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  1. Hi, I'd like to commission Sketch Commission (No Color): 30M+ (or 30+ TC)
  2. Is archangeling rucksack account bound?
  3. I'd like a slot please , or space on wait list!
  4. I'd like slot please, I will pm you details soon!
  5. slot for two chars on one canvas 2 x 15m + bg 8m
  6. Slot please Fullbody sketch for this character, no color. My ing is Mefiliae, but will send you zenny from Mefitryn
  7. Ordruid and Mefiliae streaming their tro play https://www.twitch.tv/capndeadbeard Ordruid#2007 and Mefiliae#2986
  8. Thank you! Her ears look so fluffy ~! Splendid ^-^
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