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  1. IGN: Mellit Discord: oomka#2384 Hello, art corner! I will be happy drawing instead of just hours of farming in game 😃 I've picked up RO again after a long break. You can PM me hear, in game on Mellit or discord. Thanks for you attentioт! 2-3 slots 💰Prices 1) Full colour/render character ( Full-Body ) - 130TC or zeny equivalent. 2) Full colour/render (Bust-up) - 60TC or zeny equivalent. 3) Postcard - 15TC or zeny equivalent. 50% of payment upfront and other 50% once art piece has been sent please! Wishlist! Blue Unicorn Egg!=) my little dream=) ℹ️Info needed IGN: Picture/Sprite References: Eye Color: headgear IDs: Misc Notes: ( eye colour and brief personality , acsessory or anything you whant to see) Current slots 1) - 2) - 3) - Samples! https://www.artstation.com/oomka 1) 3)
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