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  1. 2AM T.T I'll request a song for everyone!!! :3 SNSD- I got a Boy
  2. How are you so Tall?Are you using Drugs? Is she cheating?
  3. Growing Problems Rawwrrrr~ IGN- ArcAngel
  4. WELCOME TO 2013!! Happy New Year TalonRO! Thanks for bringing great moments throughout 2012! This also sort of celebrates my 1 year anniversary with TalonRO! Wish you a good luck in the new year! 5thyear anniversary of TalonRO right? So OLD! To wrap it all up- happy new year^^
  5. IGN- ArcAngel I can see the Stars*** Sorry for Blurrieness Ssorry it's not working SEIREN ((((((( :'( :'(
  6. chuongtran08


    Hi, I'm Vietnamese I can talk alot but when it comes to writing not too much. I live in Australia but parents are Vietnamese~ I'm not a VIET CONG, if anyone is GO AWAY~ Lets do a Really SHORT quiz, see who's Viet Cong and who's Not!! SHORT Quiz! 1. What was the real Capital of Vietnam?(Old Capital) 2. What does the flag of South Vietnam look like? (Description) So, YEAH NO VIET CONG OR DIE...................Ahhhhh, Viet Cong.....................Slices Throat~ Yeah just wanted to start a Vietnamese Thread~~~
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