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  1. MiloBr

    Vanilla / Trans - WoE / PvP Consumables?

    Spring Rabbit Card maybe is userful!!
  2. MiloBr

    Trans WoE SE with Poring 20/05/2018

    You put me in trouble with these sonic blows. I'm the yellow devo pally of Insurgency in this video!!
  3. MiloBr

    TalonRO Valentine's Bakeoff!

    Hello everyone :D! I want tell you something, but shhiiii, dont tell for anyone, it's a secret!! Do you believe in love at first sight? No? Ok, ok, I'll show you someone and, tandannn, you'll love in the first time when you see ! Ok, ok let me introduce myself, my name is Milo and Im a noble Knight who lives in Splendide, city of fairys, if you didn't went through there yet, go now! It's a stunning city!! Few days ago, when I was at Prontera looking for something in the streets, I heard a villager telling about a little girl who were expelled from her city bcz she is a fruit of relationship between demon and human, her name is Zealotus, the guys told that she lives in a castle of a cursed city of northwest of Geffen, after that, this little girl didn't get out of my mind, f#ck#ff if she is a demon, she has a human side too, I have decided go to this city. When I was arriving there, I seen a deserted city, some demons circulating around, which were not at all receptive, there aren't humans living in there, I didn't waste my time, I just entered in the castle to find her. During some battles, I discovered she commands the prison of that Castle, and that's where I went, when i was there, i saw THAT: I came across a very beautiful girl, half human half demon, I had no doubt, was her, and I felt in love instantly, she was guided by her servants not to enter into combat, once I had took my way to the prison since the entrance of the city, she expressed surprised and I'd see in her eyes that she noticed my value although then disappeared in the confines of the castle. I decided to go back to Splendide and think in a way to prove to her my love!! After thinking so much and not finding out an answer, I heard the admins were organizing a cooking event, this was wonderful, I'll be able to prove her I'm not only muscles which kills everything on my way, the whole server will be participating and will surely reach in her ears who will be the winner and who the statement was, and I already know exactly what dessert prepare to win this contest and deliver it to her in that horrible place and bring she to real life!! So guuuuys, I wanted show you my dessert: ❤️ Zealoves Pudim ❤️ here the instructions: Do you think I can conquer her heart with this dessert?
  4. MiloBr

    TalonRO Valentine's Bakeoff!

    I think i'll participate too!!
  5. MiloBr

    D.E. recruta BRs ativos para PvM/Discord

    Cara. isso que você disse é nada mais nada menos reflexo do que eu disse quando te respondi. Ache um grupo e tudo isso vai melhorar, você vai ver :)!
  6. MiloBr

    D.E. recruta BRs ativos para PvM/Discord

    Agora até pilhei em voltar a jogar ! Cara, sinto-lhe dizer mas esse servidor tem MUUITO br, mas infelizmente eles estão camuflados entre os gringos, te dou a plena certeza que muitas das vezes você irá conversar com um br em inglês imaginando que ele não é br e nem vai notar. Outra coisa, não é que ninguém loga, mas sim que joga forever alone, ou já tem sem grupo feito, ou já tem seu grupo feito e está acostumado em com gringos no meio da 'orgia', ou está em um outro personagem que não está na guild no qual você joga, são muitos "OU" no seu caso, resumindo, você simplesmente não está incluído em um grupo AINDA. Quer uma dica? Participa das atividades de determinado grupo NO DISCORD, não precisa se restringir a apenas um, se possível, no áudio e seu gameplay vai ser muito mais divertido.
  7. MiloBr

    New to RO.. Is Crit build here in Talon are good?

    Plan before you buy because we have a lot of cards edited here, use this tool to calc your build before you buy your set. You can use database of talonro to make researchs too!
  8. MiloBr

    Kaho Quest

    Oh! Ty man, i didn't saw the step 19
  9. MiloBr

    Kaho Quest

    Hello guys! Can someone tells to me what skills the MvP use?
  10. MiloBr

    Lord Knight / LK BB or Zerk build help me!

    Pro LKs don't use a single build, we use one build for abyss, another for Dimensional Gorge, another for Mavkas and etcetera!! The link who @howrah pass to you is for you search the build for where you want to go, just put the place in "search tool" and you will find the pro build for what do you want, if you don't find, feel free to ask, we will answer anything!!
  11. MiloBr

    Procura-se guilda BR

    Há a Serendipidade que é exclusivamente para brasileiros e fica em Brasilis e, pelo que sei, a Fresh Start também, mas é semi brasileira e semi gringa, o líder é gringo, fica em Splendide. Passa lá em Splendide a noite que muito provavelmente vai encontrar brasileiros por lá. Pode me mandar pm também que conheço uns huehue brs pra jogarmos !
  12. MiloBr

    Sacrifice paladin

    You can try use devo pally for events and runs like GMC, ET and others. Every time time you go to this places, you make a good farm too, meet some peoples, anyway, it's fun and you will play the game!!
  13. MiloBr

    The Clown in 2017

    Great diferente of SP pool :o!
  14. MiloBr

    The Clown in 2017

    Yeaa, yeaa, i undestood your reasons and i agree with you when we talking about middle and high end game!! Is more easy lvl up snipers too!! But i wanna know if Clown is better then Sniper when the player is new here, don't have equips yet and want go for any run, like ET for exemple, probably, to help party fight against MvPs, the sniper will use DS, of course the sniper have some good party buffs and he can help all, but Clown can use DS too and have another party diferent buffs to help all!! Thats my question, if you wanna go to any run, like ET of i told before, and you have possibility to use 2 snipers(1 is new) or 1 Sniper and 1 Clown ( The Clown is new), who is better?