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  1. New to RO.. Is Crit build here in Talon are good?

    Plan before you buy because we have a lot of cards edited here, use this tool to calc your build before you buy your set. You can use database of talonro to make researchs too!
  2. Kaho Quest

    Oh! Ty man, i didn't saw the step 19
  3. Kaho Quest

    Hello guys! Can someone tells to me what skills the MvP use?
  4. Lord Knight / LK BB or Zerk build help me!

    Pro LKs don't use a single build, we use one build for abyss, another for Dimensional Gorge, another for Mavkas and etcetera!! The link who @howrah pass to you is for you search the build for where you want to go, just put the place in "search tool" and you will find the pro build for what do you want, if you don't find, feel free to ask, we will answer anything!!
  5. Procura-se guilda BR

    Há a Serendipidade que é exclusivamente para brasileiros e fica em Brasilis e, pelo que sei, a Fresh Start também, mas é semi brasileira e semi gringa, o líder é gringo, fica em Splendide. Passa lá em Splendide a noite que muito provavelmente vai encontrar brasileiros por lá. Pode me mandar pm também que conheço uns huehue brs pra jogarmos !
  6. Sacrifice paladin

    You can try use devo pally for events and runs like GMC, ET and others. Every time time you go to this places, you make a good farm too, meet some peoples, anyway, it's fun and you will play the game!!
  7. The Clown in 2017

    Great diferente of SP pool :o!
  8. The Clown in 2017

    Yeaa, yeaa, i undestood your reasons and i agree with you when we talking about middle and high end game!! Is more easy lvl up snipers too!! But i wanna know if Clown is better then Sniper when the player is new here, don't have equips yet and want go for any run, like ET for exemple, probably, to help party fight against MvPs, the sniper will use DS, of course the sniper have some good party buffs and he can help all, but Clown can use DS too and have another party diferent buffs to help all!! Thats my question, if you wanna go to any run, like ET of i told before, and you have possibility to use 2 snipers(1 is new) or 1 Sniper and 1 Clown ( The Clown is new), who is better?
  9. The Clown in 2017

    I have a question.. In cases like Myos who started now in the server, many guys make Snipers to use Double Strafe on mobs when don't have good equips to use another set, if he only want use this skill, Clown is not better? The class have the same DEX Bonus of Sniper and 1 more AGI Bonus, overwise, he can help a party with some musics with any instrument, just equip de instrument, use the skill and back to Bow!!
  10. Lord Knight Armor(PvM)?

    You is right, sorry about that
  11. Lord Knight Armor(PvM)?

    You can't solve the Stun problem only with Meteor Plate and 60 VIT points, see here, (go to extended info --> Player Resistence to check) the minimum to have 100% resistence is 89 VIT (in job lvl 68). Freeze you solve with Marc card, thats the best way! About armors: Ebone Armor+4DEF(Garm): That armor is for anything you want to do!! Ebone Armor+4DEF(Bathory): For fight with monsters who have ghost type skills, exemple, banshees!! Water Armor(Marc): This armor help you so much against water type skills. About the cards, is for fight with monsters who can freeze you, exemple, Garm, Ktullanux, Kraken, and this armor works with all class. Fire Armor(Gloom): That is the best armor to put Gloom bcz it's common the monsters who use fire type skills be Holy Property, Shadow Property, Angel and Demon monster!! You can put a rune with stats too if you want!! Fire Armor(RSX): Don't take knockback sir!!
  12. HELP 190 ASPD

    Coooool ! There is a way to inform more then one in calc?
  13. HELP 190 ASPD

    First of all, str needs to be multiple of 10, you are losting some stats points. Baby Leopard of @Jailbroken and done, 190 ASPD!! Buuut, if you don't like pets, I sugest you drop your str to 65 and put in agi, use stats points of lvl 98 and 99 to help you. You don't have middle headgear yet, so use 1 AGI Mid, this point will help you a lot!! If this not suficient, try use Jaguar Hat to more 4 bonus str of Loud Exclamation, so, drop more 4 points of str and put in dex!! OOOOOOORRR If you like pets, you can use Jaguar Hat to close the next multiple of 10 and up you atk power!! btw... How do you have 2 aspd pot buff?
  14. B>Giant Shield

    Bump !