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  1. Slot please for Headshot/Bust, full detailed painting - 23 TC or 23 million zeny, please
  2. Slot please Fullbody sketch for this character, no color. My ing is Mefiliae, but will send you zenny from Mefitryn
  3. Lets Make a Random Good Story

    Was standing next to purple jar.
  4. TalonRO On Twitch & YouTube

    Ordruid and Mefiliae streaming their tro play https://www.twitch.tv/capndeadbeard Ordruid#2007 and Mefiliae#2986
  5. Art Corner Hangouts!

  6. Draw The Character Above You!

    Thank you! Her ears look so fluffy ~! Splendid ^-^
  7. Draw The Character Above You!

    Wink wink?
  8. free doodles

    I will leave this here
  9. Hello, I'd like to know how much would full body cost with starry sky background
  10. slot for digital chibi ples, I dont mind waiting
  11. Can I get a slot for two characters?
  12. █ CLOSED █ ✿ Ardinda's (C)art

    Oh my, that's a hot piece
  13. Arcelle + Mistreil's Art Shop Thing

    I'd love to be in as well~ Mefibunny - Spiraling Lenneth - Mysterious