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  1. November update ruined The Amazing Ragna Race for me. It used to be cool when boosters disappeared after use, this created some running tactics. If you run to the booster and someone ahead of you, then you lose advantage from the main group of people. It was the only event that I liked of all that you have ever created. The only thing missing was an increase in the number of random traps and a stronger slowdown of the one who runs first.
  2. Class: WhitesmithIGN: Ultra GreedierClass: SniperIGN: Strikker
  3. Class: Whitesmith IGN: Ultra Greedier Class: Sniper IGN: Strikker
  4. Name: Talonring Appearance: Color: Green Drop: Talon Coin#8900, Harpy Talon#7116, Talon#917, Talon of Griffon#7048 Backstory:Not many players know that porings living in the Umbala fields have talons. IGN: Ultra Greed
  5. IGN: Ultra Greed ✽ The GM Sonder Challenge: Ugly Sweater - +2 include a festive ugly sweater in the picture. ✽ The GM Phoenix Challenge: It's getting cold in here! - Include a casted skill in your entry that's naturally water element (such as Cold Bolt). +2 if used by a player and +3 if used by a monster.
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