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  1. kyojiko

    sharing please xD

    thanks sir, u always helping xD lemme keep some zeny to build this.
  2. kyojiko

    sharing please xD

    may i asking for all of you the build LK BB in abys lake? thanks
  3. kyojiko

    B>some gears. take a look

    brad.ring(hellpood) done.
  4. kyojiko

    any suggest where i can farm n lvling?

    okay thanks. may i asking how many spot that LK can do farming? beside sleepers and mavka.
  5. kyojiko

    S> PvM, Vanilla Gears

    how much for the bradium ring sir?
  6. kyojiko

    B>some gears. take a look

    BUY : BradiumRing(HellPoodle) FireArmor(RSX)(noenchant) comment offer your price.
  7. kyojiko

    S>random gears. NEED ZENY so much,

    +4 brocca fs4/agi+3 = 4,5m sold +4 d.vest(bathory) hit+12 = 5m sold 2pcs brooch(1) = @8,5m sold 1pcs 4pcs pest card = @200k pirate dagger = 2,25m HOB(1) = 10m comment if u need some of this gears. urgent need zeny to looking 1 pcs celeb ring 😀
  8. kyojiko

    cleaning my storage

    dragon breath(1) +4 magnis cap +4 katzbalger sold 450k +4 brocca +8 hypno staff(2) sold 500k pest card sqi ingre comment for the price.
  9. Comment for your sprite.. xD
  10. kyojiko

    any suggest where i can farm n lvling?

    ok thankyou sir for ur guide.
  11. i first time build a knight now lvl 66 with gear magni cap, fin helm, iron chain, odin bless(1)vit+3, stone buckler(1), damascus+8, fricco shoes, falcon muff, no acc. did u know i can farm also lvling?
  12. kyojiko

    SELL : nut in mouth 4,5m

    lower headgear atk+5 cool stuff comment here for keep the items/wisp me later in game : --PepsiBlue-- / Harry Borrison
  13. kyojiko

    need some opinion and solution :D

    yes.. hahaha thats why i ever thought maybe have another place i didnt know. hahaha thanks sir xD
  14. kyojiko

    need some opinion and solution :D

    beside mavka, geffenia, sleeper, which place u guys know the good place for stalker to farm? hahaha.. rite now im grinding on sleeper,
  15. comment here or chat me IGN : Harry Borrison / =HaHa= thanks.