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  1. Касательно пинга У меня он 230-240 и каких либо различий между европейским пингом я не заметил Разница между русским сервером есть, но это не повод жаловаться тк зависимые от пинга действия обрабатываются на сервере, а не на твоем пк И нужно не забывать, что на сервере не только страны снг имеют большой пинг, а практически большая часть всех игроков
  2. change this to ☑ this parameter should look something like this on exe file I think it will help you
  3. Yea 13.3-inch (diagonal) and 2560-by-1600 native resolution
  4. Update add new weapons; add GMC Lance.
  5. ◄Greed►

    Global chats

    To write in global chat I write in pm #main or are there other ways? Before the update it was intuitive: !main text
  6. ◄Greed►

    Global chats

    Now the names of global chats look like this. Three people have already asked me a question "how to write in Main or Recruit". Two of them were newbie in the game. I suggest replacing channel names. [Main] → [#main] [Recruit] → [#recruit] [Market] → [#market] This will be more understandable for players.
  7. GeForce Experience only for Nvidia. If you have AMD or another GPU then look for the latest driver on their sites.
  8. a problem in old drivers on the video card or their absence after downloading GeForce Experience and updates driver, Ragnarok started to work
  9. Class: WhitesmithIGN: Ultra GreedierClass: SniperIGN: Strikker
  10. Class: Whitesmith IGN: Ultra Greedier Class: Sniper IGN: Strikker
  11. coz Nid want to kill you but you are already dead
  12. SB Champion Guide 101 This guide was created for personal use (more information can be found here click click and CLICK). It would also be cool if this guide was used by beginners and I would not have to suffer when I play at another class. Stats: Skills: Gear: ET: using SB and FCP ET: tactics GMC: Lance GMC: Gemini Feedback Discord: Greed#9783 Guild: Kets
  13. Name: Talonring Appearance: Color: Green Drop: Talon Coin#8900, Harpy Talon#7116, Talon#917, Talon of Griffon#7048 Backstory:Not many players know that porings living in the Umbala fields have talons. IGN: Ultra Greed
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