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  1. 2AM T.T I'll request a song for everyone!!! :3 SNSD- I got a Boy
  2. How are you so Tall?Are you using Drugs? Is she cheating?
  3. Growing Problems Rawwrrrr~ IGN- ArcAngel
  4. WELCOME TO 2013!! Happy New Year TalonRO! Thanks for bringing great moments throughout 2012! This also sort of celebrates my 1 year anniversary with TalonRO! Wish you a good luck in the new year! 5thyear anniversary of TalonRO right? So OLD! To wrap it all up- happy new year^^
  5. IGN- ArcAngel I can see the Stars*** Sorry for Blurrieness Ssorry it's not working SEIREN ((((((( :'( :'(
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