worker) = 1.5 * 1.3 = 1.95.. am i missing something?
  8. spcannon

    AGI/CRIT Knight/LK - Thoughts?

    I suggest Hairtail than rental muramasa.. it has 220+50 atk and 50% crit damage increase, +20 crit. and, get VK helm and Dragon manteau, vest set.. that will be best.
  9. spcannon

    Vf or krasnaya

    high ref + good malangdo enchant, 1vs1, boss type = even u didnt mention it.. Veteran sword is Best for BB Cheap and gathering non-boss type monster = VF Krasnaya is 2 lvl weapon.. that means it dealing lower damage than we think.. it's a little stronger than VF, but VF is cheaper than Kras, has Piercing armor effect and 1 more malangdo enchant slot.
  10. spcannon

    Ice pick pvp?

    nope.. ice pick affected by armor def + vit def + random def both. increasing vit def is easier than armor def. so enemy's vit is more important than armor def. and actually, ice pick for killing ppl was most used Cart termination and Soul Breaker. they aren't nerfed. they doesn't affected by % damage. Most important thing is.. ice pick is neutral elemental weapon. so, if u play unres pvp, it's damage reduced by ghostring and deviling card(except converter). if u play vanilla pvp, it reduced by Raydric c or Diablos manteau. and.. don't forget. investigate is sucks in pvp i dont think IP is totally nerfed. also, IP in this server, can gather cheap and fast. so trying high ref and enchanting FS or ASPD something.
  11. spcannon

    Do GazetI cards stack?

    sadly, no. i testing two gazeti card acc before. with 1000 hit. and result is only 108 hit cast cold bolt, the other is not. and two alchemy glove is same. within 1000 hit only 35 hit cast fire bolt. bonus'x' bAutoSpell doesnt stack even equipping two item. there is no own rolling.
  12. spcannon

    Do GazetI cards stack?

    Two gazeti card = doesn't stack, only 10% chance of lvl 2 cold bolt One Gazeti card and Elemental sword = doesn't stack. but each chance applies. u got 10% chance of lvl 2 coldbolt and 5% chance of lvl 3 cold bolt. Same skill same level = doesn't stack. applies only one item Same skill but different level = doesn't stack. but all applies Also u can find Alchemy glove. it has chance of 3% of lvl 5 fire bolt. and enhance fire bolt 10%. with elemental sword, that fire bolt trigger lightning and earth Difference is script. Status card's script is bAddEff. it stack over and over. Autospell card's script is bonus'x' bAutoSpell. it doesn't stack.
  13. spcannon

    Cat Ear Beret?

    You can find script in TRO homepage let's see. script says 'getrefine()-5)*2;' so it starts at +6. if u got +10 cat ear beret, 10% demihuman resist / more damage either
  14. spcannon

    Creeper Bow Sniper Meta coming up?

    the problem is.. most mvps are use teleport when they are attacked on ankel or web.
  15. spcannon

    LKH force us standardize

    make to lower and reducing their stat. like +10 int, +10 dex, +10 str for kaho.. im just sad because almost upper headgear is abandoned it will be lower headgear abandoned too. but better than no one find any other upper headgear