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  1. My recommendation still stands, biochemist is fun. You should try it
  2. Biochemist is very fun if you don't mind investing a little time learning it The homunculus aspect is both fun and frustrating, but very worth it So yeah, biochemist is the one class I recommend for you
  3. Weapon : anything that gives you +15% matk is fine, arc wand sold by npc is quite good to start Off-hand : npc guard, i guess? Armor : npc silk robe Garment : npc muffler Footgear : npc shoes Headgear : I don't know, something cheap that can provide a little def is fine, else none Acc : rosary from npc sold at prontera church, else none Assuming I am not wrong at remembering npc prices, all these together cost you about 200k, maybe less
  4. I am more of a DD sinx myself, but I still think this guide is very well written. Good job
  5. Even though I don't main a sinx, I play one long enough to know that this is one of my favorite classes in RO From my point of view, as fellow lone sinx, soloing some easier mvps if we are properly equipped is very possible, because I have done it a couple of times. At first I thought it was pure dumb luck that I managed to solo taogunka, but after I did it 3 times more, I am sure it wasn't, although I personally still can't handle tougher mvps like valk or ifrit, if I am lucky enough to spot one. I primarily play as max aspd DD sinx, but I have a specialized katar and situational shield as well Is sinx the best in pvm? Maybe. Is it the best in mvp? Maybe. Is it the best in pvp? Don't know, never invest much time in pvp. But I am happy enough to know that I can survive some of the damnest time in RO, such as evading party wipe, or when I can still saved my teammate's lives even when they were not listening to my instruction. These for me are personal accomplishment in a way.
  6. kkroto01

    Sin lvl85

    At level 85+ you should be focusing on making money, and levelling when you are at it, not the other way around Mobster should be ok for you, or try the new tam-tam region
  7. This is my sample build : https://calc.talonro.com/?caybLbiabbCaYbGababukagbHkaDaDavave5aaaaaaaaahkaawjfZwDlhaafegwflbHvsaavsaaeeeeajkkkkfkkkaaeyfaaaaiaaaaHaaaaa You may tweak it as you see fit
  8. While I personally favor VIT over AGI for Desperado gunny, I still think this is an interesting build. Good work
  9. Do you have to use VF though? I mean VF is great and all, but if you want to be as versatile as possible, you need more options. I usually do my berserking in thor, so my weapon of choice is +10 katana [ vadon x2, abysmal knight x2 ] Ofc I have +4 VF [ SG x2 ] for BBing, just for a change of pace
  10. kkroto01


    Let's just hope that one of these days players will start hunting creamy, toad, thara frog, or something that drop useful and easy to use cards, because I have never heard of someone saying "Hey man, i just got back from hunting creamy"
  11. This is my sniper "end-game" build https://calc.talonro.com/?caybLbiabbpavbJaca8ukafwnefnfnfnaae5aaaaaaaaakYeDwjeDwDlhhPnCgwfjgZfLh6fLh6eeeeajkkkafkkkaaaOkaaahIaaaaHaRaabataxayaB Hunter Vanilla NT trapper build https://calc.talonro.com/pvp.html?cakbLaYababbybDa4afabaagveaaaaaaaalkefCaaaaaakXaawjc0ukeWcnnCbpflbEfCbJfCbJeeeeahkkkkfkaabSfaaaaaaabaaaaaaaaafaaaaaHaxaaa I don't do BG, so can't help you there As to the order of buying the equipment, I will leave that to your better judgement. Can't 100% spoonfeed you, eh?
  12. FYI, I did churchyard until 85 solo wizard
  13. If you can hit the asura damage cap without using GEC sleip, then use eddga instead, else GEC
  14. Or you can also mob some then brandish spear them all, just like BB style knight. The only difference is you will be using a spear and spear-based skill instead of BB. Quite effective too IMO Sample build: https://calc.talonro.com/?cahbsaUbFabaEa4ababdeaavFaaaaaaaaafaaaaaaaaaad3aad5aaeueOaalraaflaafGaafGaaaaaaaibkakagakablkaaacMaaaaHaaaaa
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