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  1. but GEC have this bonus and can be combined with Sleipnir
  2. 30/30 or 30/20 really? 100/100 is so small increase, 200/200 looks interesting.
  3. Update updated ET Table changed some gear in GMC
  4. I'm not sure you have the SAME problem. Try downloading the full installer from the site. If it doesn’t help, turn off the antivirus and if this happens again then describe the whole situation and send all the error codes with crash log.
  5. Are you sure that you downloaded the latest version of the client and waited for the latest versions of updates? If Yes then maybe it's your antivirus blocks the client. Also, any process that consumes a large amount of resources could affect this.
  6. As practice shows. Beginners refuse to create Vanilla gear and first try to buy a LKH and GEC and many don't stop there. For a start, I even offer discounts on gear and free supply, but not many people agree because they still need to buy minimal gear. It would be cool if GMs considered the idea of creating a bonus for WoE with a full set of Eden gear or a set of BG gear for a beginners. Without exception, everyone answers my offer to participate in Vanilla WoE "It's too early for me to think about it". And I can't do anything about it. In this regard, things are better with Unres WoE, but it is very boring for me and for my friends.
  7. November update ruined The Amazing Ragna Race for me. It used to be cool when boosters disappeared after use, this created some running tactics. If you run to the booster and someone ahead of you, then you lose advantage from the main group of people. It was the only event that I liked of all that you have ever created. The only thing missing was an increase in the number of random traps and a stronger slowdown of the one who runs first.
  8. Eddga - if you don't have the desire to buy it then don't do it yet
  9. After you gave a Mix and a Counteragent You need speak with ALL NPC in Academy Brewery(tables, boards, people). Otherwise he won't let us go any further.
  10. If I had a choice which second bow to choose AkAkAk or SnipSnipSnip then I will absolutely choose SnipSnipSnip. First TTT I think that in two days nothing has changed with this card.
  11. In Game !wb !ws !sj !pj Bonus Bandle(100 TalonCash - 14 days): !whodrops !ii !whereis
  12. This now is good only at fat crit snip. Usable at first wave levels when you run alone without HP. This bow is not suitable for instances since it has very little damage.
  13. These snipers cards are special for this topic 1 Card: +20% HP +10% Chance 2 Cards: +40% HP +20% Chance 3 Cards: +60% HP +30% Chance link
  14. easy way with new replay system in game
  15. I didn’t even know that anyone could get a mute for this.
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