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    Hi! returning player here. Need some help

    Yeah what baffles me is that the Wi-fi router that I'm using upstairs is connected through the main router It's really weird. I haven't tried replacing cable yet or maybe also put it in a different slot. I just got home so I'll try doing it tomorrow. I will send some ping/tracert tom. Night night
  2. Goodforyou

    Hi! returning player here. Need some help

    Hi, Thanks for the reply. I think i might have found a solution to my problem. i tried to use my bridge wi-fi router from upstairs room connected my Sister's Laptop with it. Games run fine. I could log in easily. But when i connect using any cable connected to my Main Router the problem comes back. So i still don't know what's causing it and why.
  3. Hi, i would like to get some help/insight regarding to the issue I'm having . I first encountered the problem when i decided to comeback and play TalonRO again like 2 or 3 weeks ago. Whenever i try to connect to the game via character selection. I was able get into the game but my character gets stuck and i wasn't able to move then gets disconnected after 3-5 seconds. But back then after a few tries or so. I was able to get in and play normally and the issue just went away after a day or two and i was able to play just fine for 2 or 3 straight weeks. But now it came back this Saturday and i wasn't able to play anymore . So now i was hoping for you guys to help me regarding to the issue that I'm having. Thank you "Before posting i did some research here to look for same case as mine. I wasn't able to find one. I did most of the troubleshooting similar to my problem nothing worked "